November 13th, 2006

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Lots of posters for sale at $3, $4, and $5.  Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Pokemon, and more. 
Desire Climax Japanese manga.
Paypal is preferred, but I do take cash and Money Orders.  If you are interested, leave a comment here or email me:

I'm looking for someone to make me address labels.  I know some people in this community make cute ones  :)

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Clearence, please take a look~

Hello, I have Christmas coming up and need to buy presents for my friends and my girlfriend and I plan to move out soon, we are now selling a ton of items that you won't find anywhere on LJ pertaining to anime, manga, and video games.
We are both very willing to negotiate prices! Thank you


Selphie Tilmitt FFVIII Vinyl Statue -this is the statue, NOT the figurine-
FFVIII Bandai Figures
FFVIII Gashapon

Cloud Strife FFVII Cold Cast Statue
Tifa Lockheart FFVII Cold Cast Statue Version 2

Freya Crescent Dragon Knight Bust Statue -hand made-
Garnet Til Alexandros/Dagger UFO Catcher Plush -no tag, good condition-

Final Fantasy XII (12) Ashe Promotional Store Poster appx 16"x24"

Digimon Tag & Crest Commission
Digimon RARE Dark Horse Comic Books
and MORE Digimon items~

Full Metal Alchemist 2 Video Game *played once, comes with manual bonus disc and survey card*
Grandia Video Game *complete with manual and guidebook*
La Pucelle Tactics *FACTORY SEALED*
Squaresoft Millenium Collection: Parasite Eve II -game/box only-
Star Ocean 2: Blue Sphere -IMPORT, Japanese, works on all GBcolor+ systems, complete, like new-
Tales of Symphonia -complete w/manual-

Angel Sanctuary GN Vol 2 & 3 -looking for ones where spine #s are red, not white w/black box to trade-
Card Captor Sakura GN Vol 4
Chobits GN COMPLETE set with Box and Chii Figure
Digimon Manga
Gravitation GN 1-5
Kingdom Hearts GN COMPLETE set
LIFE GN vol 2
Ranma 1/2 GNs Vol **1-16** -get that volume you always missed-
Rouroni Kenshin Vol 1-5
X:1999 1-2

New Generation of Manga Artists Vol 5
YOSHITOSHI ABe LAIN artbook Omniprescence

Tons of video game accessories~ Controllers, MINT manuals~

Tons of video game magazine back-issues~ Demo discs~ Posters~

Full list here: Angelchan Sales

PICTURES BY REQUEST. We reply promptly, one of us is always online. Just leave a comment. I have positive feedback. You do NOT have to JOIN to POST. We accept money order and concealed cash.

for sale!

i've got some natto-chan pencil toppers for sale!

you stick them on top of pencils to kawaii-fy them, or just use on pencils that haven't an eraser! :3

only $3 each + $1 shipping!

paypal only, sorry!

x-posted, my apologies if you are seeing this more than once. =/
me and the hubbie <3
  • abunbun

mashimaro hoodie!


it`s so cute. i just bought this from a wonderful lj-user, but it is too small. the measurement across the bust is 18inches. i would say this is a definite small/medium with no stretch too it! so so so so adorable though. i paid $16 shipped for it, so i`d like to get about $16, because thats what i paid and i haven`t worn it!!!

i accept paypal. :D
  • airina9

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Accessorries from Japan.
BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!(Only for accessories.The free item will be randomly chosen by me)

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-If you want to order any items.Please send e-mail to
-All items are shipped from Hong Kong.
-I will not refund if the package is lost in mail.
-I accept paypal,international postal money order and concealed cash(at buyer's risk).

Happy shopping!
love above

PS2 games

hi, selling some PS2 games before they go to ebay! ^^
Atelier Iris 1 ♥ $20.00

Atelier Iris 2 w/ Bonus Soundtrack (BRAND NEW, SEALED) ♥ $30.00

Dirge of Cerberus ♥ $30.00

Valkyrie Profile 2 ♥ $30.00 sold! ♥
shipping via priority mail is a flat rate of $4.05 no matter how many games you get (:. i prefer paypal, so i don't charge any extra fees to those paying that way ^^. can also accept all the other standard stuff, but paypal is most preferred.

above prices are quoted for US customers only.. i am willing to ship internationally, but shipping might be a little more!

email or leave a comment here with your email address! thank you!