October 22nd, 2006

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Purikura Collector Book

Does anyone know where I can get a blank purikura (print club) book? I literally have a thousand print club photos that I want to put in a book so I don't lose them.

If anyone has one to sell (preferably by Sanrio), I would love to work out a deal with you. Not looking to spend more than $10 shipped. (they're tiny, blank books!! Even $10 is really expensive...)


Selling some manga!

$6 SHIPPED each:
(all english translated :D)

Full Moon wo Sagashite vol. 1
Full Moon wo Sagashite vol. 2
Confidential Confessions vol. 1
Confidential Confessions vol. 2
Confidential Confessions vol. 3
Naruto Vol. 1 ($3)

**I still got hairclips, hairties, asian CANDY, and misc stuff leftover at my journal!**
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I'm selling:
- Gothic & Lolita Bible vol 2
- Gothic & Lolita Bible vol 3
- Gothic & Lolita Bible vol 12
- Gosu Loli vol 4

If you're interested please e-mail me (abril_li at yahoo.com) and tell me how much you're willing to pay. Payment method: paypal.

If you have any question, would like to request scans of the covers, feel free to ask.

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I am now once again taking commissions for Character Plushies. 

Please visit melanielynncreations.deviantart.com for examples of previous works!

Furthermore! I am also selling this Advent Children Plushie of Cloud!

Please let me know if interested, I am pretty much taking the best offer within reason.

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Sales Post Here

I added some new items to my sales post! Also I have a sale going on this weekend, various items are marked down and if you buy $20 worth of DVDs, VHS tapes or CDs you can get one free! (And yes you can combine them.)

In my sales post you'll find:
Witchhunger Robin (dvd)
Azumanga Daioh (dvd and manga)
Fushigi Yuugi (vhs)
Serial Experiments Lain (doll)
Malice Mizer (cd)
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (cd)
Record of Lodoss War (manga)
Gravitation (manga)
Totoro (keychains)

And a lot more random stuff. No reasonable offers are turned down, I want as much of this stuff out of my house Monday afternoon as possible!
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Manga, shitajiki, Sailor Moon lot, Saiyuki/Kazuya Minekura lot, posters, CDs, DVDs and MORE!

Hello ^_^


I’ve come to realize that I am quickly headed to falling under the the doomed “broke status” so in order to save myself I’ve decided to sell off some of my anime/manga collection annd because eBay’s a butt and charges so many fees, I thought I’d try putting things up here first to see if anyone was interested.^^; All prices are in USD and are what I’d like to sell for but I am willing to negotiate (within reason). Shipping is NOT included in the price. I accept PayPal (preferred) and international *postal* money orders. If there are particular things within the lots that you’d like, please let me know and I can quote you a price for the individual item(s) ^_^ So here we go…More details about each item can be found under the cut =)



English Manga:
$6 each

All manga in MINT condition!

*Eeerie Queerie Vol.1
*Hana-kimi Vol.1
*Kill me, Kiss Me Vol 1
*Kill me, Kiss Me Vol 2
*Tokyopop 2002 New Manga Sampler (182 pages) - $2 

Various Prices


*PROMO Clear Flexi - Zombie-Loan – Shito Tachibana/Chika Akatsuki - $15

*Gundam Wing – Heero Yuy/Duo Maxwell - $6
*Sorceress Stabber Orphen - $5 
*Sotsugyo M – Full group - $8

*Gizoku – Full group - $6 
*RARE Bronze – Izumi Takuto - Minami Ozaki - $15

of 4 sheets of Stickers, 13 Cards and 1 sheet of Temporary Tattoos

Total Lot - $15



of 1 Furoku Poster, 2 Bromide Collection Cards, 1 Phonecard, 1 AP Card and 1 Business Card Case + 10 Cards

 Total Lot - $35


*Gundam Wing Poster – Group (Heero main w/ smaller Duo/Trowa/Quatre/Wufei) (approx. 16.5” x 22.5”) - $5 
*/\ucifer (Lucifer) Junk City CD (The band behind Kaikan Phrase/Sensual Phase) -$7
*Angel Sanctuary DVD - $5


*NOTE* There are quite a few items here with a lot of links to images so this post is gonna be a bit long ^^;;


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And that’s all for now =P

If you would like more details or images of any of the items, feel free to ask. Also, any questions you may have can be sent to k.germini@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP :)


Thank you for looking! ^_^


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A few lots of anime items~.

I have a few lots of anime items I am no longer in need of and would like to get rid of to make space! They include large posters, mini posters, stickers, stationary, postcards, manga and anime preview mags, phone cards, and trading cards! I have positive feedback in my journal~. ^^

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looking to *BUY* rurouni kenshin items!

hi everyone! my sisters birthday is on the 26th and i'm looking to buy her present before then so i can get it to her on time.

what i'm looking for is rurouni kenshin items. what i mean by items are plushies, stencil boards, etc. basically merchandise that is not the anime, manga, or tshirts of the series. i'm looking to buy something that is under 25 dollars.

if anyone wants to sell something under that category this week(once again hopefully before the 26th) leave a coment here with:
1.pictures of the items you are willing to sell
2.the prices you are selling each item at
3.your email or contact info so i can get back to you if i decide i want to get it.

thank you and let me help buy some of the stuff you don't want anymore! :)
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Looking for D, Rentrer en soi, and Phantasmagoria and Magazine

Hello, I'm looking for the following things:

D's new album, Tafel Anatomie
Any CDs by RENTRER EN SOI (excluding Protoplasm, RENTRER EN SOI, and Spire Croid)
Any CDs and Posters of Phantasmagoria
August 2005 issue of CURE with Rentrer en soi X Phantasmgoria on the cover
December 2005 issue of CURE with Undercode Productions artists on the cover
Any Cure or Shoxx magazines with Phantasmagoria, Alice Nine, Kagerou, or Gazette on the cover.

If you have any of these items, e-mail me at BHSprow@msn.com or comment here. Thanks~

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i cleaned out a bunch of my stuff. I thought to sell alot of my jrock/jindie things that I really don't need anymore. such as magazines, dvd's, cd's and flyers. :D Most items are all Jindie stuff. So feel free to look!

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The payments that I accept is:
US Cash(at own risk!) CC-Paypal and Money orders.

If you have any questions or would like any more images of the item that you are interested in, feel free to let me know!

My email is Spookytenten@gmail.com

Thank you! :D

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I found these two pictures the other day of Amy Jo Johnson and Austin St. John.
My mom got these for me when the first or second season of MMPR was on.

Was wondering if anyone wanted them.

They're 8x10's
They come with a piece of paper that has their information on it, as of that time.
I believe they were ordered through Teen Beat...not sure though.

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13- Tomoe
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Still selling manga!!

You can see it all at my journal here. There are pictures for all of them, and if there are any damages there is a close-up photo.

Please check them out! If you're interested, leave comments at my journal. ^_^
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Yay more items~

Updated selling post with 5" tall Hatake Kakashi and Uchiha Sasuke figurines released by Bandai, as well as a couple of Rurouni Kenshin shitajiki and a top~ Prices have also been cut, so have a look-see? ^_^ Lots of items (Newtype yearbooks, hair extensions, clothing and other accessories) including the FFVII: Advent Children limited edition goodies are still up for grabs~!
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