November 14th, 2006


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Moon Child 2, 3 (like new) - REIKO SHIMIZU
A little boy who is .. actually a girl , is the key for the mermaid's survival. He-she can't decide between the human or the merman lovers. A new twist on Anderson's mermaid tale.
Angelic Layer 1-3 (used condition) - CLAMP
Girl likes to play with toys. lololol I mean... little robot ones.
Chobits 1 (used condition) - CLAMP
Dude can't get a date, so he gets a robot instead. A really really cute one.
Cheeky Angel 1-4 (like new) -
A fun genderbender in which a boy gets turned into a girl. A really really hot girl that all the guys fall in love with.
Revolutionary Girl Utena 1-5 (like new), movie book (good) COMPLETE - Chiho Saito
A genderbender of sorts in which a girl wants to be a prince...I notice a general trend with these books.

Just make offers on these, I'll probably take it if it's reasonable :) Thanks!
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Kyo Poem Book, JRock/pop cds, flyer/posters, magazines

Added 7 magazines, 1 cd and a poster to the list.

Also wanted to give you guys a heads up that I'm selling Kyo's Second Poem Book up on ebay in about a week. I will soon have two and wanted to sell one off, but wasn't sure how much it would go for.

Please take a look at everything here.

If anyone needs more info on the magazines, I'll be more than happy to scan more pics.
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Manga and other stuff!

Still selling lots of anime related stuff and manga in English and Japanese! ^^

Lowered lots of prices! Check them out! Everything has to go!

* Sailor Moon Wallscroll
* Sailor Moon Bandai Japan doll.

* Final Fantasy VIII Laguna Loire 5" custom made plushie.

* Yami no Matsuei - Tsuzuki Asato Pencilboard


* Hot Gimmick 1
* Kare Kano 1-3
* Vampire Game 1-13
* Ranma 1/2 Vols 1-9, 11-5 (1st edition, reads from left to right)
* Maison Ikkoku Vol 1 (reads from left to right)
* Fushigi Yugi vols 1-8 (1st edition)
* Ranma 1/2 Vols 36 and 37 (in Japanese)
* Fruits Basket 1-4

Everything (HERE! )

Thanks for looking!


Trying to earn money for college help me out!
ALL PRICES NEGOTIABLE!! Accept Conceiled Cash, Checks, Money Orders.
Shipping 3$ If you are interested in anything or want pictures e-mail me at


Gackt Diabolos CD 7.00
L'arc en ciel Realive DVD 5.00
L'arc en ciel Live in the US 9.00
Moon Child DVD 5.00
Music Station VHS's 2.00

Gravitation Vol. 1-3 4.00 each or 10$ for all 3
Inu Yasha Vol. 1 4.00
Shaman King vol. 1 and 2 4.00 each or 7.00 for both
Sailor Mars UFO plush 3.00

Octopus Army VHS ( no subtitles) 3.00
ipod Memo Voice recorder 7.00

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I'm selling some Anime and Manga titles, and also a Korean Drama series that I really need to get rid of. I accept concealed cash and money orders only! Please comment with your email address if you're interested in anything. I have positive feedback at garagesalejapan!

+Korean Drama Princess Hours aka "Goong" DVD Series! $30 Shipped! OR make an offer!

Click to see the Korean Drama title!

+Cowboy Bebop: The Movie DVD
+Weiss Kreuz COMPLETE First Series Volumes 1-5 Episodes 1-25 $30 Shipped! OR make an offer!
+Anime Toonz Presents Kikuko Inoue Audio CD

Click to see the Anime titles!

+Mars: Volume 6
+Mars: Volume 7
+Fushigi Yuugi: Volume 4
+Fushigi Yuugi: Volume 6
+Fushigi Yuugi: Volume 7

Click to see the Manga titles!
Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Kawaii Grabbies for sale!

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Okies dudes! I am in a pinch for this month so I am trying to massivly clean out a bunch of stuff I don't really need. 99% of this stuff is new with tags and never been used! Buy for your self, give the rest away as Christmas presents~ XD

You can ask, but most of these grabbies I will not break up sorry~! :_:

Prices are negotiable, BUT I have the right to reject any lower offers.
No trades~

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When replying please tell me which items you are interested in along with an EMAIL and which method you would like to pay with~ :3

I accept Paypal (which is perfered), money orders, personal checks, or well concealed cash.
I can combine shipping too~!
If you live outside of the U.S., please let me know you country and I will get you the shipping price~! n.n

Ebay Feedback over here!
I have 290 total postive transactions~! ^_^

Thankyou so much for looking and possibly helpin a sister out! ♥ω♥!!!
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Manga & Doujinshi: End of the Year Sale

Yaoi, manga sets (on the cheap!), and doujinshi under the cut. Feedback under foxs_alterego on eBay. Several new additions since the last post^^

Please leave your zipcode and email address if commenting. Also, I highly encourage trades^^

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Payment & Shipping
Paypal (no credit cards) or money orders. Items can be held on request for up to a week, after that they go back on the market. I can ship both domestically (USA) and internationally - default shipping method is media mail for the manga, Priority for the doujinshi - please specify if you want something different.

Thanks for looking!

Jrock CD sales!

Some rather old-school JROCK CDs for sale!

---> Shipping is not from America so shipping will be $2 per CD. Add $1 for every other CD you buy together.

---> PLEASE no dead bidders. >.> I've had enough of those. Bid only if you are SURE you want the item.

---> Concealed cash only (Sorry, nothing else works for me at the moment, however if you know of another good way, I'm happy to work it out.)

---> Prices can be negotiated if you think a price is too high!

CDs are from $5-$15 so come have a look! 8D

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***I also have An Cafe's Bonds~Kizuna~ single going for $15 shipped. (I just don't have the picture here.)--PENDING
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games for sale

us only.
paypal only.
i have ebay/laundro feedback under the username hopeunknown.

Nintendo DS - Rub Rabbits - complete, very good condition - $18 shipped
Nintendo DS - Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time - complete, very good condition - $25 shipped

or if you want both, $40 shipped

I also have
Playstation 2 - .hack // infection part 1 with DVD, missing the instruction booklet but has case and instructions - $15 shipped

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Let's be Bad Guys

Ouran High School Host Club Costume book

Does anyone happen to have the Ouran High School Host Club Costume book that would be willing to sell it to me for under $30 shipped? I missed out on the eBay selling and I really want this book, but as a college student that is bad with finances, I don't have too much to play with. I can pay with Paypal.

Here's a reference to show what the book looks like: ->

Thank you in advance for your help! ^-^
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Jrock/anime stuff for sale

Ebay links:
hide tshirt
Dir en grey 2004 Withering to Death Tour tshirt
FMA tshirt

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I am also selling the .hack//Infection game for PS2. It is a PAL region game, disc and manual completely intact, and comes with the demo anime disc. $40, price negotiable. If you need photos, just ask.

I accept Paypal ONLY, unless you live in Australia.

Any questions feel free to ask!

help me complete my xmas list-- 1 item left~

Does anyone have either of these items availible, preferably new in packaging and not over $20.00 or a trade of some kind?

1) Neon Genesis Evangelion's Asuka-related items (gashapon and action figures or a plush preferred, statues are too expensive) [These can be the commonly found Rei/Asuka two-packs!!! These are actually preferred and I can go over budget for them by about $10 more!]

2) South Park's "Butters" character related items (anything in my price range)


You do not have to join to post, btw. Comment here or in the shop or email me at: Insanescoot13[at]AOL[dot]com

I can pay concealed cash or money order or trade. If we trade, I'll send first. I'd prefer if you had feedback, but it's okay if you don't. =D
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Dir en grey mini Boston bag on ebay

It Withers and Withers Mini Boston Bag- Dir en grey Tour goods Spring 2005.

The bag was made in limited quantity and was sold during the first leg of their It withers and withers・2005 tour in Japan.

In mint condition and never been used before. Still inside its original plastic cover (with Deadly Claris sticker as proof) it has only been removed from the plastic cover to photograph for purposes of this sale. The original tag (view picture) is still on the bag as well.

Roughly 28 cm in length, 13 in width and 17 cm in height (minus the straps). Made from PVC. The design features the lyrics from Clever Sleazoid・in print on both sides of the bag (view pictures for details).


Poster will be shipped from Japan.

I ship via EMS only because it's the safe, secure and insured choice with a tracking number.
This way there are no worries on either end and you are guaranteed to get your item in a timely manner:
USD 15.00



Recently I have encountered a string of buyers who bid but do not pay. If you have "0" feedback, please email me before you bid. The last three buyers with zero feedback did not pay, so I want to make sure you are planning to actually buy the item if you win it.


$6 Manga

Angel Sanctuary 1-15 ( I have 2 copies of volume 12)
Ayashi no ceres 1-8
Nana 2-3
Ouran Host club 1,3
Model 1-7

$5 Manga

Get Backers 1,2
Gravitation 1-3
ExcelSaga 1
alice 19th 1,2,4
Fruits Basket 2,3,4
Fushigu yugi 5-7

All prices are in USD and do not include shipping,I accept Paypal just warn me if its CC so I can add the 6% fee that i will be charged, money order and concealed cash at own risk, If you buy more than 1 volume i will combine shipping, feel free to make offers, will ship to Canada and U.s Thank you ^^
tota - luke: excellent

^_^ Stuff For Sales!!! ^_^

Hello, all. Looking to sell all this great stuff!

Pricing: Everything has prices marked, though prices are negotiable after 48 hours if nobody has been interested in an item

Shipping: Shipping is not included in the prices, and I also ship internationally.

Payment: I accept paypal, postal money orders, and concealed cash via mail (at your own risk!)

Now onto the stuff!

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[tp] my name is agent dale cooper

Selling: AUTOGRAPHED Phantasmagoria DVD -- Rozen Maiden Cosplay -- Kimono --- Gothic Lolita

Hello! Please click below for more info on the Phantasmagoria Autographed DVD:

Click here please!


Click click!

I'm also selling the original Evangelion Boxed Set for $50. NONE of the DVDs have been opened, except for the outer packaging of the box set. The edges of the box are a bit squished, but the disks are still wrapped in plastic. This includes the WHOLE SERIES--minus the movies.