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25 December 2006 @ 03:53 pm
i have for sale 8 L'Arc en Ciel cds ^^
*at least 12$ for a CD*
+heavenly [sold]
+DUNE [hold]
+Tierra [hold]
+heart [hold]

Gravitation box set and OVA [watched once or twice] best offer
witch hunter robin vol. 1 8$

Cross vol. 1 5$
wolf's rain vol. 1 5$
(email me for pics)

i accept paypal, money orders, check and cash ^^
email me at downxthexrabbitxhole @ yahoo.com
Lady Uranus
25 December 2006 @ 03:57 pm
Visit my selling journal for anime, manga, clothes, jewlery, and even handcrafted items!

Jen Fukuzawa
Added new things, dropped prices on a few.

Note: Newest added merch underlined.

JRock/Pop CDs
Kisaki Project Sophia Syndrome Willberry Dir en Grey Arb B'z BLUE Charcoal Filter Dragon Ash
Chage and Aska The Yellow Monkey Illumina Bari No'Where LIV Ladies Room L'Arc~en~Ciel
Triceratops Willberry Polysics Wino Ayumi Hamasaki Sugar Soul The Brilliant Green
Chemistry Hikaru Utada Kick the Can Crew Judy and Mary M.c.A.T. Mr.Children Candy Tackey &Tsubasa
Glay Shakalabbits Zard SMAP Rogue The Alfee Sugar Soul/Zeebra Kinki Kids

Anime OSTs
Lost Universe Revolutionary Girl, Utena

Anime Books/Graghic Novels
Mobile Suit Gindam vol.1 Gundam-The Origin Mobile Suit Museum Slayers-Medieval Mayhem
Sarasa Mizuki Ken Gashuu Ninja High School vol. 2 Nadesico graphic novel vol.1

Newsmaker 12/05 (unknown Artist)
Pati-Pati 11/05 Orange Range
What's In? 1/06 Bump of Chicken, 4/05 B'z, 8/06 Glay, 5/05 L'Arc~en~Ciel
B-Pass 3/05 Glay, 9/05 Bump of Chicken, 7/05 (unknown artist)

Guleve Waruiyatsu T.M.Revolution DollixMaruru xJihadx
Javelin P~route Realice Cross Cradle Gigolo ClutchxGasoline
Cloud Nine Yajashan Aya Wed'day Auncia

Uchusentai NOIZ Kagerou An Cafe Ayabie

Kyo's Second Poem Book Dragon Ash stickers

Thank You for looking ^_^
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25 December 2006 @ 05:58 pm
visit http://envyxsin.livejournal.com and see my merch. got jrock,anime, a gamecube system package deal and much more all cheap and negotiable I MUST GET RID OF IT ALL!!! For once and for all.
25 December 2006 @ 10:23 pm
I received two copies of Jump! Ultimate Stars for Christmas. So I have one unopened copy.

I'm looking to trade for either Final Fantasy III DS, Bleach DS, or maybe Final Fantasy XII PS2. I'll take money (preferably though paypal) but I'd rather trade.
25 December 2006 @ 11:30 pm
Looking for TM Revolution Items and yaoi can pay through paypal, check, or cash
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