October 16th, 2006


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Pets and cons suck the money out of my pockets unbelievably quickly. Thus!!

Anime/Manga - $2 each except where noted:
Legal Drug 1-2
Time Stranger Kyoko 1-3
Hitsuji no Namida 1
Nana & Ren heart keychain/cell strap

My entire Lareine collection
Malice Mizer first press Merveilles


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Thanks so much for looking, and if you have any questions please let me know. :)

looking for...

Lament of Lamb Vol. 2
Fruits Basket all volumes english
Mars Vol. 13-14

please only manga in like new or new condition. please list desired prices that include shipping to CA 90732 united states. Thank you!!

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Up for sale!:

Black Gamecube $70 shipped:

Includes an official orange nintendo controller and all the wire + the original box for the system.

Gamecube memory card: $8
Can come with my games saved on it, or erased.

Pictures of both items are available at request.

Games for sale:
Xenosaga I (PS2)
Metal Gear Solid 2(PS2)
Ratchet and Clank 2(PS2) Greatest Hits
Karaoke Revolution 1(PS2)
Star Ocean: Till the end of time(PS2) Greatest Hits
KoF 00/01(PS2)
KoF 02/03(PS2)
KoF Maximum Impact: Special Edition with DVD(PS2)
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection(PS2)

I'm also selling the LE guide for Kingdom Hearts 2 with the Master Form cover, Make me an offer :)

+ Selling game guides. They are worn, but still good.

Final Fantasy X
Ocarina of Time
Digimon World
Brave Fencer Musashi

I recommend these only if you really need them.

all my anime and manga for sale can be found in this journal. just click my username.

What I'm buying:
So I checked out the rules of the community and there's nothing against this so here it goes. I have a modded PS2 that can play burned games. Would anyone want to sell me burned games at a LOW price. I mean, you can't charge $10 for a burned DVD. Thanks in advance!


Stuff for sale/trade

I don't really have a price I'm looking for, just make an offer and if you'd rather trade let me know. I'll try and make a lj for this stuff and wishlist but I thought I'd just give this for now. I actually have a few games I might add as well.
I'm willing to ship anywhere, but shipping prices will be according to location.
Oh and if you want pictures let me know. If your curious about a manga I can tell you what it says on the back too :D
Update: I got bored and made that other account with pictures and everything. Will hopefully update as I decide to let go of things. Stuff for sale

Hot Gimmick- 1,3, 5-8, 10
Tokyo Boys and Girls- 1
Kare First Love- 1-3, 6
Pretear- 1,2
Dragon Voice- 1
Hana Kimi- 2, 4
Kill me, Kiss me- 1,2
Juvenile Orion- 3, 5
iD_eNTITY- 1
In dream world- 1
The demon ororon- 1
Ultra Maniac- 1
Othello- 3
Gatcha Gatcha-1
Crimson Hero- 1
Fushigi Yugi- 6


Seraphim Call- 1 (2 discs)
Ultra Maniac- 1
Prince of Tennis- Movie and some other dvd that went with it


5 different prince of tennis posters
1 faded prince of tennis wallscroll


Chi Keychain never unwrapped
Sephiroth - Fire & Flames

Wish List.

{ First and foremost, you must be able to accept Paypal! }

Would anyone be willing to sell me -just- the artbox for Descendants of Darkness/Yami no Matsuei...? { For the licensed DVDs, of course. =D } I only want the artbox, and I'd be willing to pay $8 including shipping. { With first class shipping it would only be around $2 - $3. }

And I'm looking for a couple of pencilboards here...

For the Gundam Wing one I'd be willing to pay $7 including shipping.
For the Apocripha one I'd be willing to pay $8 including shipping.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Thanks for your help~! ^^

Manga For Sale

Hey everyone. Because I sadly have no more room (or money)
I decided to sell some of my manga. I'm willing to negotiate all prices.

GTO: 1-25
I'd like to sell this as an entire set for 125$ free shipping
If anyone would like to buy a couple of these and not the whole thing
then 5$ each 2$ for shipping.
The entire series is mint and have been kept on shelves in a smoke free home.

Junjo Romantica: 1
5$ and 2$ for shipping It's a brand new yaoi manga from Tokyopop's Blu series.
Mint except the plastic has been taken off but kept on a shelf in a smoke free home.

Gravitation: 1-12
Again, I'd like to sell this as an entire set for 60$ free shipping.
If anyone wants just a couple, 5$ for each one, 2$ for shipping.
Mint condition, all have been on shelves in a smoke free home.

Blood Sucker: 1
5$ and 2$ for shipping. Brand new series from Tokyopop.
Mint except the plastic has been taken off. Kept on a shelf in a smoke free home.

Gorgeous Carat: 1
5$ and 2$ for shipping. New yaoi series from Tokyopop's Blue series.
Mint except the plastic has been removed. Kept on a shelf in a smoke free home.

Black Knight: 1
5$ and 2$ for shipping. New yaoi series from Tokyopop's Blue series.
Mint except the plastic has been removed. Kept on a shelf in a smoke free home.

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Like I said, I'll willing to negotiate prices but if intrested in anything
please email me at arashashimiatoki@yahoo.com Thanks for looking!
13- Tomoe
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That time has come... I'm selling most of my manga. They've been sitting neglected on a shelf for who knows how long, and I don't foresee myself ever really picking them up again. So I'd like to sell them off to some nice new homes... They're all at half the retail price or less!

Titles include:
- Alice 19th (volumes 1-7)
- Cardcaptor Sakura (1-3)
- Chobits (1-4)
- Fushigi Yuugi (1-15)
- Imadoki! (1, 2)
- Love Hina (1-6)
- Marmalade Boy (1-5, 7, 8)
- Tokyo Babylon (1-4)
- The Wallflower (1-5)

Please check them out here! ^__^
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Nintendo DS, Harvest Moon, Howl's Moving Castle

Hello! I am currently looking for a good condition Nintendo DS. Colour doesn't really matter, and if it is used that is fine, just as long as it was gently! I have an offer of $60 already (including charger and stylus), but she doesn't have any feedback, so I am just looking for a safer, possibly cheaper route! (My boyfriend bought his for $60 shipped, including two games!) If you have what I am looking for, please e-mail me at jojin(at)alltel(dot)net! And if you would be interested in trading, my site is http://incandescence.shinjuu.net and my journal is joa_stuff!

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town! For the GBA is fine, as the DS version just came out and I heard there was not much difference between the two anyway. If you have this, please e-mail me at jojin(at)alltel(dot)net and check out my site or journal, joa_stuff, for a possible trade!

Also looking for Howl's Moving Castle DVD or book by Diana Wynne Jones! I've already read and seen it, but would love to own the merchandise. DVD should be both English dubbed and Japanese language with English subtitles, as well as fullscreen and mint condition! If you have this, please e-mail me at jojin(at)alltel(dot)net and check out my site or journal, joa_stuff, for a possible trade!

Wow, I found everything! Thank you so much, garagesalejapan-people xD! Still, my Wishlist is forever huge, so here is my site, which houses that wishlist as well as things I could give in return!:


English Manga 4 SAle :D :D :D

$7 Manga

Angel Sanctuary 1-15 ( I have 2 copies of volume 12)
Ayashi no ceres 1-8
Nana 1-3
Ouran Host club 1,3
Model 1-7

$6 Manga

Get Backers 1,2
Gravitation 1-3
ExcelSaga 1
alice 19th 1,2,4
Fruits Basket 2,3,4
Fushigu yugi 5-7

All prices are in USD and do not include shipping, Canadian residents only please, onyl because i just lost a ridiculous amount of money in the past shipping to the U.s it cost me $6.95 to ship one manga outside of Canada and thats not even express.... I prefer paypal but please warn me if its CC paypal so i can add on the 6% fee that i will get charged ;; will accept money orders and Concealed cash at own risk

Thank you ^__^

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all manga in english~ shipping not included! Buy more manga, save more on shipping :)

Antique Bakery vol 1, 3 $7 ea.
Cheeky Angel 1-6 $5 ea.
Moon Child 2,3 $5 ea.

I ship internationally and Paypal only please~ Thank you! :)