November 4th, 2006

Shin, Eyeshield 21

Cheap yaoi doujinshi for sale!

Thank you to everyone for giving my first batch of doujinshi good homes! I'm listing even more of my precious stash here. I've decided to sell everything except for 2 or 3 doujinshi. Add $2 for shipping in the USA (please email me for international shipping costs). If you buy more than 1, you can save on shipping costs. I accept payment via PayPal (no credit/debit cards though), money order, or concealed cash. You can click on the pictures to see bigger images. Sample pictures are available upon request.

Please comment below or email me at if interested. Thank you!

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More things to offer..

Yep, more stuff. Offering the following (can scan upon request):

Jrock Concert OFFICIAL VHSFF7 Zack x Cloud doujin</b>, cover featured here:
Asking Price: $25.00. FULL COLOR DOUJIN, laminate/glossy pages. Hard to find. NC17.

For a full list of OTHER things I have for sale please go here:

Adding to the list:
Yami no Matsuei full set 1-11 JAPANESE Manga. MINT condition. Make a reasonable offer if you like, I have a vague price in mind but willing to compromise.

RG Veda CLAMP Manga 1-10 Japanese. MINT. Make a reasonable offer.

Tokyo Babylon CLAMP Manga 1-7 Japanese. MINT. Make a reasonable offer.

Also looking to possibly sell some CRUSHERs Seifer x Zell yaoi doujinshi if anyone has any interest. :)
  • grico

Taking offers on anime sets from my personal collection

Hi, I am taking offers on a number of anime sets from my personal collection. They are all official Region 1 releases and in their original cases unless otherwise noted. I can take pictures of any of them on request.

Chrono Crusade Complete Thinpack Collection (Full series)
Crest of the Stars Anime Legends Complete Collection (Full 13 episode series)
El Hazard vols. 1-4 (Complete Series)
El Hazard: The Alternative World vol.s 1-4 (Complete Series)
Gundam Wing vols. 1-10 (full series) (6 is dvd only)
Happy Lesson Thinpack collection (All 14 episodes and the 3 OVA episodes)
Infinite Ryvius Collection (All series dvds in collector box)
Maison Ikkoku Collector's Dvd Box Set 1 ( 3 Dvds, Episodes 1-12)
Maison Ikkoku Collector's Dvd Box Set 2 (3 Dvds, Episodes 13-24)
Mao-chan vols. 1-4 (Complete series)
Rahxephon Complete Series and Movie in limited edition collector's box (All 7 series dvds and the movie dvd
Stratos 4 (all 4 series dvds in a limited edition box)
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I'm looking for RG Veda manga in English or the artbook, or heck even a DVD of the anime. Any one is who willing to sell these things of vair cheaply-ness, please give me a try. ♥

I'm also willing to trade just about any of the items I'm selling here for RG Veda.

Rare books and more for sale, must go!

Prices are negotiable.

Final Fantasy XII LIMITED EDITION STRATEGY GUIDE: Vaan Cover Version: $40.00 + s/h (<-- no negotiations, opened but never used, brand NEW) Limited edition includes special cover, art book, and slipcase. These are becoming very rare very quickly. I will pay insurance as a bonus if you like.

LAIN Omnipresence Artbook in the Wired Re-Issue Japanese Edition YOSHITOSHI ABe: Rare, OOP artbook re-issue by Yoshitoshi ABe. $40.00

Selphie Tilmitt 1/6 Vinyl Statue Final Fantasy VIII IN BOX ***BEST OFFER, NEED TO SELL THIS STATUE I do not have room for her anymore***

I also have her gashapon/bandai figures availible!

Rinoa Heartilly Gashapon/TradingArts/Bandai Figures! **buy all for $39.00 or individual**

Garnet Final Fantasy IX Dagger plush -no tag- ***$60.00 or make an offer***

FMA:Crimson Elixer PS2 Game NEAR MINT ***$30.00***

Star Ocean 2: Blue Sphere GB/GBA game Import only rare ***$80.00 or best offer***

Video games, magazines, and manga in my shop!

More below in our store. You do NOT have to be registered to comment:

I trade, too, wishlist: Death Note items, Yuri doujins, Kingdom Hearts II Final Form cover (just need the guidebook w/the cover, can trade Master/Yellow cover
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Sailormoon, Evangelion, FFVIII and Gundam Wing stuff through the fake-cut D:

These are some things I can learn to live without. D: Although it's hard sometimes to part with the items, I'm in need of the cash for X-Mas shopping and school in the spring.

Help me out, get somebody something for their own Christmas present, and buy some stuff. ;D

I. Everything is in very good condition despite the poor webcam quality images found under the cut. Additional pictures can be taken if asked, MUST BE SERIOUS IF YOU'RE ASKING!
II. Prices are open for negotiation.
III. Payment options are check, money order, and cash (which is concealed in the envelope you send at your own risk). Only selling within the continental United States and Canada.
IV. Shipping/Handling fees are not included within the price. Shipment is through the USPS.
V. Payments recieved within 2 weeks of confirming the item(s), and will hold for those two weeks. After that, unless commented otherwise, the held item(s) will be put back up for auction.


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