September 27th, 2006

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Naruto stuff!

Eeh I came across some stuff I really wanna get rid of.. and as much as I hate throwing shit away, Im gonna offer the list here just in case anyone is interested. I dont wanna overprice anything~ and offer up pick-and-choose or something but.. anyway, cheapstuff. Everything is in mint condition:

- Kakashi notepad
- Kakashi gashapon figure (3.5")
- Iruka figure keychain (2")
- Kankuro figure keychain (2")
- Iruka UFO (7.5")
- Rock Lee UFO (7.5")
- Naruto Leaf Village Forehead protector (the THICK hard metal and silk cloth, not the cheapo)

No pics, sorry (camera isnt here and I cant really scan that stuff well)! :( Just reply here if you're interested and we can decide on a reasonable price (make an offer if you like).
Sailor Moon - reach out

(no subject)

I've been looking everywhere for the Sailor Moon S Geneon/Pioneer thinpack DVD set. All I've come across are bootlegs, and I really don't want one of those, so does anyone have a copy they're willing to sell?

I paid $50 apiece for the first two seasons and $70 for SuperS, so I'll be pretty flexible with the price. I'm just desperate to find a genuine copy in decent condition.
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(no subject)

I was just wondering if anyone had a copy of Rock Musical Bleach Saien dvd that they are willing to sell? This is the one that was a rerun of the first Bleach musical and this one has Kira in it. I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for it (I use Paypal). If anyone knows where I can find a copy or has one they would like to sell please comment. 
Thank you!
maid cafe

make an offer and they're yours! *^^*

...please keep in mind that shipping will cost about $2 for each item in a padded envelope :) Payment via Verified Paypal preferred (I'll eat the fees).

Only The Ring Finger Knows (Yaoi)
Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei) Vol. 1 & 2
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Volume 01
Kill Me, Kiss Me, Volume 01
Tokyo Mew Mew, Volume 01
Man of Many Faces, Volume 01
Clamp School Detectives, Volume 01
Death: At Death's Door
Ice Blade, Volume 01
Kare Kano, Volume 01
xxxHOLiC Volume 04
Dears, Volume 01
Bow Wow Wata, Volume 01
Kare First Love, Volume 02
Paradise Kiss Volumes, 01, 02
I.N.V.U., Volume 01

Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht
Unlimited Saga
.hack Infection Part 1
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2
Dynasty Warriors 3
The Simpsons: Road Rage
Magic the Gathering: Battlegrounds (XBox)

XBox Live 12-Month Suscription Card (asking $30)

Direct sales!

click to enlarge

HELLCATPUNKS wide pleat w/ chains Skirt
size: Small/Medium ; waist: 32" ; length: 14"
pics: backside, model, model2, model3
Brand new with tags.

asking price: $45.00

click to enlarge

SHOXX - Vol. 112 2002
cover: Kirito (PIERROT) - special front 20 pages edition
featured artists: Plastic Tree, Kagrra, Cali=Gari, DéspairsRay, MUCC, Due le quartz, baroque
more pics: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Kirito poster included.
Mint condition.

asking price: $15.00

All prices are negotiable and include shipping to anywhere in the US!
I accept paypal, money order, or concealed cash!
Please visit garnetstxr for more direct sales on Japanese Fashion, media, and collectables!
Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

Shounen Gangan, Shounen Jump, Manga, Anime books, and PLC stuff!

My Wonderful Sale of STUFF! ^_^

Selling manga, concert swag, and anthologies!

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Other stuff:

  • Decendants of Darkness vol. 1 (Manga) = 5 buckaroos + 2 bucks shipping (not pictured)

  • W Juliet vol. 1 (Manga) = 5 buckaroos + 2 bucks shipping

  • Samurai Champloo vol. 1 (Manga) = 5 buckaroos + 2 bucks shipping (not pictured)

  • Under the Glass Moon vol. 1 (Manwah) = 5 buckaroos + 2 bucks shipping

  • Meta Pink Princess Princess Lolita = $160 + $20 shipping. I've only worn it once and for under 5 hours at that. It's a beautiful dress and very cute but I do not see myself wearing it or any use for it besides it taking up space in my closet. I rather give it someone who wants it mroe than me ;) I believe I still have the tags but I am not sure. SOLD!!!

  • Shoujo Beat for November 2005 = 3 bucks plus 3 shipping

  • Shounen Jump for October 2005 (just opened from packaging for picture) = 5 bucks plus 3 shipping

  • Shounen Jump for September 2005 = 3 bucks plus 3 shipping

  • Shounen Jump for May 2006 = 3 bucks plus 3 shipping

Preferred payment is through Paypal. You can send to the account
I accept Cash through snail mail, but I am not responsible for lost money. NO MONEY ORDERS.
Any questions, feel free to comment :)
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New Items Added!

Clothes, Jewelry, Accessories, and More!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

6 new clothing items added! 1 new jewelry item added!
If you're interested in purchasing an item, leave a comment or email me at

^_^ BettyBear
Cute (thank you)

Soot sprties sales

I (we've) made a selling journal!


We have cosplay, cels, posters, manga, DVDs, video games and more!

Check it out! We are seliing stuff from:
Perfect Blue
Sailor Moon
and much more!

Plus a whole bunch of FREE STUFF! (all you pay is shipping)

X-posted many places. . . . .
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New Items Lowered Prices


OK this stuff needs to go, my trip is in a month and i want most of it to go. I will be puttin some of this up on ebay in a week or so if no one takes it. Please feel free to make me offers.

What I have To Sell!

Loveless pencil board- $8.00

Beyblde G-rev Vol 2 Sealed-$5.00

Yu Yu Hakusho Poltergist Report-$5.00

Cardcaptors-Special The Final Judgement-$5.00


Anime Insider-June 2005
Ghost In the Shell cover. (pic upon request) $4.00

PS2 Game
Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament $10.00(HOLD)

Megaman Network Transmission $10.00

*NEW* King of bandit Jing Vol 1-2 $7.00 each or $12.00 for both

Inuyasha (eng dub) Vol 1-7,9-10 $7.00 each or $60.00 for all 9 *lowered*

Gravitation vol. 1-3 +collector box set $25.00 (HOLD)

Naruto vol 1 $3.00

A japanese manga by Kodansya Comics! "Chocolate Christmas" (Wink Rain) by TAKEUCHI Naoko
(sailor moon style) $3.00

Evangelion -addition $6.00 *lowered*

refrain ~songs inspired by Evangelion~ $6.00 *lowered*

Cardcaptor Sakura Valentines sleaed $4.00 *lowered*

Pokemon Music CD $5.00 *lowered* (HOLD)
(the new cds/pins/shirts images are all at this site)
just incase top link isnt working
Chibi Inuyasha-$3.00
Rare Bakura-$4.00
Rare Marik-$4.00 *lowered*

Water bobble lee from Naruto is the burry item! $3.00

Inuyasha $16.00 *lowered*

Jap cds
8 different Jap anime song collections(see covers in pic) $7.00 each or all for $50.00 *lowered*
Jap DVD music video disc (not sure who it is) 6.00 (its in the scans)

Pink Fullmetal-2XL-still has tags $6.00

Black Fullmetal-L-$5.00

(All yugioh shirts are Boys youth XL 16/18
YUgioh grey w/joey/yugi $4.00
YUgioh red w/egyptian gods $4.00
Black w/kaiba and joey $4.00


Loveless Vol. 1 Sealed $13.00 *lowered*(HOLD)

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol 1. dvd $6.00(HOLD)


Saiyuki Vol 5 $4.00 *lowered*

yellow Vol. 2 (Yaoi) $5.00 *lowered*

Inuyasha manga vol.3 $3.00

Inuyasha Vol 4. $3.00 (both for $5.00)*lowered*

Naruto Foil Cover $6.00 *lowereed*

Yu-Gi-Oh Foil Cover $6.00 *lowered*

Ok, if you have any question about an item please email me. All prices include shipping.
I will hold an item til the date agreed. I need money soon, as I am out alot of bill money.

Remember the more you by the more of a savings i'll give.

I accept Paypal and Money Orders or cash at own risk.


I have an ebay account if you wish to see my possitive feedback!
Klaha-sama in a dress XD <3

Looking for Items + Argento DVDs Vol 1 & 2

Hey! I'm looking to buy Hana Kimi Volumes 6 or 8+! I REALLY REALLY WANT THESE! <333
I'm also searching for Ronin Warriors DVDs (or anything really) as well as any Klaha related items. :D <3

I'm currently looking to sell two Argento Soma DVDs, which is an AMAZING ANIME!!!!
but since I just bought the whole series, I realised that I don't need the indivials.

So I have Argento Soma DVDs 1 & 2 for sale. Give me an offer if you would like, but I'm looking for about $7 or so for it.
I'd prefer money order, but I can take online payment if you must. :D

email ::
slytherin - wasting my potential

Lots of New Manga!

I'm adding a ton of new English manga...I am open to some trades this time, but only for the series and volumes I specify...Payment and trade details are below...

New Stuff:
Beauty is the Beast GNs 2-3
Call Me Princess GN
Chocolat GNs 1-2
Dazzle GN 1

Dragon Knights GN 1
Fruits Basket GNs 4-12
Glass Wings GN
Kare Kano GNs 12-19
Loveless GN 2
Neck and Neck GN 1
Unearthly GN 1
Wallflower GN 8

English Manga:
Your and My Secret GN 1 (two copies)
Earthian GN 1

Queen's Knight GN 4
Until the Full Moon GNs 1-2 (complete)
The All-New Tenchi Muyo GN 3
Cardcaptor Sakura GNs 1-2
Alice 19th GNs 1-2

Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango) Vol 1

Accessories from:
Cowboy Bebop
Tenchi Muyo
Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango)

Asian Decor!

Plus other goodies!

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I have positive feedback on the Garagesalejapan Seller Feedback page.
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Klaha-sama Malice Mizer 2

Looking for Items + Argento DVDs Vol 1 & 2

Hey! I'm looking to buy Hana Kimi Volumes 6 or 8+! I REALLY REALLY WANT THESE! <333
I'm also searching for Ronin Warriors DVDs (or anything really) as well as any Klaha related items. :D <3

I'm currently looking to sell two Argento Soma DVDs, which is an AMAZING ANIME!!!!
but since I just bought the whole series, I realised that I don't need the indivials.

So I have Argento Soma DVDs 1 & 2 for sale. Give me an offer if you would like, but I'm looking for about $7 or so for it.
I'd prefer money order, but I can take online payment if you must. :D
ph&#39;nglui mglw&#39;nafh Cthulhu
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Anime/Manga Sale...

Selling the remainder of my manga/anime DVDs to empty up some space on my bookshelves!

I'm selling Saiyuki 1-9 COMPLETE SERIES, Saiyuki Reload 1-2 & the Saiyuki Reload DVDs, which contains the whole series in it on two disks.
Also selling Alichino 1-3
& the whole Diabolo series.

Photos & prices under the cut!

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Comment if you're interested! Shipping prices vary depending on where you live but I ship via FedEx to Canada & the United States & via Purolator internationally.


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(no subject)

I'm in the process of moving, and would like to get rid of some stuff I have lying around.

There's an auction over at my journal, mostly jrock posters from artists like PIERROT, Merry, J, and etc. I also have a Merry postcard/photo set for auction. Please take a look for all the items. It is important that you read all the rules and details before bidding (I can only ship within the US and take payment via PayPal), auction is set to end at midnight this coming Friday.

I also have anime and japanese music for sale at my journal. Please take a look. Also...if you have recently purchased something from my journal, I would greatly appreciate feedback for garagesalejapan.


a few more anime things!

I really need some extra cash so I'm selling some anime and manga stuffs! Please take a look!

Shipping listed is for the U.S. and Canada ONLY. If you want something shipped elsewhere, please ask about shipping costs.

And I do combine shipping for multiple item purchases. ^^

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Also, for those of you who collect individual DVDs before box sets are released, I have some empty boxes. When people weren't interested in the DVDS they held, I sold them to my local Half Price books, who didn't take the boxes. If anyone wants any of these, and are willing to pay for shipping [about $3 per box unless there's more than one that you want], you can have the boxes for free. ^__^

I have boxes for:

Super Gals
Chrono Crusade
Wolf's Rain [ON HOLD]


huge lot of Sanrio,Crux,Kamio and San-x stationery

hello i'm trying to get rid of this huge lot of Sanrio,Crux,Kamio and San-x stationery .

You will get

1 kawaii pencil, japanese candy/gum, 50 diecut sticker flakes, 375 sheets of stationery. 4 kawaii mini envelopes, 4 kawaii mailing envelopes, 2 ice cream shaped erasers and 1 bandaid ^^

any takers??? please make an offer email me only at thanks ^^ (paypal only unless you bought from me before with cash or money order)
  • itechou

Bunch of stuff for sale~


A brand-new factory sealed Japanese version of ayumi hamasaki RMX WORKS from ayu-mi-x 5 non-stop mega mix!
Give me a reasonable offer (at least $18+$5 shipping to the US) and it's yours~ (originally costs ~$40)

~Sailormoon cards
~Dragonball/DBZ cards
~NARUTO cards
~Saint Seiya cards
~Pokemon cards
~Sanrio character cards
~Street Figter cards
( Click here~ )

Anime stuff
~Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Photo Album Freedom-Kira-, new
~Spiral~Suiri no Kizuna~ (Melody of Logic) Japanese Manga v12, new
~Mobile Suit Gundam SEED GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam Quick Gundam Model, used
( Click here~ )

Ayu CDs
~Hamasaki Ayumi - ayumi hamasaki RMX WORKS from ayu-mi-x 5 non-stop mega mix Japanese version album, factory sealed
~Hamasaki Ayumi - Boys&Girls single, used

~Hamasaki Ayumi - Daybreak single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - Far away single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - Fly high single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - For My Dear... single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - H (Green version) single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - LOVE~Destiny~ single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - NEVER EVER single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - poker face single, used

~Hamasaki Ayumi - Voyage single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - YOU single, used
( Click here~ )

~365 Days Sweets Birthday Teddy (September 16), new
~Cookie Monster in Japan National Soccer Team Uniform Keychain, new
~Cookie Monster Plush in Japan National Soccer Team Uniform Keychain, new
( Click here~ )
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(no subject)

manga, anime & cds for sale.
all manga is in english/or subtitled. all in good condition and most only read once.
all manga $4.00 (except yaoi)
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Shipping.. no shipping out of the usa with the exception of canada. media mail or prioity mail available. priority mail is 5 dollars for 5 books. media mail is 3 dollars for 5 books.. will make exceptions if you get under 5 books. if you get a large number of books (over 20) will make an exception as well as long as it is media mail..Media mail takes up to 1-2 weeks depending on how far away you live from sender, no media mail for canada.

payment: Paypal(prefered but no cc, sorry) , money order, or conceiled cash *again! had alot of complaint because they couldnt buy if i only used paypal* SHIPPING GOES OUT EVERY SATURDAY (or monday)
please if you do not intend to buy dont make the offer. Its not fair to others. and happy shopping ^_^

Also If you buy $100 dollars worth of books/cds/dvds You'll get a free gift (bjd clothing, FMA messanger bag, Fruits basket messanger bag,plushies.. ect.. what ever we have available) ^^; cant you tell we are in desprite need of money?
mako - buried

(no subject)

Would you like to buy something off of a Japanese website, but they don't do International Shipping?
If so, you may want to consider the Mukunoki service! The fees are not overly charged so you can spend away!
Interested? Please visit the Mukunoki Community OR The OFFICIAL Mukunoki website for more details and information!

Would you also like a free gift of THIS? If so, please visit the MUKUNOKI BLOG for further details and information. Thank you!!

(Please feel free to tell me or delete if this post is not allowed. Thanks).