December 6th, 2006

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Manga for sale!

I have a bunch of manga (and some anime DVDs) for sale up on eBay, ending on Thursday. Fruits Basket, Suzuka, Midori Days, Saiyuki, some BL, and a bunch of other stuff for dirt cheap. Full list here!

Note: The shipping on some is off, especially for international - the listing tool I used did some strange things. If you win, send me an invoice request, and I'll correct the shipping price. I only charge actual cost for shipping, because I hate shipping overcharges myself.
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Hello Kitty Winter Necklaces! n_n

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Please click on the above image for a larger pic! :3

I have 2 of each avaible! n ω n
They are brand new and will come in a small plastic baggie~!

Free shipping if you live in the U.S~! If you live in any other country please let me know which and a small shipping fee will be added.

Thankyou very much for looking! n.n

I also have some other items up for sale over here:
Kawaii Grabbies!

When replying please tell me which necklaces you are interested in along with an EMAIL, which country you live in and which method you would like to pay with~~ :3

I accept Paypal (which is perfered), money orders, personal checks, or well concealed cash.

Ebay Feedback over here!
I almost 300 total postive transactions~! ^_^

Thankyou so much for looking~~! ♥ω♥!!!
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New Auctions Finally up!

Hey guys!
i finally got some new auctions up for the upcoming holiday season! I wanted to thank everyone who bidded on my last auctions. You sure did me a big favor by doing so!

and heres the list :D

Virgin Crisis Manga Lot vol 1-4


Yaoi anime Gravitation TV Fan Book


DNAngel Yukiru Sugisaki Neutral art book


No need or Tenchi/Tenchi Muyo Comics


CLAMP's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Manga Lot


Pilot Candidate DVD lot of 4 COMPLETE SERIES


Thanks for all your support guys! and good luck bidding



Sale ends Dec 16th! EVERY ITEM is BEST OFFER/TRADE! That means you negotiate the price!

To celebrate the harsh reality of finals for most of us school/college-goers, if you send payment in the mail before this weekend, you get FREE SHIPPING~!

NEW ITEMS include:
*** Final Fantasy Tactics -catridge only-
*** Final Fantasy Anthology -complete w/cd, missing manual-
*** Gameboy Advance System HOLD
*** Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi by Alias Nagiya (these are beautiful and the size of anthologies)
*** D-Gray Man Shitajiki HOLD + Rorouni Kenshin Calendar! (Shonen Jump Weekly: Jump Revolution Exclusives!)
*** Jewelry! Most never worn! Great for punk/goth or sophisticated style, cosplays!
*** Anime postcards!
*** FFVIII Triple Triad Cards!
*** Digimon D-tector and Digivice iC (complete, working condition, BLUE ones)
*** and more video game/anime collectibles! + all with images!

Featured items include:
Digimon electronics!
Final Fantasy Statues and Figures!
Like-new and sealed video games! (Final Fantasy, La Pucelle, Kingdom Hearts 2, and more!)
OOP, good condition, complete sets of manga from popular series like Chobits!
Video Game accessories!

Items Under Cut complete with Pictures!

Contact me/Questions:

AIM: INSANEscoot13

Negotiations on prices:
Comment here or email and we can work something out. I check email several times daily, so no worries about late replies!

I accept NON-CC PAYPAL, cash, and money order currently. I have positive feedback!

Comment if interested in items and I'll give you shipping prices~

We have positive feedback!
Insurance is $1.50

Offer me something (reasonable) or I have a WISHLIST below~ I AM NOT INTERESTED IN BUYING ANYTHING AT THE MOMENT. THANK YOU!

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I was wondering, I have so many JROCK CD's I'm not going to post information about them yet I just want too see if there is any interest 

All CD's are Used, but Come with Original Case and Pamplet. All CD's play fine, none have scratches

Tommy Heavenly CD+DVD - Pray
Tommy Heavenly6 CD+DVD - I'm GONNA Scream
Miyavi CD+DVD+Cassette's(Spanish Clickers) - Senor Senora Senorita
MUCC CD+DVD - Ryuusei
Miyavi (RARE) - I wish upon a star...
Miyavi CD+DVD - Kenkoshita no Uta
Miyavi CD+DVD - Are you READY to rock?
Miyavi - Hitogeri2 (DVD PV Collection)
Miyavi - Merry Christmas

Please comment and let me know if you have any interest. Once you fdo I"ll upload some pictures if you want them and tell you prices

All CD's+DVD's are Japanese Imports. NO BOOTLEGS

Red Nintendo DS + two games for sale

Paypal / Money Order only.
US only.

Nintendo DS lot - Hot Rod Red (Mario Kart edition), Rub Rabbits game (complete), Mario & Luigi Partners in Time (complete), charger, special edition Mario Kart strap (sealed in bag), with the original box and papers for everything. DOES NOT INCLUDE MARIO KART GAME!! The only flaw is that there are some surface scratches on the system, but nothing major. No broken pixels on the screens. It's in really good condition, the only reason I'm selling it is because I recently bought a pink DS Lite. $150 shipped for the system and two games (I do not want to separate the games right now, sorry).

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manga+ harry potter doujinshi +fma doujinshi

MANGAMGNAMGANGANMANGA all english :) I really need some money in my paypal account, so these are up for grabs :D

$4 ea.
Cheeky Angel 1-4 (like new, a story about a boy who turns into a really hot girl.)
Angelic Layer 1-3 (used condition, CLAMP series; each book contains 4 full color pages)
Moon Child 2, 3 (like new condition, Reiki Shimizu story about a boy who turns into a beautiful female mermaid. A classic shojo take on the original "little mermaid" fairytale)
Gundam Wing vol 1

$5 ea.
Skyscrapers of Oz (YAOI)
Rising Storm (YAOI)
Fruits Basket 1 (excellent condition)
Kare Kano 1 (used condition)
SaiKano 1-5 (like new condition)
Doubt! 1-3 (like new condition)

Make an offer on
Revolutionary Girl Utena 1-3 (original big size, flipped), 4-5, movie book (small size, unflipped) COMPLETE
Earthian 1-4 COMPLETE (yun kouga classic shonen-ai, like new condition)
Cardcaptor Sakura 1-12 COMPLETE (ranging from used to like new condition; 1-6 are the originally flipped small print editions, 7-12 are the larger unflipped versions)

I have 1 FMA dj and 3 Harry Potter doujinshi for sale!

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While I mostly need cash, if you have any of these, I'd be willing to trade, probably :)
Basara 16, 19, 21+
Nodame Cantabile 7+
Harry Potter doujinshi mayhaps?
any english doujinshi :)
Any Fumi Yoshinaga manga except for Antique Bakery (in english)
Any Fumi Yoshinaga doujinshi, preferably Antique Bakery or Slam Dunk
tokio {je}

(no subject)

I'm not really sure where else to post this. I'm looking for any of the following 1 Litre of Tears books:

-manga-thing ( info page)
-Inochi no Hurdle "1 Litre no Namida" Haha no Shuki ( info page)
-Last Letter "1 Litre no Namida" Aya no 58 tsuu no Tegami ( info page)
-1 Litre no Namida - Nanbyou to Tatakai Tsudukero Shoujyo Aya no Nikki ( info page)

I had ordered the second and last items on the list from Yesasia, but the site told me they're currently unavailable (grrr). CDJapan, unfortunately, doesn't sell books (or at least, I haven't been able to find any). has exorbitant shipping prices. I did find the last item here with $6 shipping, but... I've never heard of this site before and only found it through a forum link on a google search. They only accept credit cards, which is another reason I'd rather not use it -- I prefer paying by money order or concealed cash rather than make my parents get involved in the hassle of online orders.

Basically, does anyone know where I can buy one or all of these with decent shipping and handling (which is why I prefer Yesasia) costs, or would someone be able to sell me a copy? Also, if you know of any other good sites to buy Japanese books, please tell me.

Thanks in advance!
abracadbra, what&#39;s up?, mousie!

Ebay listing.

I'm selling a small-but-growing stack of stuff off over the next few weeks, including 2-10 of the Gothic Lolita Bibles, a small assortment of anime/manga artbooks, and some assorted anime and jrock magazines. I'm only doing a few things at a time to keep trips to the post office painless, but it'll all be up sooner or later. If I can find them, there will be some jrock flyers and possibly manga, as well.

Check it out.

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stuff for sale and stuff to get rid of

I'm selling lots of anime and japanese related items. They're all at blu8e_sales. I have dvds, mangas, magazines, pencil boards, art prints, trading cards, lami cards, cell phone charms, and lots more! I accept PayPal, Money Order, Concealed Cash, and Trade.

Also, new and just opened a few months ago: Otaku House of Anime
Free shipping on orders over $100 and almost everything is discounted from retail price. **New: now accepting Money Order/Check and taking orders worldwide.**

Thanks for looking!
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All Manga are kept in a smoke free environment and are in near mint condition ^_^

All Manga are $6 but feel free to make offers ^^

Angel Sanctuary 1-15
Model 1-7
Ayashi no ceres 1-8
Ouran Host club 1,3,6
Get Backers 1,2
Gravitation 1-3
ExcelSaga 1
alice 19th 1,2,4
Fruits Basket 2,3,4
Fushigu yugi 5-7

Canada and U.S buyers only (sorry) Shipping is not included as cost will vary depending on where I ship to, however regardless I will combine shipping.
At this time I'm only accepting paypal payments, please tell me if your paying with CC paypal so that I can add the fee I will be charged to you total ^_^
THank you~~
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(no subject)

 Added 3 more FF7 doujins and prices for artbooks. Find all of this at my LJ:
+Artbooks (gundam girls, digi charat chocola, aquarian age and more)
+Manga (X/1999, Tokyo Babylon, Knights of Zodiac...), some japanese books as well
+Doujinshi binsen (stationary papers) too many to list (over 600 of them now)
+Doujinshi (Final Fantasy, Fullmetal Alchemist)
+Misc stuff such as FF7 doujinshi calendar
+Soon more manga, artbooks and CDs
Check it all out at </a></b></a>nkn1983
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(no subject)

Hello, I need to make some space and save some money for an upcoming trip so I'm selling several doujinshi here ^_^
Yaoi/Gag doujinshi from Trinity Blood, One Piece, Yami No Matsuei,
Prince of Tennis, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Samurai Champloo

Thanks =)
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