November 7th, 2006

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I'm selling doujinshi in this post, check it out!

[3] Death Note (all Raito/L)
[8] Full Metal Alchemist (most Roy/Ed, with some Roy/Hawkeye, Roy/Havoc thrown in)
[7] Bleach (most Ichiruki, some Ichigo/Renji, Hitsugaya)
[1] Inuyasha (Sesshoumaru/Rin)
[1] Digimon02 (Daisuke/Ken)
[1] Fruits Basket (Haru/Rin)
[1] Tanemura Arina anthology (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Full Moon wo Sagashite, I*O*N, Time Stranger Kyoko, more)
[1] Houshin Engi set of stationary (Youzen/Taikoubou)
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Otaku House of Anime 

Opened just in time for the Holidays! With over 4000 items, there’s bound to be something for you or someone you know. 

Free Shipping on Orders over $100. Almost everything is at discounted retail price. No Bootlegs! 

We sell a large variety of anime related products. From DVDs to Books to Music to Keychains to Wallscrolls to Pins to Collectable Figures and lots more!

With over 200 Anime DVD titles and 400 Graphic Novel titles including: Naruto, FullMetal Alchemist, Inu Yasha, Ai Yori Aoshi, Akira, Fruits Basket, Gundam Seed, Urusai Yatsura, Angel Santuary, Bleach, .hack, Beck, Chobits, Death Note, Ranma 1/2, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun, Tsubasa, and more! 

Also items from artists like Yuu Watase, Yoko Maki, CLAMP, Tite Kubo, Kazuya Minekura, Nobuhiro Watsuki, Kaori Yuki, You Higuri, Daisuke Moriyama, Takeshi Obata, Kara, Yukiru Sugisaki, Koge Donbo, L'Arc~en~Ciel, KOTOKO, MUCC, TMRevolution, Nana Kitade, and much more! 

New item updates almost everyday. 

So take a look around and enjoy!

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MANGA FOR SALE! All in "new" to "very good" condition. All are English-language.

PRICING: CA$10.00/each + S/H and 10% discount for a purchase of 3+ items!
PAYMENT: only Paypal at this time ^^

Demon Diary (Lee YunHee) v. 1-3
Doll (Mitsukazu Mihara) v.1
InuYasha (Rumiko Takahashi) v.1
Jazz (Tamotsu Takamure) v.2 **yaoi
Flowers & Bees (Moyoco Anno) v.1-3
Forbidden Dance (Hinako Ashihara) v.2
Girl Got Game (Shizura Seino) v.1-10 complete series
Level C (Aoi Futaba/Kurenai Mitsuba) v.1 **yaoi
Miracle Girls (Nami Akimoto) v.3
Naruto (Masashi Kishimoto) v.5
Only the Ring Finger Knows (Sattoru Kanagi/Hotaru Odagiri) novel v.2 **shonen-ai
Sensual Phrase v.1-16 **explicit content

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Samurai Gackt

Manga, Anime, Customization!

Hi~! Please have a look see at my LJ! shopmitsu.

I'm slowing adding items to my shop, but I have some anime and manga for sale and I also offer customization!

Also, would anyone be interested in Sailor Moon Wall Scrolls? I'm willing to sell them if anyone is willing to buy!

Thanks for looking! :D

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Newly remade "Bear Block Keychain." Picture does it's cuteness no justice. 1 inch by 1 inch. Stuffed with cotton stuffing. Handsewn with felt. Cho Kawaii!! 
$3.50 shipped.

Newly remade Deviruchi doll. Handsewn and stuffed with cotton stuffing. Great for Ragnarok Onine lovers. ^^ 
$10 shipped.

Also: Custom plushies
Korean Drama Magazines
and more!!

Come visit my shop! I need the extra money to pay for my college application fees!

Kawaii Paradise

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At last, it has BEGUN! Gloomy Bear has officially taken over the world, and thus me. Here you have it, a Gloomy Bear scarflet (tuck-in)! (Please know, I did not fabricate the idea of Gloomy Bear, just think he's rather cute and morbid ^o^~!)

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Check out my journal for other things:

I've been super-busy lately, but still making some other things right now:
~ Kuroneko (Trigun) scarf and beanie
~ Yamamaya (Azumanga Daioh) beanie
~ An Cafe bunny messenger bag

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US ONLY!!! I will not ship to Canada, UK, etc. begging won't change my mind either.
PAYPAL ONLY!!! it's way more convenient for both sides (your item gets shipped faster, i don't have to make a trip to the bank...) If you plan on buying $25+ worth of stuff from me, I -might- accept concealed cash/money orders. otherwise, accepting anything besides paypal is kind of an inconvenience for me.
NO TRADES!!!! I'm serious -broke- right now, and I need money to take care of x-mas related stuff and whatnot.

First come first serve!!

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Once again selling anime/manga...

I'm selling all of my English manga & anime at lowest prices possible because I need the shelf space :) Individual manga is either $2 or $4 & DVDs are $7-$15! Shipping & details below!

WARNING: Image heavy!!!

- Saiyuki Complete Series (1-9) + Saiyuki Reload 1-2 $70
- Alichino 1 $4
- Crimson Hero 1 $4
- Dark Edge 1 $4
- Eerie Queerie 2 $2
- Tokyo Mew Mew 3 & 4 $5
- Ray 1-2 $8
- Full Metal Alchemist 1 $4
- Happy Lesson 1 $4
- Ghost Hunt 1 $4
- Naruto 1 $4
- Fake 1 $4
- Excel Saga 1 $4
- Genshiken 1 $4
- Enmusu 1 $4
- Yu-Gi-Oh 3 & 4 $4
- BLAME 1 $4
- Kingdom Hearts 1 $3
- Card Captors Sakura 4 $2
- FLCL 1 $4

- Saiyuki Reload complete series (2 Disks) $15
- Mirage of Blaze 2 - Ancient Rivals (1 Disc) $7
- Yu-Gi-Oh Movie (older one) + Yu-Gi-Oh the Movie (2004) + YGO Movie Soundtrack $15

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ang loves her hide

Still seeking..

Hello, Ang' here. :D I'm still seeking a hide plushie. If you know of anyone that's selling one for a fair price or know where I can get one without using paypal. e_e Please comment on this post or contact me on AIM @ shake it up y0.

Thank you. :D