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07 January 2007 @ 12:15 am

Well I finally have to move, so I'm cleaning out my stuff and will be selling off a big chunk of my collection. Above is the pic of almost all artbooks I have, not selling everything but many of them will have to go. Come and check them out, I now accept Paypal payments as well., prices if any posted are negotiable, otherwise all books will be sold to best offers.

Tomorrow I will post my manga list for sale (selling all manga I have) so stay tuned.

Click my avatar or here nkn1983 to go to my LJ.
07 January 2007 @ 03:18 am
Click to go to the auction

I'm selling a pokemon bag on eBay, bid starts at $1!! Click on the image to go to the auction
Haeven / Rae
07 January 2007 @ 10:15 am
Lots of J-rock items for sale -- Dir en Grey, Luna Sea & their various solo projects, Larc-en-ciel, Due le Quartz, etc., etc. Complete lists & feedback on my LJ page. All items from a smoke-free home.

Magazines, CDs & More - All With PicturesCollapse )
07 January 2007 @ 10:40 am
Cleaning through my collection. Getting rid of a bunch. Lots of Yaoi and Shonen Ai

I accept paypal, postal money order, and concealed cash

All prices include shipping within the US.

If you would like to see more pictures of anything listed, just ask, I will be more than happy to take them.
Trading is also acceptable, but I would prefer more than anything to trade doujinshi for more doujinshi. I will make trades by approximate page count, so if you have a thicker book I would trade you a thicker one or 2 smaller ones or vice versa. Though if you have anything by any of the following cirlcles that you want to trade or even just sell PLEASE let me know!:
Omega-2d, Baketsu Coffee, Master and Pupil Lover, Redstrike, Bambi Takada, K2 Company, [Delic], Kunimi-dou, Studio Asuma, 25Ans, Per-Cheri, Mandom (Mozz)

DoujinshiCollapse )
07 January 2007 @ 11:23 am

I have some manga ~ japanese inspired jewelry and re-ment and lots more! check it out. ^^
the villain in the panama hat
07 January 2007 @ 11:27 am
Can anyone(specifically people located in Japan) help me purchase these two doujinshi by Ugetsu Hakua? The titles are Lith and Orbital. Thanks!

I'm located in the Philippines, so I could only pay by IPMO or concealed cash.
the artist in the big top, perplexed.
07 January 2007 @ 12:36 pm

Click here!
07 January 2007 @ 12:51 pm

I'm selling my Ba-tsu tie on eBay ($40, no reserve!), please check it out!

Click on the photo

Thanks for looking!
07 January 2007 @ 01:11 pm

Priced low cause I wanna get rid of them.

Series includes: Fruits Basket, Hana Yori Dango, Sailor Moon, Kare Kano, Fushigi Yuugi, etc.

Check out my journal for pics and info. (pics left large so you can see them in all their fugly glory)


I accept non-credit card paypal, cash, money orders and will ship world-wide.

If you can only pay by credit card, I will accept credit card paypal payments if you are willing to pay the fees.
raspberry heaven
07 January 2007 @ 01:20 pm

all prices are in USD
(will ship internationally; leave a comment and i'll calculate how much more.)
payment accepted in money order, check or concealed cash at your own risk.

prices are negotiable.

if you'd like to know specifics about the magazines (more photos, other artists, etc), let me know. i'll take more pictures.

please leave a comment with your email.

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Give me wings...
07 January 2007 @ 02:01 pm
Can anyone hook me up with the GTO English Graphic Novels (Tokyopop) for a decent price?

I prefer to buy them in as large chunks as possible. I already have 1-2, but I am definitely willing to buy 1-2 again if they are in a large set you are selling if you want to get rid of them all.

I prefer to pay with Paypal, but I am willing to work something else out if necessary.

They have to be in decent condition, no large tears, rips, or bends or anything like that :P Shelfwear is fine.

Anyway, if you have anything you wanna sell me, comment and leave me some pics and a price!!!!

My ideal price is about 1/2 of the cover price if the item is used, but please leave me your own price and we can negotiate if needed.
All products have been lowered on price. Old price compared to new price is shown. PLEASE IT ALL MUST GO!!!

07 January 2007 @ 02:44 pm
english language manga: $5 each; if one manga is bought, +$2 shipping, but buy more than one and media mail shipping is free.

Angelic Layer 1-3 (some light bends)
Chobits 1 (pretty shelf worn)
Cheeky Angel 1-4
Real Bout High School 1
Video Girl Ai 4
Doubt! 1-3
Marmalade Boy 1-4 (1 is shelf worn, the rest are pretty much like new)

Sailor Moon Supers 2: $17 shipped; pending, I was waiting payment from someone for a week now, but she hasn't responded. Just in case, leave a comment if interested.
Earthian 1-4: $36 shipped for the set. Retails $15 each = $60 original price.

Looking for (in english):
Basara 16, 19, 21+
Nodame Cantabile 8+
Hana Kimi 1-4
A, A' (old Viz book)
From Far Away 1+
Copic PENS (not markers)
Claret sale- Selling journal
07 January 2007 @ 02:47 pm
I updated my selling journal recently and have added lots of English manga, anime DVD's, and more!

$5.00-$7.00 DVD's: Gravitation, Cowboy Bebop, Witch Hunter Robin, Ghost in the Shel, Wolf's Rain, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Ranma 1/2, Chobits, Love Hina, Boogiepop Phantom, Escaflowne

$4.00 Manga: Saikano, Kill Me Kiss Me, Demon Diary, Saiyuki, Cowboy bebop, Ranma 1/2, Remote, Crest of the Stars
~JRock CD's: Prices have been lowered on the leftovers, so get them while you can! (Dir en Grey, Klaha, etc)
+MYV Rocks tote bag
+Lovers House Ken & Merry backpack

Come take a look!

May be cross posted, so sorry if you see this more than once!
yell-oh! shop
07 January 2007 @ 03:35 pm
All DVDs and boxes are in excellent condition. Most do not include the bonus materials (like t-shirts or stickers) that came with them, but ALL INCLUDE THE FIRST DVD. DVDs are Region 1 (US).

Paypal and serious buyers only.
Prices DO NOT include shipping.
feedback at my journal and feedback on ebay.

Pictures and additional information under the cut.

Burst Angel DVD Collector's Box - $8Collapse )
Kino's Journey DVD Collector's Box and Volume 4 - $8 + $4Collapse )
Midori Days DVD Collector's Box - $8Collapse )
Princess Ai Complete Manga Series - $15Collapse )
Tenjho Tenge DVD Collector's Box Includes Mini Pencil Board - $8Collapse )

Also, check out my ebay auctions!
Stuff Still Availible:

WOLF'S RAIN Kiba Plush + Artbox + Vol 1 + Vol 2

PS2 Analog ICE BLUE Controller w/matching extension cord

Selphie Tilmitt Vinyl Statue (CHEAP! Great deal for collectors!)

Star Ocean BLUE SPHERE Rare Import!

Death Note items!

Star Ocean shitajiki!

More anime and game items here, complete w/images: angelchansales

Contact me/Questions:

AIM: INSANEscoot13

Negotiations on prices:
Comment here or email and we can work something out. I check email several times daily, so no worries about late replies!

I've got a wishlist in my shop!
07 January 2007 @ 05:00 pm
Don't like a price? Make an offer! (please be reasonable I'm poor)

Buy $10 or more get FREE shipping! (In the US)

Please place all comments in this thread, thank you

Everything is in great condiotion, I just need more space and the money and this stuff has been untouched for quite some time.
All item names are links to pictures of the item.

I accept paypal (tenshinoitami1@yahoo.com), money orders, and cash.

Please check out my cosplay items as well

12" Vash with Kuroneko (includes box) $10
Lupin figure with box $10 and free key chain
Tenchi Muyo figures- Tenchi, Ryoko, Ayeka set with boxes $20
Legolas from the Two Towers movie (rare/hard to find) $5 picture 2
Outlaw Star Gene, Melfina and ship set. I believe they stopped making these and I still have the box! $10
Brand new in box NEVER OPENED Alucard of Hellsing version two figure with hat $10
Brand new in box NEVER OPENED Anderson of Hellsing figure $10

Handmade Legolas from Lord of the Rings plushie $5
Handmade Kenshin plushie $5 His face is embroidered!

Trigun shirt size L $5
Inuyasha size M $5

Oriental small purse $5
Handmade cloth purse. Blue material is actually from Japan. $5 fabric

Ranma 1/2 art cell with certificate of authenticity $15
Kenshin playing cards $2
DDR soundtrack, 5th mix. EXCELLENT condition, rarely played. 2 discs $20
Pikachu Tomagotchi (needs new batteries but in EXCELLENT shape) $10 SOLD

Picture of pins
Trigun set- Vash and 2 different kuroneko pins $5
Ed of Cowboy Bebop $2 SOLD
Chobits bunny $2 SOLD
Chocobo $2 SOLD
Auron of FFX $2 SOLD
Sanzo of Sayuki $2SOLD
Black Mage $2SOLD
Hunter x Hunter pin (cant remember the charcter) $2 SOLD
FY pin, Tatsuki I think is the charcater's name (guy with orange hair and fan) $2 SOLD
Faye Valentine pin $2

Ghost in the Shell wallscroll $5
Kenshin and Sano wallscroll (rare) $10
Kenshin OVA wallscroll (rare) $10
Hellsing first dvd cover wallscroll $10
2 Cardcaptor posters $4 SOLD
FFX-2 Yuna poster $5

Trigun wallscroll signed by Yoshiro Nightow, creator of Trigun.

Outlaw Star artbook signed by the character designer
Art book
07 January 2007 @ 05:03 pm
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Sarah the crab
07 January 2007 @ 05:25 pm
I'm looking for any issues of Super Manga Blast! magazine from #30 to #51. Any condition is fine as long as they have all the pages.
Thanks in advance!

x-posted to otaku_wishlist
07 January 2007 @ 06:19 pm
BAD West is having a 25% off sale. Help me make room for all the new stuff in my sewing pile!
There are a few great hats still available (one Momiji one)loads of great face masks left, and a special on corsets- $15 each- SHIPPED!


There will be a lot more BAD Originals coming this year! Help us out by leaving your size in the comments, which are screened ;)
Let's turn forever, you and me
07 January 2007 @ 07:11 pm
Hey, is anybody up for trading manga?

Specifically, I'm looking for Bleach Volumes 2 and on, Fullmetal Alchemist Volumes 5-7 or any after 8 (if they've been released), and any volumes of Death Note. I may trade for others, as I'm looking for manga my sister would like. She already has Naruto, One Piece, Hikaru no Go and Chibi Vampire. I can sell too, if you see something you want, I just thought I'd try to trade 'em first!

My list is under here!Collapse )
Uchi // Rhythmic Illusions
07 January 2007 @ 07:14 pm
Hey everyone. It's been a while since I last updated this journal.. no new items for sale right now, since I'm still in the process of figuring out what else I need to sell XD. However, I have reduced all of the prices (and they are negotiable!!!!)

I have many yaoi manga and doujinshis. Doujinshi include fandoms such as Prince of Tennis, Naruto, and more~!!


Check it out!
07 January 2007 @ 07:53 pm
Selling Volumes 1-17 of the Bleach manga (Japanese language) on eBay. All books in excellent, mint or near mint condition.

2 photosCollapse )

Listing is here if interested :)

07 January 2007 @ 07:54 pm
Panic Channel - Shinjinsen ~yume ni mukatte hen~ $25 ON HOLD
Panic Channel Autographed photo $11
Pierrot - likea autograph board $45 ON HOLD
Pierrot - Celluoid [First Press] $33
Pierrot - Screen [First Press] $23
Pierrot - uchiwa Side 1 side 2 $11
Psycho le cemu - Self Analysis [First press] $30
Psycho le cemu - Gensis [likea version, sealed] + PLC sticker $30
Psych le cemu - Kronos $20
Schwarz Stein - New Vogue Children [First press] - $30
Schwarz Stein - Artificial Hallucination [First press & Sealed] - $40
Nightmare - autographed photoboard [A4 size] $35
D'espairsray - Garnet [sealed] + autograph SOLD
D'espairsray - Terrors (red cover) - $40
Dir en grey - Six ugly [first press] $30
Scissor - Number Cut #3 Autographed $50
Olivia - The Return Of The Chlorophyll Bunny $20
Malice Mizer - gekka no yasoukyoku (月下の夜想曲) $9
Hide - Ja, Zoo $5
Gab vol 21 - KRA COVER $7
visualROCK flyers

Fan club booklets $9 each
Psycho le Cemu - KRONOS issues

Mana - Mon Amour
#25 (Oct. 2004)
#26 (Nov. 2004)
#26 (Nov. 2004) <-- print mistake, should be #27 (Dec. 2004)
#28 (Jan. & Feb. 2005)
#29 (Mar. 2005)
#30 (Apr. & May 2005)
#31 (Jun. 2005)
#32 (Jul. 2005)
#33 (Aug. & Sept. 2005)
*will trade for earlier/later issues ^^

email: delirious.asian@gmail.com
payment methods: paypal (personal and creditcard), well concealed cash, international money order
*fees applied for creditcard paypal and cash at your own risk
will trade for: azumanga toys, red ipod nano x_u;;
07 January 2007 @ 08:15 pm
Hopefully it's okay to post requests like this here ... if not, please let me know.


I'm looking to buy Fullmetal Alchemist DVDs and/or Trinity Blood DVDs. I can pay by Paypal (with bank fund or credit cards, whichever is easier).

I am particularly interested in getting the first FMA DVD -- The Curse, but I would like to buy the rest of the series as well. And as long as the discs are playable, I don't mind if they have slight scratches or whatnot.

Thank you so much!
Manga for direct sale here. I also have a Mamotte Lollipop make-up/pencil case for sale here :) Will trade for DS games.
07 January 2007 @ 09:59 pm
I'm getting paid tomorrow, so I want to buy some Dir en grey merch! No CDs please, but DVDs and any other merchandise I will look at. ^o^


Click for more details!~

visit sputniksumire for other sales :)
07 January 2007 @ 11:03 pm
Here are some doujinshis I want to sell off to pay for some college funds. All are in excellent condition. I have a bunch of doujinshi from Full metal alchemist, gundam seed, gundam wing and much more so please take a look. I take Paypal, Money Order, Cash, and Cashier Checks. You can email me at liltichan at animeish dot com to order or leave a comment with the Doujinshi Coding.

Please note while emailing me you may get a email back saying the email was bounced back but please don't worry I do get those emails.

Feedback on ebay linked in my selling journal: liltichanshoppe

Final Fantasy VII DoujinshisCollapse )
Full Metal Alchemist DoujinshisCollapse )
Gundam Seed DoujinshisCollapse )
Gundam Wing DoujinshisCollapse )
Naruto DoujinshisCollapse )
The Prince of Tennis DoujinshiCollapse )

Suikoden DoujinshisCollapse )
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