August 24th, 2006

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Still selling quite a number of DVDs in my journal including Pilot Candidate { Candidate for Goddess } complete, Cowboy Bebop, Betterman, Gravitation, DN Angel, Inuyasha, Comic Party, Yu Yu Hakusho, Weiss Kreuz Gluhen, Rurouni Kenshin and others! Also a few yaoi japanese manga and some english manga.


Getbackers DVDs Volume 1, 2 & 4. $12 shipped each { Means the price already includes shipping } or $33 shipped for all three. { Volume 4 I just bought a couple of weeks ago, so it's been opened but is in brand new condition. Volume 1 & 2 I got for Christmas and are also in great condition. }

Check out my journal for more information!
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Konnichi wa minna! ^O^
I have this Nightmare dvd (japanese version, so quite expensive) that i want to sell. The dvd is: Tour CPU 2004 GHz (live at Nakano Sunplaza). Now i ask for it 40 euros! i'm looking for some fool's mate, we can make a sort of deal:some fool's mate (that cost 5 euros no more) for the dvd and i will give u also some postcards of Nightmare for free! we can decide how many magazine later if u are interested! ^O^

Under the cut there are the pics of the covers of the fool's mate I'm looking for, there are also some Arena 37...anyway take a look and consider the offer!

Anyway if u have any of this Magazine and if u're not interested in the dvd, please comment, cause I can always buy the magazine! ^O^

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I was wondering if anyone has an extra FVT Dir en grey wristband or Ryujoku no ame poster they're willing to trade or sell. I want the wristband cause it's cool, and I don't get to go to the show :(, and I want the poster since for some god forsaken reason, I didn't get one in my cd. Even though I got a first press straight from Japan. I might be willing to buy these too, if you're not asking to much.
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Hello ^_^
I'm looking for 3 Gothic Lolita Bibles in particular. I am looking for Gothic Lolita Bible Extra 1, vol. 21 and 22. (I know 22 hasn't been released yet. The bookstore in Seattle doesn't get the new ones until like a month or two after they come out T_T)
I can't find them and I don't want to order from ebay >> (I hate ebay, well not really) But the family member's house that I'm at won't go to that page. T_T
So any help would be appreciated ^^
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Japanese fashion magazines

Does anyone have any Golthic lolita bibles, fruits, kera or any other japanese fashion magazines they'd like to sell?
I just started my major in fashion design and we need fashion magazines and seeing how my main influence in japanese fashion I figured those would be good to get.
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Items up include:
-A bunch of English & Japanese Text manga
-Jrock/Jpop Cds
-Hello!Project Cds and other goods
-Sailomoon toys
-Dir en grey 2002 calendar pages and other misc stuff

New items added 8/24/06 include:
Misc. Anime DVDs, Sailormoon DVDs, Sailormoon Artbooks, Shutter DVD


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$5 mangas now, and I can accept PAYPAL, checks, concealed cash.

First time seller.  Please leave a comment in this entry with your email address and I will get you my contact info.  These prices are WITHOUT shipping. These are all standard manga/books, but I can get photos if you need them.

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I'm also looking for.......

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I will buy or trade for these things.



New Japanese Music & Fashion Magazines!

-Nightmare SHOXX Issue (Poster Included)
-Popeye Male Japanese Fashion June Issue
-Gazette SHOXX Issue
-Sendai Kimotsu September SHOXX Poster
-Plastic Tree April SHOXX Poster
+Tons of JROCK, and Anime Items
+American CD's and DVD's
+h.NAOTO Clothing
+Pokemon and Link Clothing

Check em all out at Niihon Onegai -click banner-

To Niihon Onegai!

Mini Moni umbrella, da pyon!

Auctions for the Mini Moni umbrellas end in 3 hours! Anything not sold will be relisted, so if you miss it you'll have another chance. I'd really like to find them good homes.

I will be listing Inu-Yasha imported manga tonight as well.


Or check out my website @!
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hi! im looking to trade some DS and Ps2-ps1 games.

I have:
DS - Nintendogs Daschound.
GBA - sigma star saga
Ps1 - Vagrant Story
Ps2 - aqua aqua
i have more if your looking for a certain game!

im looking for:
Fatal Frame 1,2,3 for ps2
for DS id really like Animal Crossing or londonian gothics:Meikyuu no lolita
and anything else id be interested in.

also check out Neonpandasales for tons of other goodies.

please check this stuff out!

hi everyone!
just wanted to let you know that there is a HUGE UPDATE over at my selling journal: sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail

i have PLC limited edition PINS, gazette CLIPPINGS, CDs, DVDs, CLOTHES, ETCETC!
it must ALL GOOO!!!
LA Weekly

Manga Sale

all boox's are english language
I take paypal, live in CA, and use united states postal service. I'll ship anywhere.

The Demon Ororon
check out the tokyo pop info
1-4 (the entier series)
i would like to sell these as a set, #1 has a lil'fold on the cover, but besides that they are all in great condidtion.
shipping with in US is only $5.

Princess Ai
check out the tokyo pop info
1 & 2
both in good condition, as a set $13, or each for $7
shipping with in US is only $5.

Under the Glass Moon
check out the tokyo pop info
book 1
Priec: $7

thanks for looking~
Sailor V

Getting closer!

Ok, I am so close to finishing my SM DVD collection but there are still a few more DVDs I need to purchase. I look here, ebay,, and just about everywhere else I can think of, and I post here periodically to check if anybody's got something they'd like to sell. Anyways, I am looking for the following DVDs-

- Sailor Scouts to the Rescue (region 1)
- The Man in the Tuxedo Mask (region 1)
- Sailor Moon R Vol. 8 + box (region 2)
- PGSM Special Act + box (region 2)

I know the odds of finding one of these, especially the two with the boxes, is extremely little, but just know that I WILL pay what you originally paid for them. Actually, if you have any of the region 2 boxes I may be interested, just comment.

So anyway, please comment if you have one and sorry I am not interested in purchasing bootlegs :) Thanks!
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I dun wanna do this but I have to if I wanna eat :(

Hey guys, I'm selling a BRAND NEW Nintendo DS lite system. I would keep it, seriously I would, but I do not have the funds to hold on to this thing (let's just say that I am scurrying around in the corners of my car for change). I'll wait for the Onyx DS Lite to come out and buy it then.

I'm selling it for 115 plus 10 bucks shipping, mainly because you don't want a broke DS with you. It has no games though because I only bought it last weekend to pictochat with my friends at the SOAP viewing.

If anyone wants this baby, I'll take the highest... offer or first one who jumps on it. Seriously, the damned thing is brand new and still in its box. I'll even scan the reciept to show purchase date. If I don't sell it by this weekend it's going up on ebay.

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If this is not allowed, I'll remove it... but considering Nintendo is Japanese... I wouldn't see the reason to why its not.
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Is there anyone havig some Dir en grey stuff?
Like Cd's, dvd's, posters, wristbands, stickers, picks, basically ANYTHING that they want to get rid off? @_@ I would like to trade or buy something from you ^-^ I already have some thing, but there is so much I still don't have *laughs* Things I could trade is a ryojoku no ame single, l'arc en ciel cd/dvd, glay cd and some other stuff...(as stickers, memes an such) .__."
If you're intrested, please please drop me a mail .__."

EDIT; stickers and key chain for sale~ 

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Hello, I'm looking for a really cute cosmetics/pencil case :] I missed out on a Sony Cat one on ebay so I thought maybe this community would serve me best. Anything from Sony Cat, Gloomy Bear, Super Dollfie, anything, I'll take a look.
Shipping would be to the UK also :] thank you.


Thank you for posting you cell straps everyone! Though I didn't find what I was looking for. Now I'd like to know if anyone is

selling gloomy bear

goodies, please comment with what you've got and a picture (if possible!)

Someone's watching.
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Added New Items!

Hey everyone! ^_^ I am selling off some magazines, doujinshi and anything else that I think people might want in an attempt to save up money for college. Most of this stuff is second hand because it was bought originally just to have and never with the intention to sell so some magazines show wear but I tried to be as accurate as possible with the condition they were in. I really lose at taking pictures so I'm sorry if some of them are crappy, I can take new ones if it is necessary. Feel free to post any questions or comments or whatever, I'm on all the time and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. That's about it, thank you for looking.

~Added Manga and Jrock CDs ^_^V

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mangas for $5- I need money!

I've got serious impulse control problems. Help me make up for the money I spent this summer!

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Prices are negotiable, as long as you're reasonable, since I know everyone's trying to hug a budget.

All manga is used, but most of them have only been read once. My email is if you have specific questions.
I accept paypal, money order, checks (will have to clear before shipping) and well-concealed cash at your own risk.
I SHIP INTERNATIONALLY because I've already done it before and it's pretty painless. International shipping is $10 for UP TO 4 or 5 books. Another $10 will give you room for another 4 or 5. If you pcik out what you want and ask me I will let you know whether it's four or five that fit in the envelope. I can only accept payment in US dollars.
US shipping is via Media Mail because it's awesome, unless you have a preference for something else. It will have to be calculated.
Leave me your email after you have made your final decision so I can send you an invoice and payment instructions.
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MANGA:  All $5

Ai Yori Aoshi Vol. 1
Alice 19th Vol. 1
Angelic Layer Vol. 1
Bleach Vol. 1
Excel Saga Vol. 1 & 2
Kare Kano Vol. 1
Inuyasha Vol. 1 (old Viz version retail=15.99)
Mouryo Kiden Vol. 1
Shaolin Sisters Vol. 1
Toky Mew Mew Vol. 1



Wall clock - measuring appx. 10" in diameter, image of clock is a collage of images from the "[KR]" cube music video and says [KR] cube on it. Hands of clock are black, there's also a second hand and clock has a thick plastic black frame. Completely functional - runs off of 1 AA battery -  Make an offer

Kyo sweatshirt - white zip up hoodie with image of kyo on the back. Says in black lettering on front "Kyo is a...God!!!" 
19" from armpit to armpit
23" from top of sweatshirt to bottom
36" waist
 - Make an offer 
images and mesurements in this post:

Shipping costs vary on location but generally are cheap, for questions email me at:

thanks for looking!

love above

some cutie stuff from japan~

Free Image Hosting at
cutie kitty cell phone bag - $6.00 shipped
- brand new, never used
- long string that can be worn across the body (like a purse), or easily shortened/removed by tying it or cutting it off
- great size for cell phones, smaller mp3 players, etc. (appx. 2.7" x 4.75")

Free Image Hosting at
cutie erasers w/ roller cap - $2.50 each + shipping (won't be more than 50 cents each)
- choose from orange tea, blue bird, pink ice cream, or green apple (only one available in each color)
- from lemon co. in tokyo, japan
- the scan doesn't do them justice - they are SO cute and sparkly!
- buy more than one and choose a freebie(s)!: cute wooden pencil decorated with hearts, mini banana-scented highlighter, or chip'n'dale pumpkin mascot strap (if you buy 3 erasers, you get 2 freebies ^_^ if you buy all 4 erasers, you get all 3 freebies!)

i'm in the US. all prices are in USD. shipping rates are for US/canada only. i will ship internationally, but shipping rates MAY be a little higher.

i prefer PayPal (only for purchases of $5 or more, please), but i will also accept cash.

please reply with your email address + location, or email me at tasteyourstuff. thanks, garagesalejapan members!! ^^