September 17th, 2006

Punky hat

I am pleased to announce I will be the official international agent for Sweet Coffee Shop.
I became official agent and can maintain lower price.

To celebrate this special event, we are offering a promotion of 10% off on all items through September 16, 2006.
Thank you.

Please visit the website.

OT, but I felt I had to ask before I go...!!

Does anyone know of any shops in Tokyo/Osaka that sell old tour goods/merchandise(t-shirts, posters, toys, whatever)/random crap from major jpop/jrock acts? I want to pick up some Kishidan (amongst other bands) stuff while I'm there, but I don't know where to look. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)
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hi there, i was wondering if there's anyone who's interested in Japanese phone book like Ribon, Ciao, Asuka and more....I can get the latest issue for you for $12 including shipping within US

Selling MSD BJD body!

So here's the deal: I've bought a boy MSD doll from, but I already have a wonderful Serendipity body to put use. This will leave me with a headless body which I won't be using.  I don't have him yet with pictures, since he's still being made, but he'll probably arrive here within a few weeks. A picture of the body from the website and additional information can be found here.
Now keep in mind, this body will be brand new. I'll only take it out of it's packaging to take the head off, and then it'll be packed right up again. For a brand new body on DoD, they're asking US$215, but I just want to be rid of it, so I'm happy to set the price at $160.
Think about it! It'd be a great start to owning your own BJD.
Email me at ronnieflame(at) if you're interested, and keep in mind that he won't be here for a few more weeks.
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Saiyuki - Vol. 1: The Journey Begins
Language: English/Japanese
Subtitle: English
Complete with 5 episodes. Brand new - SEALED.


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Saiyuki - Vol. 5: Sting of the Scorpion
Language: English/Japanese
Subtitle: English
Complete with 4 episodes. Brand new - SEALED.


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Saiyuki - Vol. 7: The Gods of War
Language: English/Japanese
Subtitle: English
Complete with 4 episodes. Brand new - watched once.


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Saiyuki Vol. 1-6 BOXSET
Language: English/Japanese
Subtitle: English
Mint condition. Boxset includes 6 Dvds watched 1-2 times, but plays perfectly.

more junk for sale → garnetstxr

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Relisting all my Jrock sales!

I'm also adding a couple of things: Another Doremidan singles w/DVD, Hyde single, Tokyo Michael CD, L'arc~en~Ciel AWAKE Tour pamphlet, Sugar single, Malice Mizer Fanclub book.

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Thanks for looking!

English Manga ^_^

prices listed below do not include shipping as it varies depending on wher i send it to :D Canada and U.s only, please no international ( sorry guys)

All Manga $7 USD ( again not including shipping)

volumes 1-7 Model
volumes 1-8 Ayashi no Ceres
volumes 1-11 Fruitsbasket
volumes 1-3 I.N.V.U
volume 1 Doll
Volumes 5-7 Fushigi Yuugi
volume 1 Excel Saga
volumes 1-3 Getbackers
Volumes 1,2,4,5,6,7 Alice 19th


AYASHI NO CERES ARTBOOK $25 (plus shipping)

ALso feel free to do offers ^_^ i also will give discounts depending on how much you buy ^^ i will also hold items ( within a reasonable amount of time)

I prefer paypal but will except money orders ( at own risk)

Thank you ^_^

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Okay, I'm absolutely desperate to get rid of these to both clear out space and get the money I need for things for work. So, I lowered the price... Again.

Gravitation Manga Complete English Volumes 1 - 12. Great condition, the mini posters were taken out, but will be included in the package. Some very light shelf wear on the first few volumes since I bought them when they first came out. Most volumes are like new. No stains, bends, or tears on any of them. Will include the Gravitation Fanbook free, or an Angel Sanctuary purse free, or your choice of one yaoi manga for free. { I have three yaoi manga to choose from. } Choose which of the three free gifts you would like upon purchase.

Price: $60 { Which already includes Priority Mail shipping charges. }

For this I will accept Money Order or Paypal! ^o^ And I will only ship within the US. { Excluding Hawaii or Alaska. }

Note: Picture quality is crap because it's a cheap camera. ^^;


Looking to sell my FF7 game, the original white lable black underside game, NOT the greatest hits version. Game is used but in great condition. Plays with no errors. Case in in excellent condition, too. Just two small cracks in the upper right hand corder. The first part that holds the 1st disk lost a tooth so I have a seperate cd holder for the 1st disk. Please make offers. Comes with original booklet in mint condition.*PENDING*

I have a set of 5 foil/holo pokeman cards.
Machamp (still in plastic wrap sealed brand new, 1st EDITION!!)
Aerodactyl (rare) great condition
Hitmonchan Fair condition
Haunter good condition
Snorlax very good condition

Fruits Basket DVDs
Vol. 1 A Great Transformation? (brand new, no scratches, mint)
Vol. 2 What Becomes of Snow? (brand new, one small scratch towards edge of disk, plays perfect, bought brand new sealed but came with NO insert)
Vol. 3 Puddle of Memories (Brand new, 2 or 3 very light scratches, plays perfectly)
Vol. 4 The Clearing Sky (Brand new, one or two very light light scratches, plays perfectly)

Darkside Blues dvd and manga
Dvd is mint except for some very small short scratch towards edge of disk. no insert available.
Manga is near mint, very minor cover wear

Ghost in the Shell dvd (MINT)
Special edition two disk
with mint disks, no damage,
double-sided poster

Spirited Away (Mint)
Brand new double disk no scratches at all!

Appleseed Limited Collectors Edition (mint)
Brand new, double disk, with tin case. Tin case in near mint excellent conditioN!
Disks are mint perfect!

I also have Angel Sanctuary manga vols 2-6 in great and near and mint condition. Please inquire for more details and/or pictures.*PENDING*

Samurai Champloo soundtrack Impression brand new!!!
23 tracks from the hit anime!!

Please make offers, I will gladly review them. Thank you!!
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For sale!

I need $$$ right now for awacon so I'm selling some NANA cosplay & japanese fashion clothing items along with 2 osts & a tarot deck. All prices include shipping within the continental U.S. I am willing to ship abroad but it'll cost a bit extra. I have feedback here & here. I accept Paypal, money orders, & cash (at buyer's own risk).

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