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08 November 2006 @ 12:21 am
Does anyone have An cafe stuff for sale?
08 November 2006 @ 12:31 am
Greetings everyone, I have updated my entry and I have 4 new doujinshis to sell. It's the famous trilogy of Fuji Mitsugu about Harry x Draco : Dear Feeling, Tactics & Love Songs. Those doujinshis are rare and hard to find and I have bought it for a friend but since she doesn't want it anymore, I'm selling it. There is also the new doujinshi published on August 2006 by Mayu: Yuukan to Gouman in which Snape remembers the past after hearing the news about James Potter's death.
Dear Feeling - Tactics - Love songs - Yuukan to Gouman
I am still selling:
_1 Fullmetal Alchemist doujinshi
_2 Harry Potter doujinshis
_1 Hikaru no Go doujinshi on my LJ
To get more detailed informations and view the bigger pictures, check my entry: {Doujinshis Sale}
Don't breed or buy,while shelter animals Die~
08 November 2006 @ 12:50 am
So, yeah. I need to pay off my credit card bill.

will upload pictures if asked. Also willing to negotiate prices.

stuff doesn't include shipping. It's about 5.00 priotity(I think) mail in the US.

Arena 37 Gazette may 2006 issue 13.00

gacktxyou doujin Erotic. 15.00 ( SOLD gacktyougirl )

Luna Sea ZOE rare hardcover photobook. 37.00(shipping included)

Shaman King huge Yaoi doijin. many pairings 15.00

Doll manga series 30.00

The Ruby Yaoi B/L comic( like Be Boys) 10.00

more stuff to come
The Jess
08 November 2006 @ 01:05 am
Shipping is standard (except on the Rose RING!! I will only ship Prio. on that)
Only US.
I offer insurance, tracking as well as upgrade to prio.

Sailormoon Mini figs, Rose seal ring, pins and moreCollapse )
08 November 2006 @ 04:29 am
Frock Coat (Twill) (Black)Collapse )
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Blah Blah Blah
08 November 2006 @ 10:20 am

Uzumaki R3 Japanese w/ eng subs $6
Suicide Club R1 Japanese w/ eng subs $10
Battle Royale R0 Japanese w/ eng subs $8ON HOLD
Battle Royale 2 R0 Japanese w/ eng subs $8
Volcano High R0 korean w/ eng subs $8
Attack the Gas Station! R0 korean w/ eng subs $6SOLD
2009 Lost Memories R1 eng or korean w/ eng subs $10
The Greatest Lover R0 chinese w/ eng subs $6
New Police Story R1 eng or chinese w/ eng subs $8
Gen-Y Cops R1 eng dub only $6

Prices include shipping costs within the United States. International will be a little extra.

Paypal only please

All dvds have only been viewed once or twice and are in good condition.

Please comment below or email me at mushookie AT accessky.net if interested or have any questions. Thank you.

dvdsCollapse )
08 November 2006 @ 10:35 am
:) I accept Concealed Cash and Checks!! US ONLY
If you are interested in buying what is listed or have any questions e-mail me at ParadoxicalReality@msn.com
Shipping on Items is 3.00

Gravitation Vol. 1-3 10.00 for all 3
Shaman King Vol. 1-2 7.00 for both
Imadoki vol.1 4.00
Inu yasha vol.1 4.00

Sailor Mars UFO Plush 3.00


L'arc en ciel US DVD 10.00
Gackt Diabolos CD 9.00
L'arc en ciel Realive 2000 Tour 6.00
Octopus Army VHS (Japanese Movie in Japanese only) 3.00

Recorded Music Station & Countdown Tapes from Japan! 3.00 each

Music Station 98 Christmas Special
Features People such as Glay, L'arc en ciel,Ayumi Hamasaki,Morning Musume, Kinki Kids and more.

Countdown TV
Has many countdown charts for various artists! Also has short commentry on hide with Zilch's album 3 2 1

Also have more live performance Tapes of Music Station from year 1998-2000
08 November 2006 @ 10:36 am

I am trying to sell off some stuff [includes anime like Eva, video games like Final Fantasy, Artbooks by artists like ABe, tons of MINT English manga like X:1999, and more collectibles like statues and figurines](I will be moving soon, also, give or take 6 months, and I need the $$$, HOWEVER, I am very negotiable on prices, so just comment if you're even interested in an item!)


^-- everything availible is listed! I will discount anything if need be!

Death Note items (mostly limited edition CDs or the trading cards)

Xmas List:
something cute like animals that would have to do with drawing (friend is really into stuff like Nemo and Happy Feet, Animal Crossing, that kinda thing, but she is 18, so keep that in mind too, more like art books or something)

something Sesshomaru from Inyuyasha related

Something Asuka related from Evangelion, it can be one of the reixasuka two packs

Anything Gundam Wing, especially with Duo

Loveless Vol 3 or anything yaoi

Don't breed or buy,while shelter animals Die~
08 November 2006 @ 01:01 pm
Please include 5.00 for shipping will upload pics if needed. All manga are in English unless marked otherwise.

Lovely sick 1 6.50

kingdom of selfish love 6.50

time lag 6.50

Ruby boys love magazine November 2006 issue 11.00(japanese)

Pierrot Doujinshi 10.00(Japanese)

Huge Shaman King doujinshi mixx pairings 13.00(japanese)

Fall in love with me 7.50 ( japanese)
Bonnie Garcia
08 November 2006 @ 01:22 pm
Kannivalism RITORI Cd w/ Kei card and Soukou Humroty Baggie & Super Lovers JPUNK style top up on ebay


Starting SUPER Cheap! :O!
08 November 2006 @ 01:46 pm
Hello there. I have some Malice Mizer Cosplay up for sale.

The first is a Kami Au Revior wig. Its waist-length and the roots have been colored to look authentic. Many people, both at cons and around town, have asked me if it was real or not. Asking for $35 shipped within the US. Outside, just ask.

The second is a pair of black platform shoes. The front's 2 1/2" and slopes up to 4 1/2". There's one adjustable strap across the top of the foot and two to buckle around the ankle. They have new comfort insoles put in to add support. The shoes are 3 years old, but were only worn for Anime Central and Halloween(yes, i'm a dork^_^). Asking $25 shipped within the US. Outside, just ask.

Thanks for looking!!
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08 November 2006 @ 04:04 pm
Includes yaoi manga, manga magazines, and manga anthologies

08 November 2006 @ 04:20 pm
i have for sale 8 L'Arc en Ciel cds ^^

best c/w

i accept money orders, check and cash ^^
i will take best offer since i need to sell all these very soon ._.
email me at downxthexrabbitxhole @ yahoo.com
08 November 2006 @ 04:39 pm
I hate typing up why I'm selling, but I NEED to go visit my sister, her loves ones past away recently, and now she needs to have heart surgery. I need only $70 to complete my flight ticket, so I'm lowering prices FAR down. I've got ANIME, MANGA, JROCK ITEMS (FLYERS, CDS, ETC), and MANY GAMES up for grabs. Please take a look!

Read more...Collapse )

Thank you so much!

I also have more games here:


I'm willing to take offers; anything will work!
08 November 2006 @ 04:40 pm

sorry i had to bring the end date forward (>.<) i realised i'll be needing the money sooner

- Dir en grey Gauze First Press
- Gazette Gama First Press
- Gazette Official Sticker
- Vidoll SinAi (Type C) First Press
- Psycho le cemu posters
- Sid Poster
- Sid Official Sticker

click HERE to go to auctions!!
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Glamour Ghoul
08 November 2006 @ 05:34 pm
Hi, I'm looking for Kurhn dolls, if anyone has any they want to sell please let me know. thanks!
that crazy jew
08 November 2006 @ 06:02 pm
I can only accept concealed cash at the moment. All items are new or "old", but have been never been used or were just lightly used- and as such in GREAT condition. Please don't feel afraid of making an offer as I accept offers. Also feel free to tell me if you no longer want the item however interested you seemed at first, I won't bite you for an abrupt "nevermind". This allows me to free an item and try selling it again. If I do not recieve a notice from you about an item after 2 weeks with no information on payment status the transaction will be void. I ship from the US, but am willing to ship internationally. Thank you.

Most prices do not include shipping, should you wish to know the total, provide item information and your zip code. I ship your purchase once I recieve your payment.

If you have questions you don't want to ask in comments may be sent to my email address: taishonagisa@msn.com

All sales are final.

InuYasha Manga (Viz) $5 each (Only 1-3 available.)
InuYasha Manga (Animanga, VIZ) - $3
InuYasha Manga (Animanga, JP) - $5 each
InuYasha Manga (Japanese) - $3 each
Inuyasha & Sesshoumaru Figures (US - LARGE) - $5 each ON HOLD
InuYasha OST III & Movie OST II (JP, NOT BOOTLEGS) - $17 each

Fullmetal Alchemist:
FMA volume 1 (viz), FMA 6 ,9 ,10 (JP) - $5 each
Fullmetal Alchemist Official Fanbook volume 5 (JP)</a> - $4 for fanbook, $7 for artbook, $10 for official fanbook
Fullmetal Alchemist Character Collection (JP) - $10
Edward & Alphonse FIGURE in RED (in box +manga extra) - $12
FMA DVDs (Funimation) - $10 (+Metal Box 1st season edition w/editional $9) DVD 1 only available
FMA - Broken Angel PS2 game (US) - played once - $15
Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel Game OST- NOT A BOOTLEG $20

Naruto (all JP release)
Naruto Keychain & Konohamaru keychain (with box; both have boxes) - $2 each
Naruto Sticker Book</a> keychain $1, book $3, stamp $2
Naruto cards $1 per card
Holo. Kakashi card & Chibi Naruto Sticker $2 each
Naruto Flier $2
Sasuke cards $2 each
Naruto Doujinshi- NEW ADDEDCollapse )
Other (all Viz)
Case Closed volumes 1 & 2 - $5 each
Bleach 1, 2 & 3 - $5 each
flcl volumes (manga, Tokyopop) 1 & 2- $5 EACH
Furuba Episodes 1 & 2 DVD, Rurouni Kenshi (Soulless Knights) $4

If pictures of angles or insides is desired, please ask for them.

I do trades and am looking for:
MARS 1-15
Maria-sama ga Miteru DVDs
Whispering Corridors DVD
A Tale of Two Sisters OST
Some DVD
Memento Mori DVD
Goong DVD
Daejanggeum DVD
Utena: The Movie
Utena Art Book
Almost any thing Marimite.
RG Veda Manga

Books translated into English of:
The Ring
Dark Water
Battle Royale

Thank you~
08 November 2006 @ 07:05 pm
I'm taking offers for the Miyavi 2007 calendar, I seem to have ended up with two by accident ^^;; Email me at byebyestuff@gmail.com or leave a comment here if interested. I ship worldwide, payment will be via non-cc paypal. Thanks!

also take a look at my selling journal please, decks and discs section updated.
08 November 2006 @ 07:53 pm

NEW AUCTIONS ADDED! Anime cels/production sketches, doujinshi, etc.! CLICK IMAGE!

Or check out my website at www.frostedsuki.com/store
Erin D
08 November 2006 @ 08:05 pm
Hi! I've been sifting and pitching and lots of my doujinshi have to go!!! I'm sad to be selling them, but I just don't have room for them anymore and I need the dough.

Fandoms include:
- Gundam SEED/Destiny (mostly all of them)
- Full Metal Alchemist
- Naruto
- Inuyasha
- Malice Mizer
- Original Characters

Circles include:
- HPO.01
- Kozouya/Zaougumi/Kodomokeibitai
- Reset Maniac
- Bojira

Most of these doujinshi are shounen-ai/yaoi themed and quite a lot of them are "gag" stories and are VERY funny XD All purchasing info is included in the LJ entry... happy shopping!! :D

Link to the sale post...LOTS OF PICS!!!!
08 November 2006 @ 09:07 pm
Hi all~! I'm currently trying to save up money to go to Dir en grey's concert in february~ so I NEED to sell the things in my sales journal~!

I'm selling ENGLISH Manga, anime, comic books, jrock stuffage, misc things... Please have a lookie~ :D


Thank ya~ :D
Nana's Closet
08 November 2006 @ 09:24 pm

I really need the extra money!! Please help! Offer a different price if you're unhappy with it. First customer gets free shipping!! Thank you~~
Kawaii Paradise

On another note: Is anyone selling a Rain/Bi poster or merchandise?

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★ Super Un-Human
08 November 2006 @ 10:37 pm
Hey people. I've got 3 lots of manga on ebay here, here, and here.
I also have some N64 sports games here.

Thank you for looking if you do~♥
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08 November 2006 @ 11:30 pm
Hi all!

i have magazines for sale

3 issues of FOOL'S MATE
- September 2003 - cover: Dir en grey
- January 2004 - cover: Kawamura Ryuuichi
- September 2004 - cover: Janne da Arc

SHOXX - July 2004
(PLC cover)

++ some old fashion magazines.. (ViVi, CUTiE)

CLICK HERE if you are interested ..
thanks a lot!!

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08 November 2006 @ 11:39 pm
Hello, I'd like to sell the following manga. Shipping is $2 plus $1
for each additional item. Payment through Paypal only, please. The address is lufiarosetta@yahoo.com I am also open to trades. If you'd like to trade for something, show me your list of items. ^^

I have feedback at http://gametz.com/user/elinica.html and
http://myworld.ebay.com/erin1544 Also, if you're not completely
satisfied when you get your purchase, you can send the item back to me
for a refund.

Please feel free to ask questions and/or e-mail me at lufiarosetta@yahoo.com

Angel Sanctuary 1
Bleach 4
Canidate for Goddess 1
Card Captor Sakura 1-2
Chobits 1
Confidential Confessions 2, 6
Fruits Basket 1-7
Great Teacher Onizuka 2
Hellsing 1
Here is Greenwood 1-2
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) 1
Red River 1-2
Revolutionary Girl Utena 1-3, 5
Samurai Champloo 1
Seven of Seven 1
Suikoden III 2
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles 1
Under the Glass Moon
W Juliet 1
08 November 2006 @ 11:59 pm
Hello everyone! I just listed both volumes of the Weiss Kreuz manga An Assassin and White Shaman on ebay. Volume one is here and volume two is here. I accept paypal only and will ship internationally. The auctions end on Monday. Thanks!