December 14th, 2006

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Hi everyone! I leave in about a week for Europe, so this weekend is the last time I can ship stuff out (though I can't guarantee delivery in time for Christmas!). So, I thought I would have a special sale, friends only! First, everything is MAKE AN OFFER. Just make me an offer, factoring in postage costs, and I will likely take you up on it! Also, with every purchase you can have ONE ITEM UNDER $5 FOR FREE. For big orders, more than one item! Please, I really want to clear this stuff out of my room, so get started making me offers!


- Luella Bartley for Target orange striped blazer
- Vintage jewelry
- Ralph Lauren sneakers
- new warm sweaters

Also, I'm selling the following comics:

- Issues of Eightball by Daniel Clowes
- My Troubles with Women by R. Crumb
- Frank by Jim Woodring
- The Best Political Cartoons 2006

Let me know if you are interested in any of these, I have pictures, just haven't put them up.


magpiethrift <3

buy stuff please, buy it for the sake of holiday joy

It’s the holiday time, so please buy gifts for people from me! Yay! I want to get rid of this stuff before I simply throw it out -___-
I’ve included links for pics of some of the items.
Everything is name your price, please be reasonable. Paypal and US customers only!

-Malice Mizer “au revoir” single release poster
-Various VK flyers (i have a bunch, BUT scroll down to find a list of them under a cut!!!)

-Demon Diary vol. 1-7 (all volumes)
-Angel Sanctuary vol. 3,4,5,6
-.hack//legend of the twilight vol. 1,2
-Under the Glass Moon vol. 1,2
-Aquarian Age Juvenile Orion vol. 1,2
-Megatokyo vol. 1
-Lament of the Lamb vol. 1
-X/1999 vol. 1
-Suki vol. 1
-Hands Off vol. 1
-GetBackers vol. 1
-Pita Ten vol. 1
-FLCL vol. 1
-xxxHolic vol.1 (Japanese)

-Sasuke and Naruto poster

-Megatokyo poster

-Cat girls in lolita-esque clothes poster

-Gara and Naruto pencil board (I think that’s what it is)

*all posters have some light wear, I roll them and they will be shipped in a tube.

-Cardcaptor Sakura the movie (first movie, English/Japanese subtitles, viewed once, should play fine, case in very good condition)
-Gravitation collectors box with volumes 1-3. (the box is slightly bent, curving inwards on both sides and so I can take pics of that if you want; dvds not bootleg and viewed once, should play fine)

-New Generation of Manga Artists vol.3: The Renga Portfolio

-Sukisyo SOLD!

*BOTH books are slightly bent from sitting in my bookshelf, but are otherwise in great condition.

-How to Draw Manga: Illustrating Battles

-Cosplay Girls SOLD!
-The Anime Encyclopedia SOLD!
-Anime: from Akira to Princess Mononoke

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[Doujinshi Sale][HP & FMA]

Hello everyone, I have some new doujinshis for sale as you can see:

There are 5 Harry Potter doujinshis and one of them is a popular republication of Mayu's famous series about the secret love between James Potter and Severus Snape from the first encounter till James's death: The World. There's also one Fullmetal alchemist doujinshi and three shojo mangas for sale.
To view the bigger pictures and get more informations, read my entry here : Doujinshi & Manga Sales


Cover: MUCC

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Includes: MUCC, Gazette, Ryuutarou Arimura from Plastic Tree, Nightmare, Isshi from Kagrra,, D'espairsRay, Alice Nine, Kra, Onmyouza, Lareine, Ayabie, Phantasmagoria, D, Vidoll, Mask, 12012, Doremidan, bis, Luvie, 176biz, Isabelle, Aya x seek (Psycho le Cemu), ETC

Will include poster.

Selling for 15 dollars including shipping.

Shipping from NYC; payment accepted in money order, check, or concealed cash.

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I've been scammed. By two people in the same week! Both scams together add up to $100. I'm so angry, and hurt that I can't stop crying. I wish some people in this world would have a conscience. I am going to raise absolute hell to get my money back, and to make sure they know to stop scamming people. I'm sick of being wronged like this all of the time just because I happen to be nice and trusting!


Do not buy from either of those users. HMO deleted their journal entirely, so I can't do a damned thing about it. { I only got ripped $14 from them. } But from the other one, I got ripped off $85 for an ipod I know I'll never receive. Several others have tried to message me the past couple days telling me that they were a scammer. Of course those comments got deleted by that person, but apparently the owner of the journal isn't smart enough to figure out that I can still see every comment made to mine, through my email notifications. I sent them a really long post begging that if they were scamming me to get my money back because if I can't have my item, then I desperately need that money... I work hard enough to stress myself into sickness for the money I earn. And having it stolen makes me feel so violated and depressed that I don't even want to get out of bed in the morning. They deleted my comment, and never contacted me. It hurt me badly to see that happen. I'm so mad at them I could just about find out where they live and give them a good hard slap.

What should I do...? { If I file a Paypal complaint, there's not even any guarantee I'll ever see that money again... } What else can I do besides that? { And what if they've already deleted their Paypal account too...? }

Please know that if you are a scammer, and you enter one of these communities, every single person here will make sure you regret ever trying to rip us off. That's not just a threat, it's a promise. It may only be the internet, but that doesn't mean that we can't do something about being ripped off to make you regret it. Have a conscience. If you're going to scam somebody, get the hell out of here.
JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

For Sale: Final Fantasy XII (12) Soundtrack, Brand New! (And other stuff I really need to sell -_-)

Hi! I'm selling the cd "Selections from Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack". It's brand-new and sealed. It has 2 discs and a bonus DVD with a music video for "Kiss Me Good Bye" by Angela Aki (Japanese).

I am taking offers, so there is no set price atm. This would make a great holiday gift for an FF fan.

On EBAY: Pokemon Emerald Complete and Sailor Moon UFO Catchers. Still at a low bid ^_^:

And all the rest ...So if you are interested please take a look. Thank you so much!
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*CHRISTMAS CLEARANCE* Manga, Shitajiki, DVDs, Doujinshis and MORE!



With Christmas just around the corner and shopping still to be done, I’ve returned with MORE great ANIME AND MANGA items! I really need the extra money to get the last of my gifts for loved ones so please take a look and see if there’s anything you’d be interested in! I accept PayPal (preferred) and international *postal* money orders.


If you’re interested in anything, have any questions or wish to know more details, please feel free to comment or send an email to k.germini @ ^^


I will continue to add more items (stationary, figurines, cosplay accessories, jewelry + much much more) for the next few weeks so please bookmark the link and check back often!


Thank you so much for your time! ^_^


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GARAGE SALE @ bubblegumgoods!!!

I have:
Glass Beaded Adjustable Rings
Lucite Rings
Punk Cuff Bracelets
Hello Kitty Necklaces
Cute Earrings
Long Fishnet Armwarmers
Punk Wristbands
Hello Kitty Hairclips
Fruity Lip Balm
Punk Buttons
Various Incense Scents Sticks
Hello Kitty Cell Phone Straps
Chinese Purses
Chinese Wallets &
Other Various Items


*I do accept trades (see my want list HERE.) If you have something on my want list, then do note that it will only be trades for the items at my garage sale HERE.
*For every $5.00 you spend at my garage sale HERE, you get a FREE Hello Kitty plastic ring. (purchasing ONLY, trades are NOT included for this offer.)
*I accept Paypal, Well Concealed Cash, Money Order or Trade.
*If purchasing then please feel free to make offers. I will add shipping to the final price, so be sure to state what country you live in with you purchase. If you live in the US, then please leave your zip code.

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info: (left to right) tokyo babylon vol. one (could be for girls or boys, hints of shounen-ai), kare kano vol. six (shoujo), under the glass moon vol. one (shounen-ai)
condition: all were read through once, still in perfect condition
price: 10$ shipped for all three, can be sold seperately at buyer's request

feedback @ my journal! ♥
make an offer if you disagree ♥
i prefer paypal ♥
maid cafe

Machu's Garagesale, shipping included! *^^*

Ceres: Celestial Legend (original released), volumes 1-4 ~ $20 USD
Faeries’ Landing, volumes 1-6 ~ $30 USD SOLD
Fake, volumes 1-7 (COMPLETE) ~ $35 USD SOLD
Hana-Kimi, volumes 1-3 ~ $15 USD
Magic Knight Rayearth (original release), volumes 1-6 (COMPLETE) ~ $30 USD
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, volumes 1-2 ~ $10 USD SOLD
Only The Ring Finger Knows ~ $5 USD SOLD
Saiyuki, volumes 1-6 ~ $30 USD

Black Heaven, volumes 1-3 (FACTORY SEALED) ~ $30 USD
Earthian OVA ‘Angelic Collection’ (COMPLETE) ~ $10 USD
Haibane-Renmei, volumes 1-4 (COMPLETE & FACTORY SEALED) ~ $40 USD
The Fuccons: Meet The Fuccons! ~ $5 USD
Voltron: Defender of the Universe, volume 1 ~ $20 USD SOLD

Chobits Original Soundtrack 001 ~ $10 USD (FACTORY SEALED)

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Payment via verified Paypal (CC or otherwise) preferred, cash or money order at your own risk.

All prices include shipping within the continental US and Canada, items will arrive in approximately 10 business days.

Thanks for looking! *^^*


Anime R1 DVDs:

Spirited Away (2 discs or possibly 1)/ US Offcial CD Soundtrack
Fairy Snow Sugar vol 1,2 and artbox

Fruits Basket Volume 15
Genju No Seiza Volume 2 GN
Nosatsu Junkie Volume 01 GN
The Devil Does Exist Volume 8 GN
Legend 1 (Ice Kunion)
Genju no Seiza 1
Beauty Pop Volume 02
La Corda 1
Kamichama Karin 5
Angel Diary 4
Bring It On 2,4
Land of Blindfolded 9
W-Juliet 11,13

Dectective Conan The Complete Work (Japanese Ed.)
CardCaptor Sakura Artbook Vol 1 (Tokyopop Ed.)

[req] Baroque

I was wondering if anyone had any baroque stuff for sale! ^^ The onlt things im not looking for are: Sug life album and their last live. So If anyone has ANYTHING else of theirs for sale I would like to look into it because Baroque is the best! Thanks!