September 7th, 2006

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Selling: Brand New Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus

Hi...I did something really stupid... >.o I made an impulse purchase and bought a copy of Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus (PS2), but now I really regret it because I had a monetary emergency and I LOST THE RECEIPT!!!

So to make this short and sweet, does anyone want to buy a Brand-New, Factory-Sealed Copy of Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus???

I bought it for $49.92 and I want to get as close to that as possible (see above money issues), so if you were considering buying it at a store anyway I am begging you to please consider buying it off of me, the shipping will be free and you will be helping out a fellow LJ-er. If not, I am also willing to hear out offers.

Pictures will be provided if anyone shows interest and requests them, at the moment I need to find batteries for my digicam and can't take one, but I can assure you that it is absolutely brand-new.

Thank you for reading.

Ebay auctions!

I just listed a *lot* of stuff on Ebay, and they're all starting with further reduced prices, so please go take a look! I ship internationally, too! :D

I'm mostly selling DIY/OOAK dresses, skirts and bloomers/drawers for little big girls/FRUiTSy girls and lolitas, but I also have a Metamorphose dress (also further reduced) up for grabs.

To see a sneak preview of some of the things I'm selling, Collapse )
lol words

Cosplay Items!

Everything you see was used in my Gothic Lolita cosplay, I'm out of the Gothic Lolita cosplay realm and big into Super Dollfie. :) I have many other Gothic Lolita items up for grabs! I have a grab bag of Gothic Lolita items, which includes a black cape, shirts, gloves, lace, buttons, fabric, poofy skirts, and more. All for $100.00. Shipping on this lot is $12.50. This would be a great starter kit! :D $100.00 or best offer, I'm offering this for less then half of what I paid for it all! I'm in the process of taking pictures. If your interested in this at all, please let me know!

(all clothing in this lot is size medium) A few items here and there, might need a trip to the dry cleaners, simply from being storage for so long.

For $100.00 you get:
a velvet black cape
a size medium silk black Pirate Shirt with ruffles
2 pairs of gloves (one vintage)
lace vampire necktie
a black sequin shawl
black velvet (corset style) tank top with built in bra (never used)
fuzzy yellow fabric
a black size medium corset style shirt w/lacey ruffles
4 shirts
a ragged punk style dress
2 skirts
bags of lace and fabric reminents
a black gothic lolita style tail coat with sequins, see through arms, I got soo many complements on this piece! It's size 14!

Here's a close up of the chest of the tail coat (with the ruffle necktis in place):

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I need to get rid of this stuff!!!
I have a picture coming.
E-mail me at, if your interested.
It all must go.... :D
Most of what I have in this lot, does not photograph well, at all.
I might be willing to split up the lot!! :D So please let me know!

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Rurouni Kenshin DVDs

Offering for sale my Region 1 (USA) set of Rurouni Kenshin DVDs. Set is 5-DVDs which go up to TV series episode 22. They were purchased locally, opened, but hardly watched - most have never even been viewed! Retails for $19.99 up to $29.99.

Asking price for all five: $ 40

I took a crappy digital photo which you can view [ HERE ].

It's crooked and hard to see o_O, but the discs include those entitled:
"Legendary Swordsman"
"Battle in the Moonlight"
"Shadow Elite"
"False Prophet"

If you would like more information or better scans, you may email me, but serious inquiries only please! Also, please only post a comment through LJ if you're interested in buying.

Payment, shipping methods and price haggling can be discussed via email me, as well. Thanks for your time! :)


Pictures are available, I'm just too lazy to take them if no-one is interested. Just ask!

FREE shipping in the UK and USA/CANADA, if you live somewhere else, let me know :D

Free shipping will NOT include whatever posters people might be interested in, as the tube costs more to ship!

I accept PAYPAL ONLY in GBP, PLEASE don't send USD. I may consider cheque or money order or cash if you're in the UK.


Gackt - Subarashiki Kara Sekai v1 [mint condition] £17 inc shipping
Gackt - Subarashiki Kara Sekai v3 [mint condition + obi] £15 inc shipping
Gackt - "The Air Moon" 2 book set: This is a two book set (a5 size) one full of text all relating to the MOON PROJECT, including the tours, album and making Moon Child and the other a photobook with a lot of Moon era photos and no text. Both books come in a hard boxand are in mint condition. I bought this because it's very rare (I have never seen another one) but I don't think it's getting enough love here. £30 inc UK shipping, this is heavy so I have to take it to the Post Office before I'll agree to free USA shipping


24 pages of KIRITO
12 pages HIDE
Lareine/Sex MachineGuns/Malice Mizer

Good condition, nothing missing, Kirito Poster included.
£8 inc shipping

18 pages Miyavi (THIS IS AN AWESOMELY GOOD SHOOT, I scanned this shoot previously and would be happy to link to the scans to prove its goodness XD)
Plastic Tree/Kagrra/Psycho le Cemu/Kra/KuRt/Alice Nine/Sakito
Perfect condition, will ship with Miyavi poster (has been on my wall but still in good condition :D)
£8 inc shipping

20 pages NIGHTMARE
MIYAVI "Jedi" photoshoot with lightsabre :D
Lolita32q (i think)
+ SEEK's ACEN (I think it was ACEN? Correct me?) report with photos.
Gave someone the poster, so no poster with this one, but magazine is in near mint condition :D
£8 including shipping


Pierrot - Creatures EP (this is a nice cloth-covered photobook style case with the CD inside, in near perfect nick, pretty rare) £10 including shipping
Pierrot - Haruka 3" single anime version (cd perfect, paper case has suffered a little) £5 inc shipping
Pierrot - Haruka 3" single regular version (same as the above) £5 inc shipping
Penicillin - CRASH/BLUE MOON [1998] 3" single (perfect condition) £6 inc shipping
Penicillin - DEAD OR ALIVE [1997] 3" single (perfect condition) £6 inc shipping
Penicillin - (can't read the name)/QUARTER DOLL and THE FLAME [1996] (perfect condition) £6 inc shipping
Chisato - CYBER SOUL PAVILLION (album) perfect condition, rare CD £15 inc shipping


Chobits 1-5 good condition ENGLISH £15 the lot or £3.50 a book (shipping will vary)
EXCEL SAGA 1-3 perfect condition £3.50 a book or £9 the lot.
Bleach Volume 3 £3
LOVE HINA 1-4 cosmetic condition varies but pages are all fine. (will take pictures on request) £9 the lot or £3 a book.

POSTERS: I have a bundle of Gackt posters that I would be willing to part with for £5 EACH in varying sizes, also some other misc JROCK posters, a couple of movie posters and CHOBITS wallscroll. If anyone is interested I will drag them all out for photographs :D

ALL prices are GBP, if you need to see how much that is in your CRAZY FOREIGN MONEY, check out
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Uhm hi ^^;
I'm interested in stuff from the japanese Indie-Band KuRt.
Especially the new singles.
I can't get them here in Germany without paying via Postal Money Order..
Maybe there's anyone who can order them over a friend from Japan or something like that? ;__;"
Well.. anyway.. I'm also interested in other KuRt-related Items. ^o^
my freakin ear

Authentic onyx bracelets for sale

I am selling authentic onyx bracelets like the ones that wear Gackt and the Job.
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Prize is between 7 and 13 dollars / 6 and 10 euros (plus shipping), depending on
  • The size of the wrist (the smaller, the cheaper)
  • If you want it elastic (cheaper), or rigid with silver fastener (more expensive)

So if you are interested, leave me a message with:

  • Size of wrist in cm
  • Type (elastic or rigid)
  • Country
If you want extras on it, like small crosses or anything; even if you want another type of bracelet, with cristal balls or anything, feel free to ask me!

Contact me by e-mail: for questions and everything about this.

When I have a decent number of orders, I will go and buy the stuff to make them, then I will tell to each of you the final prize and the shipping.

Thanks for watching!
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Random Sellage ^_^

Hey everyone! ^_^ I am selling off some magazines, doujinshi and anything else that I think people might want in an attempt to save up money for college. Most of this stuff is second hand because it was bought originally just to have and never with the intention to sell so some magazines show wear but I tried to be as accurate as possible with the condition they were in. I really lose at taking pictures so I'm sorry if some of them are crappy, I can take new ones if it is necessary. Feel free to post any questions or comments or whatever, I'm on all the time and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. That's about it, thank you for looking.

8/24 ~Added Manga and Jrock CDs
8/29 ~Added Anime DVDs
9/07 ~Lowered Prices

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Selling DVDs, Boxsets, and CDs

Single DVDs $8 each
Cardcaptor Sakura The Movie 2 (Normal Edition)
Tenchi Unvierse: Time Space Adventures
Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:8
Neon Genesis Evangelion Director's Cut: Resurrection
Vampire Princess Miyu: The Last Shinma
Vampire Princess Miyu: Mystery
Ranma 1/2 The Movie 2
Ranma 1/2 Ranma Forever: Kiss Me, Cat
Ranma 1/2 Random Rhapsody: Who do? VOODOO
Inuyasha The Movie: Affections Touching Across Time
Dragon Ball Z Cooler's Revenge Feature
Dragon Ball The Saga of Goku 1 + 2 (80's Dub)
Street Fighter 2 The animated movie

Box Sets
Genshiken vol 1 + box $14
Chrono Crusade vol 1 + box $10 (2 dented edges)
Chobits vol.1-5 + Collections box (very rare) $70 (Or any DVD for $8)

CDs $7 each
Final Fantasy X (tokyopop)
Sonic Adventure 2 (tokyopop)
FLCL OST 3 (geneon)

Can be found in my shop, just click my icon/username

Shipping isn't included but its very cheap. About $2-$2.50 for DVDs and Boxets, $1-$1.50 for Cds.
Unless you're going to buy ALOT, I'm only taking payments via PayPal!!

Thanks everyone!!

(I'm also willing to consider trades for cell phone straps, gloomy bear products, Jpop (Ayu, Koda Kumi, Utada Hikaru, etc.) or Sailormoon stuff. Just include what it is in your comment, with a picture if you can, and I'll get back to you about it)

One last note. Someone was selling the obis for the re-release of the Sailor moon manga. If you're still selling them please comment and tell me what you've got left :)