December 22nd, 2006

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Added Flyers, an Art Book and a couple over-sized Graphic Novels

Added new things, dropped prices on a few.

Note: Newly added merch underlined.

JRock/Pop CDs
Kisaki Project Sophia Syndrome Willberry Dir en Grey Arb B'z BLUE
Charcoal Filter Dragon Ash Chage and Aska The Yellow Monkey Illumina Bari
LIV Ladies Room L'Arc~en~Ciel No'Where Triceratops Willberry Polysics
Wino Ayumi Hamasaki Sugar Soul The Brilliant Green Chemistry Hikaru Utada
Glay Kick the Can Crew Judy and Mary M.c.A.T. Mr.Children Shakalabbits Zard
SMAP Rogue The Alfee Sugar Soul/Zeebra Kinki Kids Candy Tackey &Tsubasa

Anime OSTs
Lost Universe Revolutionary Girl, Utena

Anime Books/Graghic Novels
Mobile Suit Gindam vol.1
Gundam-The Origin
Mobile Suit Museum
Slayers-Medieval Mayhem
Sarasa Mizuki Ken Gashuu
Ninja High School vol. 2
Nadesico graphic novel vol.1

Newsmaker 12/05 (unknown Artist)
Pati-Pati 11/05 Orange Range
What's In? 1/06 Bump of Chicken, 4/05 B'z, 8/06 Glay, 5/05 L'Arc~en~Ciel
B-Pass 3/05 Glay, 9/05 Bump of Chicken, 7/05 (unknown artist)

Guleve Waruiyatsu T.M.Revolution DollixMaruru xJihadx
Javelin P~route Realice Cross Cradle Gigolo ClutchxGasoline
Cloud Nine Yajashan Aya Wed'day Auncia

Uchusentai NOIZ Kagerou An Cafe Ayabie

Kyo's Second Poem Book Dragon Ash stickers

Thank You for looking ^_^
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(no subject)

I'm not too sure on what to price these at, so make me an offer! =D I would much prefer to trade, but I'll just be glad to find a new home for all this stuff! XD

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Wishlist is HERE!
I can accept money orders, checks, and Paypal, though money orders and checks take 10-15 days to clear. Shipping will depend on your method preferred and your location, so feel free to ask for shipping quotes!

I have feedback on eBay under gohrm. Please ask if you'd like more pictures or if you have any questions!
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I still have some manga for sale!THESE INCREDIBLE(!) PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. I will give you a total after getting the shipping priced at USPS.

Titles include, but aren't limited to:

-Ranma 1/2
-Neon Genesis Evangelion

All of that hot shiznizzle! Please take a look (here). Thanks for looking!
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Has anyone had problems with this user?


I've seen alot of comments where we all finish our end of a deal but either she sends no payment or items. I fear either they are a scammer, or at the very least a freaking time waster.

I wanted to bring it to everyone's attention.


Mar Jour Sex Pistols Tartan Red 2-Piece Skirt
BUJINGAI: Forsaken City (Gackt on PS2 XD)
Rose Black Tear Earrings

Just a reminder. They all start at $0!! Reserves are extremely low but haven't been met. It's your chance to have these items super cheap!!

more to come soon. ^^


(no subject)

My friend has a couple auctions (mostly lots) ending on tomorrow Saturday, December 23. Right now there aren't that many bids (some have none) or watchers on a lot of them and the shipping/starting bids are all really low. SO CHECK THEM OUT click on the links below to take you straight to the auctions :)

Manga- all are in lots
Faerie's Landing vols 1-8
Magic Knight Rayearth II Boxset (that would be 4-6 if you go by the older versions or the silver 1-3)
Brain Powered vols 1-4
Pita-Ten vols 1-8
Psychic Academy vols 1-11
Kamichama Karin vols 1-4
Buso Renkin vols 1-2
Broken Angels vols 1-3
X-Kai vols 1-2 Complete
Peacemaker Kurogane vols 1-3

Anime- both import versions
Shuffle! Part 1 Episodes 1-13
Negima Complete Boxset Episodes 1-26
Final Fantasy Unlimited Complete Boxset Episodes 1-25

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nintendo ds games

Hi <3

Looking for used or abnormally cheap brand new DS games!

Here is the list of ones I am interested in:

  • Children of Mana [got it]
  • Harvest Moon DS
  • Bust-A-Move DS Bubble Bobble Revolution
  • Super Mario 64 DS
  • Bomberman Land Touch
  • Final Fantasy III
  • Meteos (cuz I can't have Lumines ;-;)
  • Mario Kart DS (MAYBE!)
  • Puyo Puyo POP!
  • Animal Crossing (MAYBE!)
The ones I really want are in BOLD. I particularly want wi-fi games, too :D Let me know prices + shipping to Canada. I pay by PayPal (non-credit card) and I guess, if you want, concealed cash.

FEEL FREE to recommend other games, I'm pretty open to anything.

Scammers = go to hell. <3

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