September 6th, 2006

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My little brother has been asking me for this...and I have no idea what it is but I am looking for a Yu gi Oh Polymerization book? for him (he says its so he knows what cards he can use together)

If you have it in any condition and are willing to sell it please let me know and show me pictures of it! or if you just know what it is he is talking about @_@ please let me know

thanks in advance!
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Are you this seller?

On 23 August 2006, a seller from garagesalejapan invoiced me for a Mika Nakashima Single costing $9.00USD. If this is you, please e-mail me or comment here! I tried e-mailing using the PayPal address, but it doesn't seem to be the same address used for correspondence. I just need to be certain that you have the item before I pay for it! :)

Sorry to be a pain, I just need to get in contact with this person! I want to take care of that CD!!

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selling some stuff quickly

1. the entire Excel Saga DVD collection (indivigual cases, not a 'collectors series' i got them each time they came out ^^ perfect condition asking 40.00 shipped

2. Battle Royal manga 2-6 asking 4.00 shipped each.

3. Super GALS dvd collectors box, full series, 50.00 shipped

4. more stuff over at neonpandasales on lj

i will accept paypal (preferd) money orders or cash.

if your looking for something specific (jrock, video games) just ask, i might have what you want ^^

Looking for a DS!

My want list right now is a Nintendo DS, preferrably two of them actually.

Looking for a good deal, the accessories, and someone who will take Paypal (maybe cash/money order).

I'm selling an Xbox and Xbox items on my journal to make up for it and raise more money for it so that I can have two.

Please let me know if you have a DS up for sale! Used is fine, but PLEASE in good condition!

Honest sellers! Please have feedback.

I would love to even a little partial trade if possible, so check out my sites: