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Pokemon and anime merch, and various Japanese/Asian things, for sale!

I'm tidying my room, and I finally got all (most of?) my stuff together for a sales post :) All the details are at shoppip:

General sales here - Japanese/Asian items include:
- Japanese games and OSTs
- Lots of dub anime DVDs, both from North American and PAL regions
- Merch from anime series including Haruhi, K-On!, Penguindrum, Digimon and Gundam Seed
- Hello Kitty stuff
- Japanese and Asian plush and phone charms
- Japanese games, both in Japanese and English

Pokemon sales here - Most of the stuff here is directly from Japan! :D

I ship from Australia to worldwide. More details on shipping are available here (the main thing to note is that unfortunately Australian shipping is expensive and I have no control over that, however our gradations are 500g so any parcel between 0-500g is one price to ship, 500g-1kg is one price to ship - it becomes much more reasonable if you are buying multiple items). I have plenty of feedback on pkmncollectors, eBay and LJ in general, all consolidated here.
Tags: anime, collectibles, magazines, movies, music: other, stationery, toys, video games
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