September 18th, 2006

lemonyokan sales ^^

update @ lemonyokan!! [stationary, accessories, anime toys, and more]

New & rare crystal earring designs, handmade jewelry section, & a few restocks in the stationary section! MANY items sold out in stores AND online. Great customer specials including Free Shipping, Discounts, and more!

WIN A PRIZE! Raffle for the month of September for all who purchase!
Raffle ends at the end of the month!

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Get these out of my house! x_x Out out!

Newtype USA Issue May 2003 & Newtype USA Issue October 2003

$9 total including shipping for both of them sold together! Some fold out posters will be included. October Issue contains several pages of Witch Hunter Robin and much more! May Issue contains over nine pages of Saiyuki character info, pictures, anime information and much more! Will include large foldout Last Exile poster, large foldout Please Teacher poster, Ai Yori Aoshi centerfold and a mini Fullmetal Panic/Rahxephon fold out poster. Just get them out, out, I need space! { And of course, they are the USA english versions. }

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Shounen Jumps - Issue April 2004 & June 2004. Contain Hikaru no Go, Yu Gi Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, Naruto, Dragonball Z, Shaman King, Bleach Preview and more. $6 including shipping for both of them together! { English versions. }

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Accepting Paypal and Money Orders or concealed cash. { Paypal is preferred. } Will ship them to anywhere within the US except Hawaii and Alaska.


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Ok, so I was thinking about it the other day, and I realized, I don't watch my J dvds. I watched them once and that was it...It's a cryin' shame, that's what it is. I'd rather they go to someone who will watch them a lot more than I did. So, I'm offering my dvds up for sale. Here's what i have:

1. Crazy Crazy (Region 2)
2. Blast List (All region)
3. Pyromania Tour '97 Crime Scene (with some stuff of Inoran and Shinya as well) (All region)
And if any one is interested, a dvd of Luna Sea, Lunatic Tokyo. (All Region)

$20 each for first two, $15 each for the second two, or $60 for all four, plus shipping.

The last two came to me in cd cases, which inevitably broke, so I found some empty dvd cases and printed up some covers for said dvd cases. They look bootleg as all hell, but i'm 98% sure that they weren't to begin with... <.< Anyways, if anyone is interested, i take paypal or money orders. I usually send through the postoffice. I can get an estimate on shipping if you just tell me where you live. I will be x-posting this in fc_pyro.

Last Chance All items reduced!

Ok, This is the last chance to get any of my items before I go on to AWA this weekend. Anything you wish to buy must be paid for by Sept. 19th as the 20th will be my last chance to get to the post office. All items are on a final clearence price. However, I will consider offers! Thanks@

Naruto Pocket Watch in tin casing w/box (needs a battery) $20.00 (can get a pic if needed) OBO (or best offer)

What I have To Sell!

Beyblde G-rev Vol 2 Sealed-$3.00

Yu Yu Hakusho Poltergist Report-$3.00

Cardcaptors-Special The Final Judgement-$3.00


Anime Insider-June 2005
Ghost In the Shell cover. (pic upon request) $2.00

Megaman Network Transmission $7.00

Cardcaptor Sakura Valentines sleaed $3.00
(the new cds/pins/shirts images are all at this site)
just incase top link isnt working
Chibi Inuyasha-$2.00
Rare Bakura-$3.00*
Rare Marik-$3.00

Water bobble lee from Naruto is the burry item! $2.00

Inuyasha $10.00

Jap cds
8 different Jap anime song collections(see covers in pic) $7.00 each or all for $37.00
Jap DVD music video disc (not sure who it is) 3.00 (its in the scans)


(All yugioh shirts are Boys youth XL 16/18
YUgioh grey w/joey/yugi $3.00
YUgioh red w/egyptian gods $3.00
Black w/kaiba and joey $3.00


Saiyuki Vol 5 $3.00

Inuyasha manga vol.3 $3.00

Inuyasha Vol 4. $3.00 (both for $4.00)

Naruto Foil Cover $4.00

Yu-Gi-Oh Foil Cover $4.00

*OR you can have all the above items for $100.00 that includes shipping, tracking, and insurance!*

Ok, if you have any question about an item please email me. All prices include shipping.

Remember the more you by the more of a savings i'll give.

I accept Paypal and Money Orders or cash at own risk.


I have an ebay account if you wish to see my possitive feedback!

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hi all, i just realized how desperate i am for WIDE packaging deco tape. if you've got any you'd like to show me, please do! i can pay any type of payment although paypal is preferred. :3

sorry, x-posted. x_x
Drawing a heart

Naruto Doujinshi Sale! $8.00 & Under!

Doujinshi (fan comic) for sale! :) These are on a "first come, first serve" purchasing basis. If you want to buy the doujinshi, email me at hanatsukuri @ [<--without the spaces.] I will email you payment details (paypal only, please) from there. :)

Click the links for pictures, summaries and prices.

Edit: Fixed the links...

( Shipping )

Title: Power of the World III
( SasuNaru hints,gag doujinshi )

Title: Harumaki
( Asuma x Kakashi )

Title: NinNin Go!Go!Go! [Ninja, Ninja, Go, go, go!]
( Cute, cute, cute gag Team Kakashi doujinshi )

Title: Nin-Nin-Mura (Ninja-Ninja-Village)
( SasuNaru hints, gag doujinshi )

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Manga/manhwa in English and R1 Anime DVDs
Manga/Manhwa :

Crossroad vol 1
Land of the Silver Rain 1
Kare First Love by Viz vol 1-6
Dragon Knights Vol 3
Times Two
President Dad VOLUME 1
Girl Got Game Vol 7
The Queen's Knight Vol 1
Witch Class Volume 1
Chocolate Vol 1

Anime DVDs:

Inuyasha Movie 1-3 Anime DVD Dub English
DNAngel Vol 3
Tiny Fairy Sugar Vol 6

Anime/Manga Collectibles, Furoku, Pencil Boards, Artbooks...

Shuffle pencilboards/shitajiki 0905
Black Cat Phone Strap
Honey and Clover 2006 CALENDAR RARE
CardCaptor Sakura Folder
Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar Trading Figures
Saiunkoku Monogatari pencilboards/shitajiki 0406
Bleach KeyChain
Fullmetal Alchemist Brooch / Pin
Tsubasa Chronicles Brooch / Pin
Black Cat Chain
Samurai Deeper Kyo Chain
INU YASHA Doujinshi Cell Phone Straps
Da! Da! Da! Pencil Boards/Shitajiki Nakayoshi 2003 B
Chobits: Your Eyes Only Artbooks
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Clear Shitajiki/Pencil Board
Howl's Moving Castle 1/24 second cubic cel
Nintama Rantarou Pencil Board/ Shitajiki EXTREMELY RARE

Sale! All anime DVDs $5!

All anime DVDs you see under the cut are $5 + s&h. { Which will depend upon the amount you purchase. } DVDs are in great condition and are official licensed, unedited versions. Including Saiyuki, Getbackers, Pilot Candidate, Rurouni Kenshin, DN Angel, Tokyo Babylon and more!

Shipping only within the US and accepting either Paypal { Preferred }, Money Order, or concealed cash!

List of DVDs:

Tokyo Babylon OVA
Yu Yu Hakusho Volume 1 Yusuke Lost Yusuke Found
Yu Yu Hakusho Volume 2 Artifacts of Darkness
Yu Yu Hakusho Volume 4 Gate of Betrayal
Rurouni Kenshin Volume 22 { Final } End Song
Rurouni Kenshin Volume 2 Battle in the Moonlight
Inuyasha Volume 1 Down the Well
DN Angel Volume 1 Dawn of Dark
Comic Party Volume 1
Get Backers Volume 1 G & B on the Case
Argentosoma Volume 1
Betterman Volume 5
Gundam 8th MS Team Volume 1
Gundam 8th MS Team Volume 2

Pictures available upon request!
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Manga for sale

manga, anime & cds for sale.
all manga is in english/or subtitled. all in good condition and most only read once.
all manga $5.00 (except yaoi)

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Also If you buy $100 dollars worth of books/cds/dvds You'll get a free gift (bjd clothing, FMA messanger bag, Fruits basket messanger bag,plushies.. ect.. what ever we have available) ^^; cant you tell we are in desprite need of money?

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Does anyone have any of the following?:

ff7 doujiinshi
Anything Reno or Cloud related
Weiss oav, or anything but the two dvd box sets
Ayumi cds
x-japan cds
Anything Rurouni Kenshin (anime, manga, doujinshi, plushies, etc)

Could you tell me what it is, how much your looking for and how you'd like payment?
Thanks :D

I will be making a list of things I'm selling or willing to trade, mostly manga but also a few prince of tennis posters and wallscroll
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Rare Dir en grey Budokan only Shinya poster set on ebay


Hello! It’s me again, Denkiva… I bring more Dir en grey poster goodness…

I have put 2 Shinya Budokan only posters up for auction. Please check them out!!! These posters were only sold on 4/27/01 at the Macabre Tour Final, Macabre Deep[quake]


They are super quality and printed on really thick paper, these are really hard to come by so if you’re a collector, please check out these auctions.

If you have ANY questions… email me at denkiva (at)



I will be posting other hard to come by Dir en grey goods in the future, photo books, tour pamphlets from Macabre era and before, LaSadies Fliers and stickers, so if you’d like a heads up please add me to your ebay alerts, my ebay name is denkiva.

(X-posted to other interested communities)

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$6 BL/YAOI manga
Earthian vol 1 (huge deluxe english Blu version; retail $14.99)
Rising Storm (Hard yaoi !!! 18+ only)
Skyscrapers of Oz (Hard yaoi *__*; 18+ only again)

$2 manga
Video Girl Ai 4 (original large Viz unflipped version)
Real Bout High School 1

Sailor Moon SuperS (english Tokyopop versions)
1, 3, 4 good condition $10 ea.
2 $3 (pages are coming out in the last half, but all pages are intact and still there! Nothing a little glue couldn't fix.)

HP doujinshi
Doujinshi 1: Montage~~ (free translation included!)
More information: it's the second Harry potter doujinshi listed on this site~~
lovely lovely artwork, the story is dark and beautiful about Tom Riddle! *__*
$10 +s

Doujinshi 2: Kimi no... etc; Sirius/Harry
More information:
Extremely rare doujinshi! This is a gorgeous Sirius/Harry story by the talented Kaika Apartment House circle *____* I got this on my recent trip to Japan, but~.. I need some funds so here it is up for grabs!!
$29 +s

Doujinshi 3: ????
More information:
Really cute happy family doujinshi by Cacaomath :) Her style is just.. a little /too/ cutesy for me :)
$16 +s

I prefer paypal, but I take money orders and hidden cash also :)

Thanks so much!!

updated manga want list

MANGA WANT LIST (sorted greatest to least want)

LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO WILL SELL/TRADE THEIR COLLECTIONS. I don't have any manga to trade, but I do have other game/anime stuff.









1-18 (AND UP???)

xposted everywhere o.o;

Manga Sale

All titles are $5 per volume. If you buy 5 or more it drops to $4 each. Please note: I'm selling these because I either lost interest in the series, or because the publisher changed the cover/issue size. I'm very picky about my pretty manga. ^_^ That being said, all issues are in excellent condition. Pictures are available upon request. Purchases are sent via media mail (which is the cheapest). For a reference please see my ebay account. Thanks!!


Manga List


Does anyone have any of the following?
Pokemon Fire Red for the gba
Sailormoon SuperS Thin DVD Boxset
Ayumi Hamasaki stuff (DVDs or Remix Albums)
Koda Kumi Stuff (First 2 Albums, DVDS)
Sailormoon Stuff
Gloomy Bear Stuff
Phoenix Wright for the DS

I'm willing to trade ANYTHING in my shop for those, and maybe payoff the difference. Please comment back if you've got any of it. thanks!

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Thanks everyone!!

(no subject)

I'm selling the following:
Sailor Moon Doom Tree Seires Box set 4 videos
$4 for the whole set

Fake DVD- dubbed and subbed in both English and Japanese
Condition has some scratches but still works great
I'm asking atleast $10

Fake 3&6
Condition: 3 has a tear on the cover but 6 is in god condition
$7 for both or $2 for 3 and $5 for 6

Beauty is the Beast 1&2
Condition:Great (have only been read once)
at least $10 for both together or $5 each

Ceres Celestial Ledgend vol.2
condition: great (only been read once)

Gravitation the Novel
condition: Excellent (only been flipped through)

The World Exists for Me 1&2
Condition: Covers are bent
$6 for both together or $3 each

I only accept:Check, cash, or money order
please buy
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Manga for sale :D NEW STOCK & REDUCED PRICES :D :D

Prices below include shipping for fast sale ^^ I need money to fund my latest clothing obsessions *dies*

Manga $6 USD (shipped)

Model 1-7
Fruits Basket 1-11
Ayashi no Ceres 1-8
Fushigi Yugi 5-7
Gravitation 1-3
Godchild volume 1

Manga $5 (shipped)

Alice 19th 1,2 4-7 ( only missing volume 3 of set)
Doll volume 1
Excelsaga volume 1
I.N.V.U 1-3

Manga $4 (shipped)

King of Bandits Jing volume 1 ( has shelf wear and tear as well as some chipping on the spine, but all pages are in perfect condition)

ALSO******** Thinking of Selling Angel Sanctuary 1-15!!! Make me an offer :D it will be hard to part with them though ;___;

All Manga are in English, Only selling to U.s and Canada residents ( sorry ;;)
I prefer paypal but will also except money orders and concealed cash AT OWN RISK and will only send out shipment upon payment ^^
I will also consider further dropping the prices depending on the number of manga you buy ^^ Thank you~

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Does anyone have the movie
"100 Days with Mr Arrogent" ?
And is willing to sell it for at least $10-15
since everytime I see it online its $10 but someone stole mine and I want another one.

anime, pokeman, samurai champloo

I have a set of 5 foil/holo pokeman cards.
Machamp (still in plastic wrap sealed brand new, 1st EDITION!!)
Aerodactyl (rare) great condition
Hitmonchan Fair condition
Haunter good condition
Snorlax very good condition

Fruits Basket DVDs
Vol. 1 A Great Transformation? (brand new, no scratches, mint)
Vol. 2 What Becomes of Snow? (brand new, one small scratch towards edge of disk, plays perfect, bought brand new sealed but came with NO insert)
Vol. 3 Puddle of Memories (Brand new, 2 or 3 very light scratches, plays perfectly)
Vol. 4 The Clearing Sky (Brand new, one or two very light light scratches, plays perfectly)

Darkside Blues dvd and manga
Dvd is mint except for some very small short scratch towards edge of disk. no insert available.
Manga is near mint, very minor cover wear

Ghost in the Shell dvd (MINT)
Special edition two disk
with mint disks, no damage,
double-sided poster

Spirited Away (Mint)
Brand new double disk no scratches at all!

Appleseed Limited Collectors Edition (mint)
Brand new, double disk, with tin case. Tin case in near mint excellent conditioN!
Disks are mint perfect!

Angel Sanctuary DVD +++near mint!

Samurai Champloo soundtrack Impression brand new!!!
23 tracks from the hit anime!!

Please make offers, I will gladly review them. Thank you!!
panic attack!

(no subject)

All the prices are in USD
Payment methods: Paypal, Concealed Cash (USD, CAD, YEN)
e-mail: delirious.asian[@]
The prices are what I'd like for them (usually around or less the amount I paid for them) but feel free to make offers :D

$8.50 each
Gackt - Arittake no Ai de
Gackt - Black Stone
Gackt - Kimi ni Aitakute
Gackt - Todokanai Ai to Shitteita noni Osaekirezuni Aishitsuzuketa...
Gackt - Tsuki no Uta
Gackt - Saikai~Story
Gackt - Metamorphoze
Gackt - Last Song
Gackt - Seki-Ray
Gackt - Kimi ga oikaketa yume
Gackt - OASIS (regular press)
Raphael - Promise (8cm)
Raphael - lost graduation
Raphael - Hana saku inochi arukagiri (花咲く命ある限り) (8cm)

Gackt - Another World (still sealed)
Gackt - 12 Gatsu no Love Song -Japanese-
Gackt - OASIS (first press)
Malice Mizer - gekka no yasoukyoku (月下の夜想曲) (8cm)

Gackt - Mizerable (first press, with tattoo)

Panic Channel - Zenkoku taikai sanbon sen ~Iyagarase~ + DVD $21
Panic Channel - Zenkoku taikai sanbon sen ~Free Style~ + DVD $21
Panic Channel - Zenkoku taikai sanbon sen ~Kesshousen~ + DVD $21
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&hearts Looking for KERA Magazines~!

Hello~! :]

I'm looking for KERA magazines. Particularly, I'm looking for these issues:

#1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 13, 14, 17, 32, 34, 36, 44, 98, 99, Maniax 6, Maniax 7

I am in the USA and can pay with Paypal. I know I can find some of the
more recent issues online right now, but I just wanted to see if anyone
here had them for a bit cheaper. Please comment or e-mail me
{suki_ban[AT]hotmail[DOT]com} and I'd be very happy to work something out!
[Especially on older issues! I'm very desperate for those~!]

Thanks so much~!
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Desperate Plea!

Guys. Seriously.

I am desperate for the October 2006 volume of KERA MAGAZINE. Yes. That is the current issue. I am IN this volume (several times, in fact), and really, REALLY need to get my hands on a few copies. My mum has business partners from Japan searching as well, but I figured this might be a better place to try.

I know it's sort of a longshot because it's current, but it's always worth a shot...