January 6th, 2007

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Hey I have a request. I want some yaoi hentai (dvds or manga) and it doesn't matter whether it is in japanese or english. Just let me know if you have anything, or any titles of mangas you could suggest I could search. Thanks a bunch!
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Arashi no Yoru ni

I was wondering if anyone had, or knows where to get, a 'Arashi no Yoru ni' (A Stormy Night, story of a wolf and goat who become friends) plushie of Mei.

I found this pic, so I know its out there somewhere.. though it led me nowhere where I could buy it ;__;

And heres another reference:

Thanks! :3
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for sale

I'm selling an official MYV ROCKS skirt, over at my journal.

press image to get to the auction.
Starting bid; $35

Auction ending in a week.
And, this is crossposted, I'm sorry if you see it around more than once.
Cinema Bizarre // Yu "Amazing"

Some Posters

I have some posters up for sale (more possibly coming soon lol) because I moved sadly I have no space for these so here's your chance to own them :D

P.s - If I owe you something it's been sent out :D

- Castlevania poster:

I got this poster at Otakon one year (;-;) it's really a shame I have to sell it but anyway lol. It's been hung up once and is in perfect condition.

- Kaoru poster:

I love this poster. It's not quite a mini poster but not quite a normal sized poster. If you want measurements I can send a picture comparing it to a normal sized poster :D in near perfect condition.

- Glay poster (Hisashi and Teru)

Same as above, I can do comparisons with this one as well.

- Izam poster (for his solo work)

Near Perfect condition. This one is a normal sized poster.

- Kaoru calendar poster.

This is a normal sized poster. Sadly it has some wear to it x.x it's some years old.


~I can not accept paypal at this point (if extremely nessesary I'll make an exception) Since I've recently ran into problems with people sending concealed cash and it getting lost I preferr each payment be made with a money order. If you want to send concealed cash I recommend getting some type of tracking or something on it incase something gets lost. I'm NOT responsible for lost cash.

~Shipping depends on where you live.

~Insurance is an extra 1.30 (up to 100 dollars) if you want insurance please add that to the total.

~I am not responsible for lost or damaged goods, especially if you do not pay for insurance.

~I can only hold items for two weeks if I know the money is coming. Please do not tell me you want to buy something then make me wait around for weeks and then tell me "Sorry I can't buy it anymore" (granted if something serious comes up I can and WILL understand) I try very hard to be understanding and fair believe me.

~Please contact me with questions or comments at: Bouncyizam@hotmail.com or leave a comment here.

~ OFFER a REASONABLE price ^-^

Thank you so much for looking.
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[Doujinshi Sale][HP & FMA]

Hello everyone, there's a new update in my entry and I have two new Fullmetal doujinshis for sale :

Preview: 2 Fullmetal Alchemist doujinshis

"Roy no Mame" is the third doujinshi of the Mame series by Fuji Shinichi. This time, Roy Mustang is raising up his own bean Edo. "Rendez-vous with the military dog" takes place after the end of the series and features Ed and Roy's angsty relationship.
There are still 2 Harry Potter doujinshis for sale.
To view the bigger pictures and get more informations, read my entry here : Doujinshi Sale

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Everything Must Go sale~! ^^

I'm looking to just clear all of these things out, and so for that reason, all of my items are going for very, very cheap!

Official US release DVDs. Each one is uncut, with english audio and japanese audio with english subtitles. Each comes with their original inserts and case and are in good condition! ^^ { Retail Price: Over $25 each! So you're saving a bundle! ^^ } Shipping and handling not included in these prices. I will give you the lowest rate possible with the best service, however~. ^^

Comic Party DVD 1 $3
Yu Yu Hakusho DVD 1 $3
Yu Yu Hakusho DVD 4 $3
Get Backers DVD 1 $4
Tokyo Babylon Complete OVA $4
X DVD 6 $4
Cowboy Bebop DVD 6 $3
Knight Hunters Eternity { Weiss Kreuz Gluhen } DVD 2 $4
Inu Yasha DVD 1 $3
Gundam 08th MS Team DVD 1 $3
Gundam 08th MS Team DVD 2 $3
Neon Genesis DVD 8 { Director's Cut } $3
Argentosoma DVD 1 $3

Or { I wish. XD } buy all of them for only $40 + s & h! { Total Retail Value: Over $300! }

Manga. Each is in english and in perfect condition unless stated otherwise! ^^

Whistle Volume 1 $2
Dragon Knights Volume 3 $2
Return to Labyrinth Volume 1 $2
Les Bijoux Volume 1 $2
Les Bijoux Volume 2 $2
Demon Palace Babylon Volume 1 $2
Demon Palace Babylon Volume 2 $2

Anime Items:

Bleach Phonestraps $3 each!
Saiyuki pencil boards $1.50 each!

Important Note: Please visit my journal for pictures and scans! And for more pictures, feel free to ask! ^^ { Currently only selling within the US and Canada~! }

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Hey everyone!

A while ago I saw someone was selling the Revolutionary Girl Utena rose rings.
I was wondering if that person was still selling them OR if someone, anyone, knows where I could
buy one. I'm desperatly seeking them out! Thank you in advance for any help given!



all prices are in USD

payment accepted in money order, check or concealed cash at your own risk.

prices are negotiable.

if you'd like to know specifics about the magazines (more photos, other artists, etc), let me know. i'll take more pictures.

please leave a comment with your email.

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SELLING JE MAGAZINES / CDs / Posters / Photos

Selling Duet, TV Guide, JE Posters, Photos and CDs

All prices are in USD
Payment accepted through concealed cash (at buyers' risk)
I will not ship internationally, sorry.
I am not responsible for any lost mail.

Shipping within USA: Magazines - $3, CDs - $2, posters - $2, photos - $0.25.
I can combine shipping if you purchase more than one item.

All items are in perfect condition unless stated otherwise.

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If something is ON HOLD, it means the buyer has not confirm their order with me yet. But I can still put you on the waiting list for the item.
Feel free to request for more photos or information about the items.

Please leave a comment (with your email) or email me at fantasy_luv102@yahoo.com if interested.

First update of the year! 114 doujinshi titles added/restocked!


I've just finished adding 84 new titles and restocking 30 doujinshi to
my site.

You can see the new titles here (up to page 8)

You can see the restocked titles here:

New titles include Prince of Tennis, FullMetal Alchemist and Eyeshield
21. Restocked titles are from several fandoms.

Don't want to sign up for an account to purchase? Just email me about the titles you're interested in and how you plan to pay.

Thanks and hope you're having a great new year so far!

X-posted here and there *cough*

Tsubasa Deluxe Editions, Gackt CD, and lots of Manga...

Greetings all!
I have some manga and artbooks that need new homes; please have a look!

US Shipping is included in these prices.

I have good feedback on eBay as char_hakkai; I've also bought and sold here on LJ before. Please comment here or email me at char_hakkai(at)hotmail.com if you have any questions!


It really pains me to part with these, but it must be done. I have the first five volumes in the deluxe, hardcover edition. All come with an extra postcard and the original obi. Near mint condition; I've barely picked them up since I've had them.

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English (Left-to-Right)

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English (Right-to-Left)

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Sailor Moon Manga

Click for larger image.

Sailor Moon #3
Tokyopop Chix Comix Pocket Edition
used but good condition (some minor shelf and cover ware)

Sailor Moon SuperS #3
Mixx Pocket Mixx Edition
good condition (some minor shelfware)

$10 each plus $2 shipping

Paypal (non-cc) only.
Shipping prices for US only. International please ask.
I have 100% feedback on ebay.

I've got two Sailor Moon manga to sell today. These are out of print and in pretty good condition.
So comment if you want, I'll tell you where to send payment, one payment is confirmed all tell you and ship your package out ASAP!

DVDs, manga and books!

Time's running out on these sales! Click on dsjewels! Haggling works too!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The box is gone, but the rest remains! 4 volumes of the X TV series, with slipcases. I'm also selling items from Azumanga Daioh, Tenchi, Sakura Wars and more! Thank you!
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More J-rock and Anime/Manga CDs!

As an addendum to my post the other day, I did a bit more spring cleaning, and I found some more CDs that I would like to part with.

As before, please make me an offer for anything that you happen to be interested in. All reasonable offers will be considered. (^^)

Also, as before: Freebies! For every item you buy from me, I'll include any two items of your choice from the freebie list. If you just want a freebie, you can have one if you pay shipping. All freebies are first come, first serve, and once gone, that's it!

Some of the CDs listed below are additions to the freebie list. Because they are Son May (bootleg) CDs, I don't feel comfortable taking money for them, but I would like them to go to a nice home if possible. (I didn't know they were bootleg at the time I bought them! *sigh*)

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As before:

If you want more pictures or a more detailed description of anything, please don't hesitate to ask me. (^_^)

Shipping is from Australia via Airmail. For flat items (anything thinner than 20mm) shipping starts at US$3.50 worldwide. For anything else, shipping starts at US$7.50 for America, US$9 for Europe, and will go up depending upon weight. For other countries, please ask! (And of course, for Australia, shipping is much cheaper. Please inquire. ^^)
I will hold items to combine shipping with my Ebay auctions, also. Please ask. (^_^)

I accept all forms of PayPal! I do not charge the PayPal fee. For Australian residents, I also accept direct bank deposit. I cannot accept money orders or Bidpay or Western Union, sorry!

Please comment here or drop me an email at cassiel AT crysania DOT com (^^)

Thank you for looking! d(^o^)b
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The extra things that I have left from my previous sale.

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I'll be posting more jrock flyers and magazines pretty soon. So please keep a look out! If any questions or anything, please feel free to email me at Spookytenten@gmail.com

Payments I accept is Paypal or cash at risk! Thank you!
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A friend of mine was looking for the Kodocha manga, so I'm trying to help her out.

I'd like a reasonable price on all of them, and preferably in good condition.

I live in Canada and can pay by money order or Paypal. Thanks very much! ^_^

Still clearing out the Manga, DVD's and Furoku..

In the cut you will find my Manga and DVD goodies and in the link at the bottom you will find my site which has a sale on Shitajiki and Furoku/ zen-in items on the site. Be sure to write if you want something, and do it soon! I move to Florida at the end of the month! All order(s) must be completed by Jan 19th. This way I get the money and can get everyone's items out to them no later then that following week! After that I won't be able to mail anything as we will be packing the truck and driving cross country! If you are not serious about purchasing please don't write and ask me shipping info. This would be considered a waste of time and I just don't have that luxury at this moment

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My site link is here --> http://www.serendipity-collections.com/

I need to get rid of dups that I own on DVD's. All are US DVD's. Not knock off's! Single Volumes are $10 each. Art box and dvd sets price as shown below. All are from Smoke free home and in excellent condition. My list is under this cut .....

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1 day left on ebay sales

Selling some stuff on ebay. All starting bids for singles are under $10; for everything else, under $1. So go for it!! w00t! Buy stuff!

Angel Sanctuary vol. 1
Visitor vol. 1
Sailor Moon vol. 4
Video Girl Ai vol. 7

Jrock singles
kannivalism - RITORI
LAREINE - Doukeshi no Bukyoku
LAREINE - Setsurenka
LAREINE - Cinderella Fantasy
Win ALL THREE Lareine singles and receive a Japan-only making-of DVD for free! (Lareine DVDs are always region-free.)

View the rest of my sales here.

There's just one day left! NO BIDS ON MANGA YET!! Please give them a good home!