December 28th, 2006

Clothes from Japan.

I have put 2 more clothing items from Japan on my selling journal, and still have 2 other things for sale.
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And as always, don't forget to check out the rest of my sales on my journal!
I tons of various Japan related items, including, magazines, Jpop/Jrock/Vkei items, Anime items, dvd's, vhs, manga, and much more! I am trying to sell off most the things I own, so you can always expect new things to be added!
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Looking to buy...

Cheap stuff! I have a little bit of Christmas money left ($30) and would be interested in:

- Morning Musume/Hello! Project (CDs, collectables)
- Ayumi Hamasaki (CDs, collectables)
- Rina Aiuchi (CDs)
- DS games [esp: music & survival horror] (have to be extremely cheap- cartridge only is OK)
- PS/PS2 games [esp: music & survival horror] (have to be extremely cheap- CD only is OK)
- GC games [esp: music & survival horror] (have to be extremely cheap- CD only is OK)
- Japanese magazines with Ayumi Hamasaki or Morning Musume or Hello! Project or Rina Aiuchi on the cover

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Sell sell sell!!!!!!

More anime and manga for sale

Time for another round of sales, with a fresh batch of anime and manga added...

Unless where noted, all discs are adult-owned, come in their original DVD cases, have been watched just a few times and are in mint condition without any scratches or smudges. And, of course, these are all authentic USA Region 1 releases. Manga are all translated U.S. versions and in mint condition unless otherwise noted. I'll hold things for up to one week from initial contact. Pictures are available on request. Yes, all prices are negotiable. ^_~


GetBackers -- VOL. 10 ON HOLD
Vols. 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 10. $4 each; all 6 for $20.

Vol. 1. $4.

Wolf's Rain -- ON HOLD
Vols. 1-4. Buy all four, and I'll throw in the collector's box (to hold all seven discs in the series) for free! $4 each; all 4 for $15.


City Hunter
Vols. 1-3. $3 each; all 3 for $7.50.

Ranma 1/2 -- ON HOLD
Vols. 3-4, new smaller format. Small markings on upper right corner of first page on each volume. $3 each; both for $5.

R.O.D.: Read or Die -- ON HOLD
Vols. 1-4. $3 each; all 4 for $10.

Someday's Dreamers -- ON HOLD
Vols. 1-2. $3 each; both for $5.

Shipping: I can ship one DVD or manga via USPS first-class mail for $2; two or more can be shipped either via Priority Mail (3-5 days) or media mail (3-5 weeks) (rates will be calculated accordingly). I also ship internationally; those shipping rates also are calculated on a case-by-case basis. I prefer PayPal and money orders, but I'll also consider personal checks and concealed cash.

Interested? Comment below or send an e-mail to hi_tsukasa at gmail dot com. I also have a 99.8% positive feedback rating on eBay over nine years of selling, so buy with confidence.

Thanks for looking!
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Added Luna Sea, TMR; also dropped some prices.

I'm selling random jrock merch. Nothing's wrong with any of them, just was either curious about the bands or bought them by mistake (I tend to do that with L'Arc cds too, forgetting which ones I have already...). All prices are negotiable, shipping probably a couple of bucks depending on where you live. If you want more info, or more pics, just let me know. All of these I bought used, unless otherwise noted, though all media plays perfectly. ^_^

  • Quoted shipping prices are for regular mail, possibly Media Mail, in US dollars. Priority will cost more, especially for magazines. When inquiring, please provide prefered method of payment and shipping type.
  • Paypal prefered (I have a Premium account so there will be a tiny fee added to shipping cost, usually about $1), but other payment options can be discussed.

Added new things, dropped prices on a few.

Note: Newly added merch $ dropped prices underlined.

JRock/Pop CDs
Kisaki Project Sophia Syndrome Willberry Dir en Grey Arb B'z BLUE Charcoal Filter Dragon Ash</b>
Chage and Aska The Yellow Monkey Illumina Luna Sea No'Where LIV Ladies Room L'Arc~en~Ciel
Triceratops Willberry Polysics Wino Ayumi Hamasaki Sugar Soul The Brilliant Green T.M.Revolution
Chemistry Hikaru Utada Kick the Can Crew Judy and Mary M.c.A.T. Mr.Children Candy Tackey &Tsubasa
Glay Shakalabbits Zard SMAP Rogue The Alfee Sugar Soul/Zeebra Kinki Kids Bari

Anime OSTs
Lost Universe Revolutionary Girl, Utena

Anime Books/Graghic Novels
Mobile Suit Gindam vol.1 Gundam-The Origin Mobile Suit Museum Slayers-Medieval Mayhem
Sarasa Mizuki Ken Gashuu Ninja High School vol. 2 Nadesico graphic novel vol.1

Newsmaker 12/05 (unknown Artist)
Pati-Pati 11/05 Orange Range
What's In? 1/06 Bump of Chicken, 4/05 B'z, 8/06 Glay, 5/05 L'Arc~en~Ciel
B-Pass 3/05 Glay, 9/05 Bump of Chicken, 7/05 (unknown artist)

Guleve Waruiyatsu T.M.Revolution DollixMaruru xJihadx
Javelin P~route Realice Cross Cradle Gigolo ClutchxGasoline
Cloud Nine Yajashan Aya Wed'day Auncia

Uchusentai NOIZ Kagerou An Cafe Ayabie

Kyo's Second Poem Book Dragon Ash stickers

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English Sailor Moon Manga

Hello, everyone. I've got 7 English Sailor Moon manga to sell individually today. I know that since these books are out of print and can sometimes be sold for very high prices however I just want to make room so I'm selling them for the set price of $10 plus $2 priority shipping individually with the exception of one (#7) is being sold for $8 plus $2 priority shipping because its a library discard and has a stamp that says such on the top pages. Shipping discount given if you buy 2 or more.

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Paypal (non-cc) only.
Shipping prices for US only. International please ask.
I have 100% feedback on ebay.

I'm ready to just ship these babies out. ^__^
So comment if you want, I'll tell you where to send payment, one payment is confirmed all tell you and ship your package out ASAP!
Big Bang // G-Dragon Lollipop

Jrock/Jpop/Anime Goodies for Sale

Also ask about items in my 'coming soon' section and I'll try to get stuff up.

Items up include:
-A bunch of English & Japanese Text manga
-Jrock/Jpop Cds
-Dir en grey 2002 calendar pages
-5 figure PlC set
-Hello!Project Cds and other goods
-Matsuura Aya - Ayaya ni Naritai book
-Jrock Flyers
-hide plush
-Anime CDs
-Sailormoon toys and Artbooks
-Takanashi Mitsuba's Akuma de Sourou Artbook
-Pokemon toys/keychains
-Misc. Anime toys and keychains & postcards
-Anime DVDs
-Stationary Items
-DiGi Charat Items
-Manga Mania How to Draw Book
-TOKYOPOP magazines


New Stuffs for sale and trade


Digimon Card Lot 1
Digimon Card Lot 2
(both lots contain cards from series 1-4! OOP)
(I've still got blue digivice iC, D-tector, and D-3 for sale!)
Digimon Mini Red

Judas Vol 1 Manga
Chobits Manga Set w/FIGURE AND BOX


FFV/VI (5, 6) Anthology BLACK LABEL (missing manual, includes bonus CD)
Tekken 3 [GH version]
Duel Masters
Resident Evil Code Veronica [GH Version]
War of Monsters
Kingdom Hearts II (not pictured, but complete with everything and barely used)

Tales of Symphonia
Animal Crossing [GH Version]
Zelda: Promotional Collector's Edition (no manual, not pictured, plays perfectly)

Email: Insanescoot13 at AOL dot com

(no subject)

These are a few items I'm selling as I try to get rid of things and make a few extra dollars to put in the study abroad fund. Prices already include shipping within the US, but if you buy several things I'll combine shipping to make it cheaper for you! If you are interested in anything or need more information, post here or email me at Thanks!!

Anime VHS

Darkside Blues VHS - $5
Neon Genesis Evangelion VHS (13 tapes) Episodes 1-26 - watched just once! - $32
Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer VHS - $5

Anime DVDs – perfect condition with all inserts included

Boogiepop Phantom Evolutions 1-4 Boxset – $40
Haibane Renmei: New Feathers (Vol. 1) - $14 (includes mini pencil board)
Saikano Episode 1 Sneak Preview DVD - $3 (BNIP)

Manga – All manga brand new, perfect condition, never read!!!

Kare Kano/His and Her Circumstances Vol. 1 (Japanese) - $5
Kare Kano/His and Her Circumstances Vol. 2 (Japanese) - $5
Legend of Kamui Vol. 2: The Island of Sugaru - $7
Love Song: 4 Tales by Shojo Artist Keiko Nishi - $7
Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol 1: To Till - $8
Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol 2: To Plant - $8
Voyeur – Hideo Yamamoto - $7

Anime Merch

Kare Kano/His and Her Circumstances Arima and Yukino pins – BNIP - $8 for both or $5 each

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars sticker sheet – BNIP - $2

Serial Experiments Lain Post Card Set (6 cards) BNIP - $4
Serial Experiments Lain "Ultimate Fan Guide" book - 108 pages, 80 of which are full color, $24.95 in the store - $13

Serial Experiments Lain T-shirt (black, size large) - $12

Thanks!!! ^_^


Buy one, get one half price sale!

♥ - DIY skirts, dresses, bloomers/drawers
♥ - FRUiTSY store-bought clothes - including a new pleated denim mini skirt
♥ - Marie belt, rainbow bubblegum bead necklace, furoku accessories
♥ - Sanrio/Miscellaneous

I will consider trades *only* for items under the cut, and Paypal only (I *may* make exceptions if you're in the UK, but I really need Paypal funds) :/ But I ship internationally! :D


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Manga Sale

I have the following manga up for sale:
***All manga  books are in excellent Condition and come from a non smoking home***

Gadirock-Requiem Chorus v-1.........5.00
Princess AI v-3.....................................7.00
The Devil Does Exist v-4...................5.00
Sweet & Honey .................................5.00

OR all of them for 20.00. That is 4 for the retail price of 2
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(no subject)

Heeey everyone. I've been desperately searching for stuff from girugamesh and I haven't been able to have any luck. And I'm hoping that anybody out there has anything by girugamesh for sale?

I'm also looking for 12012's play DOLLS and anything by bis & D.