October 1st, 2006

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Bidan November 2006.

REQUEST. If anyone knows where I can purchase BIDAN magazine NOVEMBER 2006 issue online or can do a custom purchase for me, I would forever be thankful.

I can pay with Paypal and/or money order. I am willing to pay cost of the magazine, cost to ship (I live in the US), cost to package, cost for expenses, extra costs, $$$ all over, up, and around the place, if someone can help me in getting this.

Cover looks like so:

I know nothing about this magazine, so I'm not sure if it's even exported outside of Japan, but if anyone does know of a way to obtain, I would be a happy kid.

Comment here if you can help. Thank you!

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Siva - Asura mini-album (limited release)
mint condition. First press - limited edition comes with DVD for "Riot" PV.

asking price: $30.00

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Siva - Kyouka Keranki single
limited release. mint condition.

asking price: $13.00

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Siva - Shita no koku single
limited release. mint condition.

asking price: $13.00

* purchase all 3 of Siva's Asura, Kyouka Keranki, and Shita no Koku for $52.00 *
All prices include shipping to anywhere in the US (international shipping available~ please comment for shipping rates)
I accept paypal, money order, and concealed cash.
Please go here if interested in buying or more CD info
Kyo - Blah

Yaoi Books for Sale~!

I have 3 Yaoi Books up for Grabs!!

- ...but I'm your teacher. (Row Takakura) Mature 18+ Older. $10 Includes Shipping.

- Dear Myself (Eiki Eiki) Young Adults 16 +. $10 Includes Shipping.

- Sweet Revolution (Yukine Honami) Mature 18+ Older. $9 Includes Shipping.

Please Comment if you're interested!!

(no subject)

I'm looking for the cd "ROYAL ELECTRASY" by The other side AGE of PUNK:

if anyone has it and is willing to sell it to me, please send me an email at mild.tarantula@gmail.com with how much you'd want for it or leave a comment! I can pay by paypal and possibly money order (I'd prefer to pay by paypal). I can also link you to my ebay feedback if you want.

New items and lowered prices!

Still have the L'Arc~en~Ciel AWAKE Pamphlet, a couple of Doremidan singles, a Tokyo Michael CD, and more!

Added an issue of Newsmaker featuring 16 pages of Hyde goodness, 2 Panic Channel photosets, and lowered the prices on all remaining magazines!

And remember, you can always make an offer if there's something you want but may not be able to afford. ^____^v

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Thanks for looking!

Advent Children Yazoo Costume

Ok cleaning out the closet time, so I figured I'd come here first then if I get no bites shift over to ebay. This costume has only been worn once for a few hours and is in excellent condition. The jacket is fully lined, fits bust 34-36, waist 25-28 , height 5'6"-5'7" Included is the Jacket, pants, gloves and wig. Jacket and pants are made of a pleather and the gloves are leather. The wig is a high quality wig made of Japanese Kanekalon fibers and is silky to the touch. I'm looking for at least $100 for the set but feel free to send me offers as well. Thanks for looking.

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cloud strife statue for trade/sell

If anyone wants a Cloud Strife Statue in good condition, I'm holding an LJ Auction because I'd rather have good trades than cash for it, though combos work well. You can see details here:

The statue is in very good condition, barely handled, used for display only. Depending on the offer, I may pay s/h and the required insurance (free automatically if you can send $70.00 by October 20th!!). There's also many other items in my store: http://shadow-kitsu.livejournal.com

SELLING FOOL'S MATE magazines & an UV magazine!!!!

Hello, people~★

I'm helping out a friend of mine to get rid some of her FOOL'S MATE magazines & also a UV magazine !!!

Prices are as stated on the pictures. Depending on which mags; my friend is willing to negotiate on the mags. So please inquire!

First come first serve on certain FOOL'S MATE magazines EXCEPT those with Dir en grey on the cover. ^^;


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Soooooooo, if anyone is interested, please E-MAIL sweetchocandy{@}yahoo.com with the mag(s) which you'd like to buy.(人^ω^) Thanks a lot in advance, once again. ALSO, PLEASE, SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY!!!!!


Lastly, thank you very much for taking your time reading this entry! I appreciate it a lot~

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Sailor V

Very close!

Ok, I am VERY close to finishing my Sailor Moon DVD collection. But there are four DVDs I really need! If you have one of these you'd like to sell, please comment! They are -

- Sailor Scouts to the Rescue (region 1, Dic)
- The Man in the Tuxedo Mask (region 1, Dic)
- PGSM Special Act + box (region 2)
- Sailor Moon R Vol. 8 + box (region 2)

I have been checking the LJ communities, amazon.com, half.com, and eBay everyday, but no luck! I can't use rinkya.com either because I can only pay with money orders, so this is my last hope! I was able to get the Act Zero DVD + box last time, so I'm hoping some luck will fall on me again! Please comment if you have one of the above DVDs you'd like to get rid of and please, no bootlegs!


(no subject)

Anime/Manga Collectibles, Furoku, Pencil Boards, Artbooks...

CARDCAPTOR SAKURA Chibi Group pencilboards/shitajiki RARE
Colorful Melody Tohru Azumi Artbook
CLAMP'S 12th Year Anniversary Collection
Shuffle pencilboards/shitajiki 0905
Black Cat Phone Strap
Honey and Clover 2006 CALENDAR RARE
CardCaptor Sakura Folder
Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar Trading Figures
Saiunkoku Monogatari pencilboards/shitajiki 0406
Bleach KeyChain
Fullmetal Alchemist Brooch / Pin
Tsubasa Chronicles Brooch / Pin
Black Cat Chain
Samurai Deeper Kyo Chain
INU YASHA Doujinshi Cell Phone Straps
Da! Da! Da! Pencil Boards/Shitajiki Nakayoshi 2003 B
Chobits: Your Eyes Only Artbooks
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Clear Shitajiki/Pencil Board
Howl's Moving Castle 1/24 second cubic cel
Nintama Rantarou Pencil Board/ Shitajiki EXTREMELY RARE

Manga/Manhwa in English and R1 Anime DVDs
Manga/Manhwa :

Crossroad 1
Land of the Silver Rain 1
Kare First Love 1-6
Dragon Knights 3
Times Two
President Dad VOLUME 1
Girl Got Game 7
The Queen's Knight 1
Witch Class 1
Bambi (manhwa, not Disney ^^')
Chocolate Vol 1

Anime DVDs:

Inuyasha Movie 1-3 Anime DVD Dub English
DNAngel Vol 3
Tiny Fairy Sugar Vol 1,6

looking for a few things

Hi I'm currently looking for these items:
Gravitation: Best collection, Vocal Collection, and Shuichi Shindo collection
Ayumi Hamasaki Singles: Fly High, Kanariya, SURREAL and appears
Full Metal Alchemist (any)
Inuyasha (any)
Gravitation (any)

FMA 1- the newest volume excluding vol.4
DN Angel 1- newest

also any books on how to draw manga
Anyone who is selling these items please let me know
I can pay through:cash, check, money order, or paypal
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Odd request.

I'm looking for a fanbook about Joyfull Restaurant. I saw one in a manga/toy store near the Nagasaki train station in July, and I've been kicking myself ever since for not buying it then. My girlfriend lived in Nagasaki for three years and she used to go to Joyfull all the time to have dinner and write. The day we left for the US, we made one last Joyfull run at about 3 in the morning--yes, we're dorks, but it was kind of a special place for us. It only occurred to me a little while ago that the fanbook would be sort of a cool, dorky Christmas present for her. ^^;

I don't know the title because I can't read Japanese...but the book included the three or four different menus for various times of the day, among other things. There were a lot of full-color photographs--food, restaurant interiors and exteriors, etc.

I know this is a longshot, but I can't find the book anywhere online and I really want one. If anyone happens to have a copy and is willing to sell, please email me at spanish.pierat@gmail.com (I can pay with PayPal or money order, and I can link you to my ebay feedback if you want). If you know where I can get the book, or if you know the title, please let me know. Thanks!
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looking for Naruto figures

I am looking for 3 Naruto candy box figures to complete my collection. I need Ino, Ten Ten, and Kabuto. (not interested in the swimsuit Ino or Ten Ten, btw - I want the "regular" ones)

These are the Bandai figures. I believe that Ino and Kabuto were in Part 2 and Ten Ten was in Part 4.
Does anyone have any they'd like to sell?