November 9th, 2006

JPop for sale on Ebay~

Hey guys, I just posted a few JPop CDs on ebay, so please check them out!!

Original Japanese Full Albums from:
Mai Kuraki

Original Japanese Mini-Disc Singles from:
Da Pump
Mr. Children

Please take a look!

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I'm selling a bunch of dvds and mangas, all in excellent condition and the prices include the cost of shipping and handling.

All anime dvds are official releases, can be played with either the English or Japanese voices and include: Ceres (complete series), Gravitation (complete box set), Kyou Kara Maou (Kyo Kara Maoh), and more.

Gackt and Malice Mizer concert dvds.

Mangas include regular and yaoi ones.

Everything can be found @ zoeysales.

Important: Sales are for US residents only, unless you live in Canada and are willing to pay a little more for shipping and handling.

Thanks for looking. :)
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Does anyone know what happened to zannah? We had a deal where she sent me a videogame and I drew her some pictures. She sent the game but after I recieved it I haven't heard from her again. I have no idea what she wants me to draw. o__O I emailed her a few times but have gotten no response. I feel really bad for having my game but not doing her pictures, does anyone know what happend? x__X

Anyways... I'm doing one quick commission today so I can afford to go see Stranger than Fiction tomorrow. (Haha)

I'll do one character for $15 shipped or $13 if you don't want the original.

Paypal is preferred.

Manga shop

Tachikoma's manga shop: tachikoma_sales

Over a 100 volumes of manga for sale, trades accepted.(See my very lengthly wishlist ^^;)
All are in great condition unless otherwise noted~

Trade and sale only within the US at the moment, sorry~
Accept: paypal and MO.

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I'm selling some Anime and Manga titles, and also a Korean Drama series that I really need to get rid of. I accept concealed cash and money orders only! Please comment with your email address if you're interested in anything. I have positive feedback at garagesalejapan!

+Korean Drama Princess Hours aka "Goong" DVD Series! $30 Shipped! OR make an offer!

Click to see the Korean Drama title!

+Cowboy Bebop: The Movie DVD
+Weiss Kreuz COMPLETE First Series Volumes 1-5 Episodes 1-25 $30 Shipped! OR make an offer!
+Anime Toonz Presents Kikuko Inoue Audio CD

Click to see the Anime titles!

+Mars: Volume 6
+Mars: Volume 7
+Fushigi Yuugi: Volume 4
+Fushigi Yuugi: Volume 6
+Fushigi Yuugi: Volume 7

Click to see the Manga titles!
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Anime, Manga, and Game Goodies Galore!

Updated Today!

New items include: super cute Lolita headbands & Fruity hair accessories and more!
*Some older items have gone down in price and/or come off hold!
*New eBay Auctions too!
*Also don't forget to check out our always updated FREE section for posters, hats, start guides, post cards and more for just the price of shipping!

A selling journal. We have:

Video Games
. . . . and much more!

Come check us out!


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Check it out!

Group Deals will not be here for long!

Steel Angel: Kurami
Gundam Astray
Comic Party
Sakura Wars
Final Fantasy 9

- DVD - $5.00 - $10.00
- Manga $6.00
- Plushie $15.00
- Game - $14.00
- Strategy Guide - $15.00
- Other

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I prefer Paypal. I do not except Credit cards and will ship Worldwide. Cheques will be accepted, but orders will not be processed until check clears. If interested leave a comment or you can email me to place an order at:

Thanks for looking!

( I can reason on prices )

More comming soon~

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I've clamied a Cure magazine from 2004 with Gazette from a girl here. She lived in france and sold the magazine for 4.00 euro. You/She said you where going to mail me about shipping and i still haven't gotten your mail. I was wondering if you forgot?


Selling some jrock stuff.

FOOLS MATE, SHOXX, Dir en grey, Miyavi

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Payment method of choice is: PayPal.
Money Orders are unreliable. I had some bad experiences of them getting lost in the mail.
However if you don't have PayPal, I'm sure we can work something out.

Please comment with any questions. Ask for more pictures. (X-posted)
B&W Light

Glay and Le Arc En Ciel CDs for sale.

Dig it...

Glay's 'Special Thanks/Tomadoi' EP and Le Arc En Ciel's 'Heaven's Drive' CD single, which also has 'Metropolis (Android Goes to Sleep mix)', and is in this weird printed plastic thing.

Each for 6 or both for 11. Shipping to US/Canada (from Tokyo, natch!) by small packet is 4.50 (for both, less if just one CD), and a bit more if you want a padded envelope. Email at tokyogetter AT gmail daht calm if yer into it. PEACE!

Anime & merchandise!

I'm selling some anime goods! Please take a look!

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Payment: I greatly prefer PAYPAL since it's safe and easy, but if you absolutely cannot pay with Paypal, I will accept money orders and very well concealed cash at your own risk. This means that if your money does not arrive, you will not get your item or your money back.

Holding: I will only hold items for a maximum of 7 days.

Also, for those of you who collect individual DVDs before box sets are released, I have some empty boxes. When people weren't interested in the DVDS they held, I sold them to my local Half Price books, who didn't take the boxes. If anyone wants any of these, and are willing to pay for shipping [about $3 per box unless there's more than one that you want], you can have the boxes for free. ^__^

I have boxes for:

Super Gals
Chrono Crusade
Heat Guy J (Box 1)

Suigintou Cosplay + Pink Lolita Heart Apron

I bought this pink apron from In the Starlight, but the blouse I was going to wear with it didn't fit so this is unworn (and it's too big for me). This was made for a 36" waist and it has snaps on the back of the straps so that you can criss-cross it behind your back. If you're willing to remove the snaps and reposition them (which is pretty easy) this could fit smaller or larger waist sizes.

Main Image Here

Additional Photos:
Close Up of Bodice
Close Up of Pocket

Originally bought here (Heart Apron with Heart Pockets).
Please make an offer--I bought it for $38 plus shipping, but I'm willing to let it go for a little cheaper.


Also, would anyone be interested in purchasing an unworn Rozen Maiden (Suigintou) cosplay?
I have a cosplay made by Tssy2005 that was made for a 42" bust, 34" waist.

This is the picture from the seller tssy2005...i can't find the picture i had of me trying it on, but if you want more pictures i can take them later. =)


it looks just like the picture and comes with an overcoat, overskirt, underdress, collar, and headdress. the front has corset lacing (it looks solid in the picture)--it's very very accurate to what she actually wears in the show, all the way up to the few laces at the back of the neck of the overcoat.

I'd like to sell it for $100 shipped--which does not reflect the quality at all, but I only paid like $110 for it so I wouldn't want to overcharge.
The set is an overcoat, overskirt, underdress, headdress, and collar.
The construction is extremely good and I definitely reccomend Tssy2005 (who I bought it from).

Jrock auction


- Dir en grey Gauze First Press
- Gazette Gama First Press
- Gazette Official Sticker
- Vidoll SinAi (Type C) First Press
- Psycho le cemu posters
- Sid Poster
- Sid Official Sticker

click HERE to go to auctions!!

sorry i kept posting this over again and again (>.<)