September 14th, 2006

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I've just listed a BUNCH of manga on I'll post some more stuff tomorrow through here (that's not listed on If you see something you like but aren't part of and don't want to be, then leave me a comment. I'll check once a day, so if no one buys it by the time I get your comment I'll take it off and arrange a private sale. Private sales are doable through money order, paypal, or cash at own risk in USD. sales are taken care of through Thank you!

The link to my listings is here:
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clothes for sale!!

so college has begun and i desperately need funds for bills and other things.
so here's some kickass clothing from japan.

everything is make an offer but i have an idea of what i'd like for each item.
i will determine shipping costs based on location.

paypal is IMMENSELY preferred.
lots of pictures, dial up beware.

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Jrock & Gothic Lolita magazines for sale


I'm selling a few magazines~

1. My copy of the new ZY.30 with SID on the cover. It includes the SID/MIYAVI poster, SID postcard, and artists CD-ROM. All in perfect condition.
Only the LM.C&Alvino pages in the mag are removed.
I'm looking for $12 + $5 shipping within the US. PAYPAL only~

2. GOTHIC & LOLITA BIBLE #8 - Includes AYA(plc) Miyavi, Kamijo & others. Sewing pattern not included, but I can include a pattern from a different issue if I can't find the one for this issue. ^^; $15 + $4 shipping within the US. PAYPAL only~

Includes Gazette, Merry, AliceNine, Mucc, Miyavi, Nightmare, DespairsRay, Moi dix Mois, Kiyoharu, & others. (A few of the Kirito feature pages have been removed.) $10 + $4 shipping within the US. PAYPAL only~

+I can ship outside the US, but it will be about $11 shipping cost for 1 magazine. ><
+All magazines are in excellent/perfect condition.
+You can view my eBay feedback (200+) here
+Please comment with your email if you are interested in any of the magazines.
Thank you!

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It's not much, but... here's my $2 English manga :)

Video Girl Ai 1, 4 (Viz original flipped large versions)
Real Bout High School
Kodocha 2
Confidential Confessions 2
Angel (Erica Sakurazawa)

English Manga 4 Sale~

Hi guys please bear with me as this is my first sales post *sweatdrop* prices listed below do not include shipping as it varies depending on wher i send it to :D Canada and U.s only, please no international ( sorry guys)

All Manga $7 USD ( again not including shipping)

volumes 1-7 Model
volumes 1-8 Ayashi no Ceres
volumes 1-11 Fruitsbasket
volumes 1-3 I.N.V.U
volume 1 Doll
Volumes 5-7 Fushigi Yuugi
volume 1 Excel Saga
volumes 1-3 Getbackers
Volumes 1,2,4,5,6,7 Alice 19th


AYASHI NO CERES ARTBOOK $25 (plus shipping)

ALso feel free to do offers ^_^ i also will give discounts depending on how much you buy ^^


Hello everyone. There is something I need more than manga/anime stuff, so I must sell all of this. No pictures right now, but I would be more than happy to take pictures of anything you'd be interested in. =) If there are no prices, please make reasonable offers. You can comment here or email me at kiddo_kitty at hotmail dot com

Payment Information can be found at pandanekosales so please check there. I also have old items up for sale there as well so please feel free to look!

I'm still adding items as I gather them so please check back. All photos will be available on my selling journal tomorrow.

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I really REALLY need a place or person to buy japanese beverages from

Mainly the different flavors of Suntory Boss Coffee~!

Also I would like a place to buy japanese boxed juices (you see them in pictures all the time)

If you know of a place to buy the items I listed please help me out
Or if you have some for sale on your journal please let me know



Final Clearence!

Ok, This is the last chance to get any of my items before I go on my trip! Anything you wish to buy must be paid for by Sept. 19th as the 20th will be my last chance to get to the post office. All items are on a final clearence price. However, I will consider offers! Thanks@

Naruto Pocket Watch in tin casing w/box (needs a battery) $25.00 (can get a pic if needed) OBO (or best offer)

What I have To Sell!

Beyblde G-rev Vol 2 Sealed-$4.00

Yu Yu Hakusho Poltergist Report-$4.00

Cardcaptors-Special The Final Judgement-$4.00


Anime Insider-June 2005
Ghost In the Shell cover. (pic upon request) $2.00

Megaman Network Transmission $8.00

Cardcaptor Sakura Valentines sleaed $3.00
(the new cds/pins/shirts images are all at this site)
just incase top link isnt working
Chibi Inuyasha-$2.00
Rare Bakura-$3.00*
Rare Marik-$3.00

Water bobble lee from Naruto is the burry item! $2.00

Inuyasha $13.00

Jap cds
8 different Jap anime song collections(see covers in pic) $7.00 each or all for $40.00
Jap DVD music video disc (not sure who it is) 3.00 (its in the scans)


(All yugioh shirts are Boys youth XL 16/18
YUgioh grey w/joey/yugi $3.00
YUgioh red w/egyptian gods $3.00
Black w/kaiba and joey $3.00


Saiyuki Vol 5 $3.00

Inuyasha manga vol.3 $3.00

Inuyasha Vol 4. $3.00 (both for $4.00)

Naruto Foil Cover $4.00

Yu-Gi-Oh Foil Cover $4.00

*OR you can have all the above items for $110.00 that includes shipping, tracking, and insurance!*

Ok, if you have any question about an item please email me. All prices include shipping.

Remember the more you by the more of a savings i'll give.

I accept Paypal and Money Orders or cash at own risk.


I have an ebay account if you wish to see my possitive feedback!