October 4th, 2006


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Left over stuff for sale, plus some new, very cute Nana keychains!

Manga - $2 each except where noted:
Legal Drug 1-2
Time Stranger Kyoko 1-3
Hitsuji no Namida 1
God Child (Count Cain) 1-8
Ribon magazines from 2002-2004, random furoku, one issue of Asuka magazine
Aishiteruze Baby stationary


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I also have first press copies of Malice Mizer's "Bara no Seidou" and "Merveilles"; would any of you be interested in those?
They are in good used condition, with some marks on Merveilles' cover as well as slightly loose binding (Bara no Seidou is in pretty good shape, with just a couple of marks on the cover). Nothing is falling out, the spine is just a little wiggly.
Please let me know if you'd be interested, and what you think is fair on the price.

Thanks so much for looking, and if you have any questions please let me know. :)

anime manga video games for sale

Digimon Tag (your choice of crest): $15.00 + s/h [ONLY 1 LEFT!]
Cloud Statue: $70.00 + s/h (insurance required)
Kingdom Hearts Manga Set: $40.00 (prefer not to sell seperately)
Someday's Dreamers Manga Vol 1: $5.00 + s/h
Grandia PSX: $35.00
Grandia PSX Guide: $15.00
and more in my shop~

***Death Note Items*** (chinese, jap manga, posters, shitajiki, anything except eng manga)
Nintendo DS (used) [preferred onyx or blue, light scratching OK, must include 1 stylus]
[J-rock] ガゼット(Gazette) - 麗 (Uruha)
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Request - Cure, Vol. 22 (alice nine. on cover, with poster)


I've been looking for any online store (that I know of that is reliable) that is selling this magazine (Cure, Vol. 22, 2005) and they all don't have it! I've checked jpophouse, jpophelp, fujisan, and j-xyz, but to no avail. :( It's the Cure issue that has alice nine. on the cover.

Would anyone happen to have an extra one that is in brand-new or near brand-new condition, WITH the poster (in good condition) that is willing to sell it? (I live in the USA, in California.)

If you would like to sell, please e-mail me at: chibi_angel17@sbcglobal.net

Thank you very much!

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Looking for....

I'm looking for a seller from Austalia (I think) named manolita or yuina, something of that name. I want to buy something from her, but I can't find the url to her selling journal. Can someone tell me the url to the selling journal, please?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello everyone out there!! I have LOTS to sell. There's Manga, DVDs, CDs, Doujinshi's, Back Issue Magazines, and Hello Kitty Stuffies. Come on in and take a look! ^_^

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Looking for Tabi socks

I am looking for the following:

A pair of white Tabi socks ( size 10 for Men's)

I am trying to find someone in the US who either has a pair or knows of a shop in their area that carries them.

I need a pair for my costume and I need them fast.

I will send the money via paypal and will need them 2-3 day prority mail.

Thank you for your time...

Check this out!

Featured in my shop:
Final Fantasy VII Cloud Kotobukiya Statue
Kingdom Hearts 1 COMPLETE SET Manga
Someday's Dreamers Manga Vol 1
Digimon Tags & Crests (1 STILL availible! I've had alot of problems because people never reply, only comment if you will buy one and keep in contact with me daily!)
Final Fantasy VIII figures!
Final Fantasy VIII Vinyl Collection Kotobukiya Selphie Tilmitt Statue! RARE
How to Draw Manga books!
Anime DVDs like Wolf's Rain and Witch Hunter Robin!
and more!

Please visit my shop! I am looking for cash, but will trade, too! See my feedback!

Dean Blows

Sales- Added Items

Added some new IGPX, Scrapped Princess, Saiyuki Reload Gunlock, and One Piece items!

Take a look here! Thanks!

Manga, pins, postcards, DVDs, keychains, plush, pencilboards, T-shirts, and figures from the following series:

Angel Sanctuary, CLAMP, Demon Diary, Flame of Recca, HunterxHunter, Immortal Rain, IGPX, Juvenile Orion, King of Bandit Jing, Kami Chu!, Chrono Crusade, Piano, Human Crossing, Sailor Moon S, Saiyuki, Scrapped Princess, Scrubs, Hercules, Azumanga Daioh, Bleach, Haibane Renmei, Kare Kano, Kyou Kara Maou, One Piece, Pokemon, and Weiss Kreuz!

Kare First Love Manga Sale!

I am selling
Kare First Love Manga vols 1-7 for $7/vol or $49 for set and $7 S&H.
These books have only been read once.
Excellent +++ condition. NO bends, creases, dog eared corners, rips/tears, or spills etc.
PayPal Preferred
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