October 14th, 2006


Updated Want List post

Items with slashes are possibly I may be getting, but not sure

I'm very open to trades or trade/cash combinations if possible!

I have some extra cash to spend, mainly looking for these items:
Anime Stuff:
Death Note (ANYTHING aside the English Manga-- I mean ANYTHING)
Death Note 2006 Calendar

Illusion of Gaia (complete as possible, would prefer it w/shirt)

Killer Instinct Gold (can be catridge only, but would prefer one with booklet without the title sticker on the catridge coming off)

Sega CD games:
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue (must be complete)
Shining Force series ""
Popful Mail ""

Playstation 1:
Tales of Destiny 1
Vanguard Bandits
Lunar: Silver Star Story COMPLETE (must have box in good condition, map, original jewel case and game discs, I dont need the extra discs)
Persona 1: Revelations (must be complete)

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth
Vinyl Skins (let me know what you have or if there is a good site for quality ones you know of)

Arc the Lad (preferred complete but state condition)
Vangaurd Bandits ""
Tales of Destiny 1
Kingdom Hearts LE: Final Form/Silver cover (I can trade yellow/master form or buy)
Persona 1: Revelations
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Alundra 1
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

I also have items in my shop for sale/trade that include anime and video games: shadow_kitsu

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Selling off some Anime DVD's, Manga and Figures.  Have been going through and cleaning out my collections again, so here we are XDXD

Please be advised that I'm only shipping within the US only at this time, since I'm building my account back up I can't afford international shipping at this point. Hopefully later on,
but not at the moment.

If you have any questions or are interested in the following items, please comment or E-mail me at : Hydra_Marusumi@yahoo.com  prices are negotiable.

you can find my feedback here:


I only accept Money Order's . 

~ Thank You

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decadentdolls SALES ♥

NEW ITEMS ADDED: Visit my LJ for:
Cosplay Costumes & Props, Gothic Clothing, Lip Service & Hot Topic things,
Authentic & Non-Brand Gothic Lolita items, Japanese Sweets & Things,
Fruitsy & Decora Items, DIY Items, Japanese Magazines & Mooks,
Shoes & Boots, Accessories + Tons more...

♣Hugs & Sparkles♣

Shopping! :)

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Loads of new goodies added!
Clothes and accessories from TOPSHOP, TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE (ONE OFF ITEMS), MISS SELFRIDGE, DOROTHY PERKINS, H&M, PRIMARK, DISNEY, ACCESSORIZE, MONSOON, DOKIDOKI.. *phew* (to name but a few) ... and plenty of other goodies.. along with one of a kind DIY jewellery! Don't miss out!

All my clothes are in perfect condition, most of the stuff is brand new and unworn. I never sell dodgy clothes with stains and the like. I'm a friendly, honest seller with all positive feedback =)




Looking for....

I'm looking for some inexpensive issues of Asuka magazines. Please feel free to leave me a comment. I already have the following:

Asuka: June 2004
October 2004
I'm also looking for inexpensive issues of Betsucomi magazines. I already have the February 2006 issue. I'm specifically looking for an issue featuring Taamo's work and Izumi Kaneyoshi's "Sonnan Janeeyo."

I can pay by non-cc Paypal, money order, or well-concealed cash.


Video Games and Anime for sale!

Up for sale!:

Black Gamecube $70 shipped:

Includes an official orange nintendo controller and all the wire + the original box for the system.

Gamecube memory card: $8
Can come with my games saved on it, or erased.

Pictures of both items are available at request.

Games for sale:
Xenosaga I (PS2)
Metal Gear Solid 2(PS2)
Ratchet and Clank 2(PS2) Greatest Hits
Karaoke Revolution 1(PS2)
Star Ocean: Till the end of time(PS2) Greatest Hits
KoF 00/01(PS2)
KoF 02/03(PS2)
KoF Maximum Impact: Special Edition with DVD(PS2)
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection(PS2)
Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends (DS)
New Super Mario Bros. (DS)

I'm also selling the LE guide for Kingdom Hearts 2 with the Master Form cover, Make me an offer :)

+ Selling game guides. They are worn, but still good.

Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy X
Ocarina of Time
Digimon World
Brave Fencer Musashi

I recommend these only if you really need them.

all my anime and manga for sale can be found in this journal. just click my username.

What I'm buying:
So I checked out the rules of the community and there's nothing against this so here it goes. I have a modded PS2 that can play burned games. Would anyone want to sell me burned games at a LOW price. I mean, you can't charge $10 for a burned DVD. Thanks in advance!

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(x- referenced with elly_marionvideogames4sale and otaku_wishlist )

I'm selling a lot of things and I need to get rid of it all. I do not have a camera at this time so I cannot take pictures.

Shipping is 2.95 for each item, unless otherwise noted. International shipping is likely to be 5 dollars per item unless it is a huge item (or stated within the selling description), because of how ridiculous the post office is with charging for shipping.

I only take checks, cash or money orders. I do not have a Paypal account.

All stuff will be ready 1-2 weeks after I get back from England, which is November 2nd. Your item will be shipped between November 6-20th, because most of this is still packed in boxes.

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I have these items I MUST get rid of, they are just taking up space. Either the price below or a combination of $$/trade. I only ship to US/Canada at the moment, sorry. I take cash and money orders, and possibly paypal. I have positive feedback.
All items are in very good condition and pictures of ALL ITEMS are in my shop: shadow_kitsu
I can sell figure sets seperately. All prices don't include s/h. Statues require insurance.

Final Fantasy VIII Rinoa Heartilly Figurines: Trading Arts JP, Gashapon, and Bandai: $40.00
Final Fantasy VIII Selphie Tilmitt Vinyl Statue *very rare*: $60.00 (complete but missing serial card only, very pretty)
Final Fantasy VIII Selphie Tilmitt Figures: Gashapon & Bandai: $25.00
Zelda/Halo 2 EGM Poster: $10.00
Digimon D-3 Blue Version 1: $15.00 (just the vice, working condition)
X:1999 Manga Vol 1 + 2: $15.00 (NEVER READ absolutely mint)
someday's Dreamer's Vol 1 Manga: $7.00

Digimon Tags & Crests -hand made- $20.00 each (that includes s/h!)

If prices here and in my shop clash it is because I am discounting them (so go by this post for price)

Kill Hannah - Mat

(no subject)

English manga $4 each or 3 for $11.

Angel Sanctuary vol. 1-5
Bleach vol. 1
Diabolo vol. 1-3
Dolls vol. 1-4
Eerie Queerie vol. 1
Get Backers vol. 1-7
Wish vol. 1-4
X/1999 vol. 1-8, 15

Doujinshi 3 for $13 here.
DVDs 2 for $13 here.

Shipping: All items are shipped 1st class/parcel post unless the buyer would prefer Priority(will be an extra $2.05-$4.05 depending on the weight). First class is $2.50 for up to 3 manga and $1 for each additional manga. Items shipped in the U.S. will include delivery confirmation.

Feedback: I have positive feedback on ebay under psychodragon82

Payment: I accept all forms of paypal(no fees). I prefer paypal but will also accept money orders and carefully concealed cash. E-mail: psychodragon82[at]verizon[dot]net.

Feel free to make offers, I'll take any reasonable offer. ^^
Me in red 2013


I just have a question:

Is there anyone who has a copy of Final Fantasy VII:Dirge of Cerberus they are willing to sell?? It must be in good condition with no scratches and complete with the case and the book.

If you do, please leave a comment here for me ^^ Thank you.

(no subject)

Has anyone else tried to order something from http://www.animate-usa.com/ ?  Ive tried to buy the FMA hat since june and I havent gotten a single reply. Ive tried emailing my order and using there sites order form several times for both and no reply. I even had a friend do it for me thinking its my email and still nothing. I want to buy a FMA military hat with the medal badge and so far this is the only site Ive seen that has it. Anyone else have any luck?

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Death Note Vinyls

Hi I am selling 2 Death Note Vinyl Decals ^^;;. Each decal is about 4 inches wide by 1.25 inches high

Each decal is only $5 with FREE SHIPPING. I ship out your order immediately after receiving your payment.

These vinyls can be applied to cars, notebooks, cellphones, anything with a smooth surface! (as seen in the the photo)

If interested, please leave your email address and i'll get back to you asap! ^_^ thanks!!