December 9th, 2006

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swimmer headphones

hello!!  i am currently looking for someone who either:
a) owns certain headphones from swimmer
b) lives in japan and can go buy the headphones for me

the ones i want are the blue base with pink ribbons and hearts
example pic

some more examples here
swimmer official site (the shopping service isnt available yet)

of course i am willing to pay a fee (suggest?) if you can find it for me in japan!
i live in canada btw for shipping---

thanks in advance!!
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Manga + Kpop!

Just looking to get rid of a few things. Though it pains me to part with these manga sets, I know I'll never reread the same manga twice, so I might as well pass them on to someone who will get more use out of them :) all of my items are in perfect condition, only read once and immediately shelved afterward.

★ I accept Paypal (Paypal fees based on rate), postal money orders, and concealed USD (at your own risk)!
★ I ship from the United States (NC) and I do prefer to ship to the US but I WILL ship internationally, at your own expense.
★ Prices ARE negotiable, so feel free to haggle! I'm also willing to trade, but I'm mostly interested in Kpop things :x
★ If you have questions before buying, just comment! If you change your mind, I won't get angry so long as you have the courtesy to let me know instead of leaving me hanging :)
★ No returns, exchanges, etc, and I'm not responsible for things getting lost in the mail.
★ I must receive payment within ten (10) days of confirming your order, and I will mail out your items within one week of receiving said payment.


I have volumes 1-14 of Prince of Tennis that I would like to sell for $80 shipped. I would very much prefer to sell all 14 volumes as a set, but if there is enough interest, I'm willing to break up the lot for around $5-6 shipped each.

I'd also like to sell volumes 1-3 of Peacemaker Kurogane for $20 shipped. Again, I would prefer to sell these as a set, but they can be broken up if enough interest is shown.

Lastly, I have the first two volumes of Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, which I am looking to sell for $12 shipped.

Other single manga titles I have include the following and are $5 shipped each:

Battle Royale - 1
Cafe Kichijouji - 1
Heat Guy J - 1
Juvenile Orion - 1
Rurouni Kenshin - 1
Samurai Champloo - 1
Shojo Beat Sampler - 1
Tactics - 1


Peacemaker Kurogane mini-poster -- $7 shipped Thumbtack holes in each corner. This was a little beat-up when I received it, but it isn't noticeable when hanging up -- the edges are just a bit wrinkled and worn.

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Smiling Usa

Arena Act 14

I'm currently on the hunt for the Japanese magazine Arena Act 14. It is the first magazine on this page. I am particularly interested in it because it has UVERworld pages (roll your mouse over the pic), so if anyone has this please help me out! ;___; The shopping sites sometimes charge double the actual mag. T__T

happy price

Miyavi 2007 calendar for sale

Due to news from the company that the shipping will be slightly delayed, the auction is still open. Item should arrive by the end of Dec hopefully.

Auction ends when item arrives from the official company ^^ It's supposedly being sent out around now. I ordered two by mistake from Miyavi's website, so I'm selling my extra one. The calendar is from round 2 of 3 ordering periods, all of which are closed already.

It's A2 sized, and comes with a poster or something(? I forgot what exactly but I can check if you'd like) which I don't believe you will be able to get should you buy it from somewhere like yesasia (if they pre-ordered and have stock, of course if they didn't you won't be able to get it at all, because it can only be ordered and shipped within Japan, I got someone in Japan to order it for me and arrange to ship overseas)

Anyway, bottom line is, last chance to get the calendar! email me at if you're interested or have any questions ^_^v

x-posted a lot ^^;;;;
Dean Blows

Items for Sale!

So my brother went to the emergency room for food poisoning and the bill is going to cost aroudn 3000 dollars! I need to sell some stuff quick. Please check out my updated sales page here! I've got new yaoi art books, yaoi manga, and Brave Story and Bleach merchandise listed.

Thanks a lot!
Big Bang // G-Dragon Lollipop

New Items Added as of Dec. 8th!

Just finished up the stressful stuff for end of school year, so I can pay attention to selling stuff again. I might get some other 'new' stuff up later today if I can.

Also ask about items in my 'coming soon' section and I'll try to get stuff up.

NEW AS OF DECEMBER 8th! - Jrock posters/Magazines/FLAME's Hisato PB and Dir en grey cover New Grave/Pretty Cure Gashapon Set.

Items up include:
-A bunch of English & Japanese Text manga
-Jrock/Jpop Cds
-Dir en grey 2002 calendar pages
-5 figure PlC set
-Hello!Project Cds and other goods
-Matsuura Aya - Ayaya ni Naritai book
-Jrock Flyers
-hide plush
-Anime CDs
-Sailormoon toys and Artbooks
-Takanashi Mitsuba's Akuma de Sourou Artbook
-Pokemon toys/keychains
-Misc. Anime toys and keychains & postcards
-Anime DVDs
-Stationary Items
-DiGi Charat Items
-Manga Mania How to Draw Book
-TOKYOPOP magazines


(no subject)

All Manga are kept in a smoke free environment and are in near mint condition ^_^

Manga $6

Angel Sanctuary 1-15
Model 1-7

Manga $5

Ayashi no ceres 1-8
Ouran Host club 1,3,6
Get Backers 1,2
Gravitation 1-3
ExcelSaga 1
alice 19th 1,2,4
Fruits Basket 2,3,4
Fushigu yugi 5-7

The more you buy the more i'll be inclined to give you discount :D:D:D
Canada and U.S buyers only (sorry) Shipping is not included as cost will vary depending on where I ship to, however regardless I will combine shipping.
At this time I'm only accepting paypal payments, please tell me if your paying with CC paypal so that I can add the fee I will be charged to you total ^_^
THank you~~

Huge Sale!

Right now, since I am in such a hurry to sell everything, I will sell all of my CDs for $78 (includes Priority shipping). I have a few rare, out-of-print items in that lot, too!

Be sure to visit my selling journal nurse_reita for more info.

Thank you!!!

(no subject)

Hi everyone. Im looking for anything Hello Kitty because I have a friend who absolutely adores this cat. =) So if you're selling, please leave a comment! (Im hoping to find her something small and cute..maybe a phone dangly, or hair clips! However, Please post your links because Im looking for anything)

Thank you so much.

(no subject)

Hello! I'm selling quite a bit of my anime/manga. ^_^
Please, if you are interested in anything please e-mail at I'll reply a LOT faster.

+ I Much perfer to be payed to through paypal, but mailed payments and such are okay. 

+ Oh! And as for S/H. Shipping is $2.00 and another dollar for every two added items. (So if I buy five manga, you pay $2.00 for the first one, $1.00 for the next two and then another for the last two so the Shipping would be $4.00. Got it? ^_^)

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