November 19th, 2006

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update - highest offer at the moment: $52

I'm auctioning the Miyavi 2007 calendar, I seem to have ended up with two by accident due to some miscommunication ^^;; Email me at or leave a comment here if interested. Item is limited, pre-order available in Japan only, and the ordering period has ended.

I ship worldwide, payment will be via non-cc paypal. Thanks!

also please take a look at my selling journal, currently only the decks and discs section is updated.
tota - luke: excellent

^_^ Doujinshi! ^_^

Added some new doujinshi for sale over at mmc_sales. Feel free to comment here or there if interested.

All doujinshi is priced, but will take best offer if not sold within 2 days. I accept paypal, postal money order, and concealed cash. Prices do NOT include shipping, so if interested let me know and I can give you a a total with shipping. I also ship internationally for interested buyers outside the US.

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It's one of those 'I just moved and I really don't have the space anymore' sales. Everything has been viewed/read just once, and is in immaculate condition. Except for my second copy of the Kenshin CD, which is still in its original wrapping.

Escaflowne Disc 5 (episodes 15-17) $10

Selfish Love, by Naduki Koujima, volumes 1 and 2 $7 each, $10 for both

Rurouni Kenshin Best Theme Collection CD $15 for wrapped copy, $10 for opened

Demon Diary, by Lee Chi Hyong, volumes 1-7 $7 each, $35 for set

Ayashi no Ceres, discs 1-8 $10 each, $40 for set

Negotiation welcome. Email me at if interested.

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$6 Manga

Angel Sanctuary 1-15 ( I have 2 copies of volume 12)
Model 1-7

$5 Manga

Ayashi no ceres 1-8
Ouran Host club 1,3
Get Backers 1,2
Gravitation 1-3
ExcelSaga 1
alice 19th 1,2,4
Fruits Basket 2,3,4
Fushigu yugi 5-7

All prices are in USD and does not include shipping,I accept Paypal just warn me if its CC so I can add the 6% fee that i will be charged, money order and concealed cash at own risk, If you buy more than 1 volume i will combine shipping, feel free to make offers, will ship to Canada and U.s Thank you ^^
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CDs, cards, books, models, blouse+ for sale ^.^


Chimakore Gundam in shells Example of an unopened one.

I have only 4 of the Gundam SEED Chimakores and 1 FMA Chimakore left!!! They are all brand new and unopened. They will be sold randomly (as in you won't know what you get until your receive them~). You can specify which series you want though. The leftovers are NOT all side characters so you might be in for a pleasant surprise ^^ All four of the SEED ones are of different characters. If you're desperately looking for a particular one, leave a comment here with the character you want and your email and we can work something out ^^

$5USD for the first one (shipping to US included), and $3USD for each additional one. They will be shipped the next day after payment is received in a bubble envelope~ (should take 4-10 business days to arrive). Prices for Canada will be the same. Please ask me about the prices if you live anywhere else~ The shell will not be included unless you specify. There will be extra charges since shipping will be more expensive with a box >.< Paypal only! (I accept both CC and non-CC)


~Sailormoon cards
~Dragonball/DBZ cards
~NARUTO cards
~Saint Seiya cards
~Pokemon cards
~Sanrio character cards
~Street Figter cards
( Click here~ )

Anime stuff

~Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Photo Album Freedom-Kira-, new
~Spiral~Suiri no Kizuna~ (Melody of Logic) Japanese Manga v12, new
~Mobile Suit Gundam SEED GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam Quick Gundam Model, used
( Click here~ )

Jpop stuff

Utada Hikaru: [First Love] + [Automatic piano solo & duet] Piano score book!
( Click here~ )

Ayu CDs
~Hamasaki Ayumi - Boys&Girls single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - Daybreak single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - Far away single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - Fly high single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - For My Dear... single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - H (Green version) single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - LOVE~Destiny~ single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - NEVER EVER single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - poker face single, used

~Hamasaki Ayumi - Voyage single, used
~Hamasaki Ayumi - YOU single, used
( Click here~ )


~B&W (lolita) blouse
( Click here~ )


~365 Days Sweets Birthday Teddy (September 16), new
~Cookie Monster in Japan National Soccer Team Uniform Keychain, new
~Cookie Monster Plush in Japan National Soccer Team Uniform Keychain, new
( Click here~ )

Most of the prices are negotiable~ Just ask me and I'll see what I can do ^^

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- Topstage volume 21 (May 2005)
- Popolo volume 8 (August 2006)

- Angel Sanctuary: LOST ANGEL
- Gundam Wing ENDLESS WALTZ Art Collection

- Tale of Genji VHS movie

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Mmm~ Myv.

Arena 37°C May 2005 For SALE

I'm selling the first JRock magazine I ever bought. ;___; Need to start saving for Christmas, you know?

Asking Price: $10
Shipping: First Class Mail: $3.50 OR Priority Mail: $5.05 [Optional: If you want to include insurance, just ask. It'll cost an extra $1.35.]

Features: Gackt, Miyavi, FLAME, Lead, PIERROT, Glay, TM Revolution, Orange Range, 175R, PaniCrew, CHARCOAL FILTER, Psycho Le Cému, LIV, Takui, Kra, Dir en Grey, TRAX, Nightmare, SE7EN, Abingdon Boys School, AKI, rice, and some others I can't read the Kanji names of.

Pages: 162
Condition: Good [In the back cover, there's a small creased fold in the corner:]

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*Poster not included.*

Here are my FeedBack Comments from people I sold merchandise to on eBay:

Payment: I prefer PayPal, but I also accept Money Orders or Checks. Concealed Cash is not recommended, but you can try at your own risk.
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Please come visit ( Click here for Angel & ShindoW Sales)and take advantage of our Christmas sales! Items have been discounted anywhere up to 50% off our asking prices! Lots of popular video game, manga, and anime collectibles, books, figures, video games, ect~

We take cc, money order, and (if we absolutely must, paypal) and we love trades for items on our wish list or items like those in our shop~ We also have alot of positive feedback, so you know you won't get scammed by deadbeats~

Thanks <3

Anime and Manga!

I need Christmas and convention money! I have been spending far too much myself on buying things lately, so please buy something from me!

+ Paypal PREFERED. I will now take concealed cash, at your own risk, but you must have some kind of feedback to show me.
+ I will only ship within the US.
+ Shipping only 1-2 dollars per item! All items will be sent media mail unless requested otherwise.

Absolute Boyfriend 1 - $3
No Need for Tenchi 1 - $3
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight 1-3 - $3 a piece, $8 for all
OLD Mermaid's Scar (slightly bent corners, age worn) - $3
Slayers 7 - $2
Over the Rainbow - $2
Ginga Legend Weed 3 - $3
OLD, larger, flipped Ranma 1/2 3-4, 6-8 - $4

Slightly damaged manga, all are completely readable. - $1 a piece

Small tear on back cover: Ranma 1/2 17
Damaged spine: Inuyasha 2
Warped spine: Hyper Rune 1

Note: Many of these are DVDs I've had for a while, many came from Media Play where I got them used for 12+ dollars. Because of this, many of them have "MPU" (Media Play Used) written on the top of the DVD itself. This does not affect play at all, but I'm just letting you know. This is not on ALL the DVDs, only some. If you're really concerned about it, tell me what DVD you're interested and ask about it. I'll check.

Tenchi Muyo 1-2 (vol 1 is missing the original insert) $5 each
Steam Detectives 1 $6
King of Bandit JING 1, 3 $5

Comment here or email me at xxaemiliusxx at gmail dot com.
Utena (Almost Kiss)

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Sections updated:

~Anime DVD/VHS
~Ebay Auctions (Get things cheap!)
~Freebies!! (Who doesn't love free stuff?)

We still have:

Video Games
. . . . and much more!

Come check us out!


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Camera Whore - Kyo

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English Manga, Anime, Jrock, Gaia Online, PC Games, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, and MORE!

Please have a look!

I'm also looking to buy an Obitsu Gretel head without a faceup.. I'd like to pay $16-$25 on the head... I can only pay by Concealed cash or Postal Money Orders... if you have one for sale, PLEASE e-mail me at Seme.desu AT yahoo DOT com with Obitsu Gretel Head in the subject! Thanks!

VK Goods and Doujinshi For Sale~~

Hello again~ I have still got A LOT of doujinshi for sale... does no one like Gundam SEED anymore? o.o ANYWAY, yes, still a lot of doujinshi (Gundam SEED/Destiny, Full Metal Alchemist, etc etc).

I've also put up a bunch of VK stuff...

- Malice Mizer postcard sets (Au Revoir and Bara no konrei sets)
- Kozi poster
- GHOST photo sets AND a signed photo
- 2 D photo sets

Scroll down to the VK goods bit! Thanks for looking! ^_^

I'll have more and more stuff to come, so please keep checking back~ Thanks!!

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Help me get rid of my stuff >__< (new items added)

Single DVDs $7.25
Carcaptor Sakura: Powers Awry (Japanese Uncut)
Cardcaptor Sakura The Movie 2 (Normal Edition)
Cardcaptor Sakura: Everlasting Memories (Japanese Uncut)
Chrono Crusade vol 1
Cowboy Bebop the movie
Dragon Ball The Saga of Goku 1 + 2 (80's Dub)
Dragon Ball Z Cooler's Revenge Feature
Inuyasha The Movie: Affections Touching Across Time
Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:8
Neon Genesis Evangelion Director's Cut: Resurrection
Ranma 1/2 Random Rhapsody: Who do? VOODOO
Ranma 1/2 Ranma Forever: Kiss Me, Cat
Ranma 1/2 The Movie 2
Street Fighter 2 The animated movie
Street Fighter Alpha the Movie
Tenchi Unvierse: Time Space Adventures
Vampire Princess Miyu: Mystery
Vampire Princess Miyu: The Last Shinma

.hack//legend of the twilight vol 1 - 3 = $4 each. Perfect condition.
Girl Got Game vol 1 + 2 = $5 each, excellent condition, tiny wear on the spine.
DNAngel vol 1 = $4, great condition, a bit of wear on the front cover's foil
Genshiken vol 1 = $5, perfect condition.
FLCL vol 1 + 2 = $6 each, $12 for both. Excellent condition, tiny wear on the spine.
Naruto vol 1-8 = $6 each, Excellent Condition.

Sonic Adventure 2 Soundtrack by Tokyopop $7
Final Fantasy X Soundtrack by Tokyopop $7
Sera Myu: Starlight Ryuusei Densetsu $15

Video Games


I'm selling my Wii on eBay! Go check it out!

Black Gamecube $65 shipped:
Includes an official orange nintendo controller and all the wire + the original box for the system. (ON HOLD, UNLESS YOU'RE WILLING TO PAY MORE THAN $70. THINK OF IT AS A BID)

Games for sale, $10 each:
Xenosaga I (PS2)
Metal Gear Solid 2(PS2)
Ratchet and Clank 2(PS2) Greatest Hits
Star Ocean: Till the end of time(PS2) Greatest Hits
KoF Maximum Impact: Special Edition with DVD(PS2)

+ Selling game guides. They are worn, but still good.

Final Fantasy X
Ocarina of Time
Digimon World
Brave Fencer Musashi
LE guide for Kingdom Hearts 2 with the Master Form cover $40

I recommend these (not including KH2) only if you really need them.

Shipping is $3 on DVDs/Games and $2 on CD/Manga.


what's that sound... free manga?!

The rundown: I just want to get rid of these books already, so I'll give them to you for FREE. All books are in mint condition unless noted otherwise, and will come to you at no charge. You pay only for shipping. Get your friends some great books for Christmas... at no cost to you!

Payment: Paypal (any kind is okay), concealed cash, money orders. No personal checks, please. I cannot be held responsible if your payment gets lost on its way to me, though.

Shipping: US/International okay. I will figure out shipping costs from me to you on an individual basis.

Feedback: 100% positive feedback on Ebay.

If you'd like more information about any of these books, or a picture, please feel free to ask! ^^

11/20/06: Thanks for such a great response! I've also added some more manga that I forgot to put up earlier. I will mail out packages to those who've paid for shipping by Wednesday that day.

11/22/06: I have mailed out packages to the following people-- timemaiden, xinda, french_bow, littlebustero_0, and klahasama. I am waiting for shipping payments from kiyoshi_tano_3, mysticeden, red_regen, chibi_death, and nafisatu7. If any of you are no longer interested in the items I have on hold for you, please let me know ASAP. Thanks!

Japanese Manga
  • Death Note Vol. 1-2, 9

  • Gun Blaze West Vol. 1

  • Hoshi no Kirby Vol. 8 ** new

  • Inuyasha Vol. 10-17, 19-23, 24-26, 27, 28-29

  • Mamotte Shugogetten Vol. 1

  • Naruto Vol. 7, 20-22

  • Prince of Tennis Vol. 1

  • English Manga
    - sold out! -

    Sold! Thank You!
  • Angel Sanctuary Vol. 10

  • Fruits Basket Vol. 6

  • Hikaru no Go Vol. 1-23

  • Inuyasha Character Book

  • Naruto Official Fan Book

  • Naruto Official Character Data Book

  • Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) Special Vol. 1, 5

  • Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) PiPiPi Adventures Vol. 1

  • Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) Film Comic Vol. 17

  • Clover Vol. 1

  • Mermaid Saga: Mermaid's Gaze

  • Mermaid Saga: Mermaid's Scar

  • Naruto Vol. 1

  • Oh My Goddess! Mara Strikes Back!

  • One Piece Vol. 1

  • Ranma 1/2 Vol. 12, 15, 17

  • Return of Lum: Feudal Furor

  • Rising Stars of Manga Vol. 1, 3

  • Rumic World Trilogy Vol. 3

  • Thanks for looking!
    tried to reach deep

    Selling ♥

    I need some cash and some space for Christmas~ So I'm selling a large chunk of my doujinshi ~ hopefully I can find new homes for them ♥

    Prince of Tennis doujinshi + a couple DvDs here
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    tota - luke: excellent

    new jrock posters

    Got 2 posters for sale:
    Nov06 Shoxx poster of LMC
    Nov06 Cure poster of Imitation Pops Uchuu Sentai Noiz

    If intersted make an offer! shipping will be $2 (that is on each or for both if intersted in both)

    I accept paypal, postal money order, or concealed cash.

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    darkside, anima, carson

    (no subject)

    I'm looking to hire someone to draw me two people Anime/Star Wars comic style drawn. You would be useing the cosplay pics of myself and a friend dressed as our OC from Star Wars(but with changeing some things, not a whole lot, but body shape/appreance slightly).

    I need someone to draw Hathor Kenobi(befoure she turns to the darkside) and Darth Metus for me to use for an upcomming con I am attending and I wanted to give it to him as a little gift since he's the one who's been giving me ideas towards making my Sith costume(Darth Anima).

    I wish to see art samples, line, colored, etc...

    I can pay via paypal OR send a personal check to you in the mail. Please post you're works here so I can sort through them to narrow down a list of people.

    Also please list the prices you charge for certain things.
    love above

    PS2, Wii

    For sale:

    [PS2] Atelier Iris 1 & Atelier Iris 2 - Both in great condition, with the cover, manuals, etc. Aterlier Iris 2 is still NIP and comes with a bonus soundtrack. $50.00 shipped for both.

    For trade:

    Looking to trade [Wii] Trauma Center or [Wii] Excite Truck for [Wii] Red Steel. (In case that's confusing: I have Trauma Center and Excite Truck coming in the mail, but I want Red Steel.) You don't need to have it on hand, as long as it's on its way to you. Trauma Center and Exite Truck are already ordered and should be in my hands by next week.

    Psst, I will also consider trading Excite Truck for some DS games (:.

    Located in California. Will ship internationally. Paypal preferred.

    Comment here or email ♥.

    • blu8e

    Nintendo Wii auction - corrected

    I have a Nintendo Wii Game Console on hand and up for auction on ebay.  These are going to be very hard to come by this holiday season, so don't miss your chance to get one! 

    I just got it this morning after standing in line for 8 hrs!  I did all the hard work for you.  Auction ends in 1 day!!!

    One Brand new Nintendo Wii System which includes:

    • Wii Console

    • Wii Sports

    • Sensor Bar

    • AV cable

    • Wii stand

    • Wii Remote

    • Nunchuk controller

    • Nintendo Wii Launch Guide

    • Coupon for Wii Launch Kit (offer valid 11/19/06 to 12/02/06)

    • Coupon for Wii 1GB Memory Card (offer valid 11/19/06 to 12/02/06)

    Insurance is optional BUT highly recommended, since I will not be responsible for the package once it leaves my hand.

    Payments accepted:  PayPal or Money Order.  Console will ship after payment is received.

    F13 - pier

    manga for sale or trade

    All prices include shipping by Media Mail in the US; all manga in great condition.

    Antique Bakery volume 1 (English) [pic] $8
    Antique Bakery volume 2 (English) [pic] $8
    You & Harujion (English) [pic] $8
    Kimi Shiruya - Dost thou Know? (English) [pic] $8

    region 1 DVD: Phone (never opened) - Korean with English subtitles [pic] $12.

    Payment methods: non-credit card PayPal, postal money order.

    ebay feedback