October 13th, 2006

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Does anyone have Rainie Yang, Huang YiDa, or Michael Wong item?
I know this is Japan selling, but it is worth chance♬
Also looking for thick headbands, white or black collar shirts (not polo), and knee-high socks.

selling clothes, inuyasha plushie & gloomy bear keychain~

Hi everyone~ I'm going to try to sell these (again) because I desperately need money! ^^;; (Christmas is sneaking up on me).

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I also can do comissioned art if anybody is interested. ^^ I do mostly realistic work; my deviant art is http://freakyne55.deviantart.com/
If you're interested, please email me at freakyne55@yahoo.com and I would be more than happy to discuss prices, preferred mediums, etc with you.

Thank you!
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Looking for a few things

Items with slashes are possibly I may be getting, but not sure

I'm very open to trades or trade/cash combinations if possible!

I have some extra cash to spend, mainly looking for these items:
Anime Stuff:
Death Note (ANYTHING aside the English Manga-- I mean ANYTHING)
Death Note 2006 Calendar

Illusion of Gaia (complete as possible, would prefer it w/shirt)

Killer Instinct Gold (can be catridge only, but would prefer one with booklet without the title sticker on the catridge coming off)

Sega CD games:
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue (must be complete)
Shining Force series ""
Popful Mail ""

Playstation 1:
Tales of Destiny 1
Vanguard Bandits
Lunar: Silver Star Story COMPLETE (must have box in good condition, map, original jewel case and game discs, I dont need the extra discs)
Persona 1: Revelations (must be complete)

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth
Vinyl Skins (let me know what you have or if there is a good site for quality ones you know of)

Arc the Lad (preferred complete but state condition)
Vangaurd Bandits ""
Tales of Destiny 1
Kingdom Hearts LE: Final Form/Silver cover (I can trade yellow/master form or buy)
Persona 1: Revelations
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Alundra 1
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

I also have items in my shop for sale/trade that include anime and video games: shadow_kitsu
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CDs, cards, books, models+ for sale ^.^


Utada Hikaru: [First Love] + [Automatic piano solo & duet] Piano score book!
( Click here~ )


~Sailormoon cards
~Dragonball/DBZ cards
~NARUTO cards
~Saint Seiya cards
~Pokemon cards
~Sanrio character cards
~Street Figter cards
( Click here~ )

Anime stuff

~Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Photo Album Freedom-Kira-, new
~Spiral~Suiri no Kizuna~ (Melody of Logic) Japanese Manga v12, new
~Mobile Suit Gundam SEED GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam Quick Gundam Model, used
( Click here~ )

Ayu CDs

Hamasaki Ayumi - ayumi hamasaki RMX WORKS from ayu-mi-x 5 non-stop mega mix Japanese version album, factory sealed
HUGE DEAL!! Give me a reasonable offer over $20 + S&H and it's yours! (original price is around $40!)

~Hamasaki Ayumi - Boys&Girls single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - Daybreak single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - Far away single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - Fly high single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - For My Dear... single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - H (Green version) single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - LOVE~Destiny~ single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - NEVER EVER single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - poker face single, used

~Hamasaki Ayumi - Voyage single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - YOU single, used
( Click here~ )


~365 Days Sweets Birthday Teddy (September 16), new
~Cookie Monster in Japan National Soccer Team Uniform Keychain, new
~Cookie Monster Plush in Japan National Soccer Team Uniform Keychain, new
( Click here~ )

Buy my Stuff!

Now open, dustbin56!

*PLC, MUCC, The TRAX, Pierrot, and many more CDs
*Moon Child and The TRAX photo books
*Naruto and Care Bear goods
*Making of Moon Child VHS
*Dir en grey/MUCC laminated cards

And much more!

Stop by and have a look around, and help me get rid of some of my clutter! T_T

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Beware by lolita_chan


DVD's for sale

All dvd's have been viewed once and are in very good condition. Unless otherwise noted. Includes original case and inserts(if any). Region 1 US releases.

Gantz vol 1 $8
Gantz vol 2 $8
Gantz vol 3 $8
Spiral vol 1 $10
FullMetal Alchemist The Movie $13
FullMetal Alchemist vol 1 NEW, SEALED $18
Unleashed unrated Jet Li $8
Land of the Dead unrated $8
Three 3 Extremes asian horror $6
Marronnier japan horror $6
Mean Girls $8

Prices include shipping within the United States. International shipping will be extra.
Paypal only please
Please comment below or email at huffcl@ accessky.net if interested. Thank you.