December 31st, 2006

So much for sale!

I have so very much for sale on my journal, all sorts of things!
Lots of Anime vhs, and dvd, Manga, anime merch, Jpop/Jrock items, Clothes from Japan, sanrio things, video games.
I really need to sell all of this stuff, and I am sure I must have something you would like!
And in hopes that you will buy much from me, for 1 week, starting December 31 (today) if you order over $50, I will give you free shipping, if you mention you came from garagesalesjapan!
So please check out my selling journal!


Updated with lots of jrock!! items include alice nine, kagrra, miyavi, gazette, due le quartz, tour pamphlets, rare photosets and much more!!
click HERE to get to the items!!

Kinki Kids & Koichi Domoto Concert Goods for sale!

I'm selling these 3 items to interested Singapore buyers:

1) Kinki Kids HANDS 2005 Winter Tour - Pamphlet Book
Condition: Good as new
Price: S$28 (postage included)

2) Koichi Domoto Live Concert 2004 - Phone Strap
Condition: Good as new
Price: S$25 (postage included)

3) Koichi Domoto Mirror Concert Tour 2006 - Phone Strap
Condition: Good as new
Price: S$25 (postage included)

Pictures and details are here

Thank you!
Someone's watching.
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Inoran DVD


I'm looking for Inoran's "The Last Night" DVD. If anyone has it and is willing to sell it please contact me, thank you very much ^_^

- Cassidy
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Anyone interested in these manga?
They are USED (no problem in reading, but not in perfect shape. May contain some folds & light stains.). I can take paypal/check or MO/concealed cash at your own risk (card paypal, 3.4%+30c fee). I might take offers (esp if you buy multiple sets)

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Thanks for reading :)

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Winner(s) choose any item from the store or to be commissioned with no price limitation. If number of tickets exceeds thirty, there will be three winners, otherwise there will be one. Winner(s) and participants will NOT have to pay any extra costs after $2.50. Particpants may enter as many times as desired. Ticket-collecting will last a month, with the last day of the month (January 31st 2007) being the drawing. Similar seasonal raffles are planned to follow. A ticket is $2.50, two is $4.50, three is $6.00, four is $7.00, and five is $8.00. To enter, Paypal rickyparks(at)gmail(dot)com. If you wish to mail in your entry, please comment for further instruction.

If you would like to be notified of the beginning of the raffle, you can join the Mailing List.

~ Joa

Official Move... Sale has been extended!

Official Move... Sale has been extended!
Hi all! Happy New Year!

We found out that we will be needing to move from California to Florida ^____~ within the next couple months. I am sooooo looking forward to this move! Please note that I had a sale for X-mas that I am extending through to the end of January or until they are gone.

All Furoku, zen-in items on the site are 35% off.
Shitajiki (mine only) are 20% off listed prices.

Minimum order is $10 before discounts to take part in this clearance sale!!

Also I listed Yaoi, Furoku, zen-in, cels & more to e-bay -->

Get the items and the discount you want before they are all gone. My site link is here .....

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Tired of giving? The holidays are done, so start spoiling yourself! :P

Handmade jewelry
Spiffy accessories that are too cute for words.
Never before worn-apparel
Imported goods from Japan
Japanese magazines
One of a kind & unique merchandise.. too cute too! :D
All shipping costs is included in the price
Prices are negotiable
Expect a cute-tiny gift with your purchase(s) when you receive your package
Everyday there's something new.. so please do come back :3.

Trust me... you won't be disappointed `;).