January 8th, 2007

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Posted all manga, most english books but some japanese books as well. Also posted 1 more doujinshi, this time Bleach.
A lot of offers for artbooks, but not much concrete yet so everyone still has a chance.
Everything is negotiable.

Click here nkn1983 to go to my LJ.
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Direct sale + one LJ auction (Death Note/NANA 2 and EGL)

Trying to recover from spending too much while in Japan...@.x;;

I have one pamphlet each from Death Note: The Last Name and NANA 2 bought when I went to see the movies at the Toho Cinema theatre in Ebina. They are in mint, new condition and are of course official items.

Death Note: The Last Name
Asking: $19
Details: Approx. 36 pages (including front/back covers), mostly colour, includes info about the cast, images of cast members and movie scenes, plus info about other goods available. Printed on nice quality, thick paper.

Asking: $15
Details: Approx. 40 pages (including front/back covers), all colour, includes info about the cast, images of cast members and movie scenes, plus info about other goods available and accessories worn by the cast. Printed on high quality, glossy paper.

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Also I have a LJ auction going on for an Angelic Pretty 15,750 yen fukubukuro/lucky pack (ends Jan 12th, 9:00 p.m. PST) and some socks for direct sale. Please check it out here if interested!

I have feedback on eBay here and also on my sales journal: ssales

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Thanks for reading! <3
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I almost dieded when a new set of flyers came in (i don't remember buying so many xD) anyway here're 115 different jrock/visual kei flyers i would like to get rid off. Taking offers till Saturday, 1pm Tokyo time. Do feel free to ask if you have any questions ^_^

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Please visit my LJ for more jrock items and flyers!
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Dean Blows

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I'm back in CA and have my news sales page up and ready.

manga,dvds, plush, pencilboards, cd singles and more from:

Air Gear
Brave Story
Detective Conan
Digi Carat
Kyo Kara Maoh
One Piece
Prince of Tennis
Scrapped Princess

Please check it out here! Thanks ^_^

Game Hunting~

Atelier Iris
Atelier Iris 2
Phantom Brave
(I won't pay over $30.00 for it, check Ebay)
Disgea 2

and the guides (only special edition guides for those that have them)

I'd love to trade for these as if I were to buy them, they'd be on hold for three weeks or so.

Everything I have for trade is here: angelchansales

Please comment or email me if you have anything availible, they must be complete: insanescoot13 at AOL dot com

looking for

Yellow Vol 3 and
Yellow Vol 4.

Il Gatto Sul G Vol. 1 and
Il Gatto Sul G Vol. 2.

If you have it and wanna sell it please let me know. I'm really only looking for really good condition manga. Thanks.
DW The New Tardis
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Wallscrolls for Sale~

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$10 each or $8 if you buy more than one, but I'm not sure how much USPS priority mail will cost due to the length of these things. Let's just say $5-6 including tracking numbers. I take non credit card paypal (vid3l at yahoo dot com), money orders or if you're really desperate, concealed cash at your own risk.

This is the first time I've sold here, I've only been buying so far XD;. But if you'd like to see feedback, my ebay username is "hanyoukifujin". If you have any questions or want to make offers, please don't hesitate to do so. Thank you for looking!
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vanilla ice

Added anime pins, idol & egraph cards, chopsticks & J-manga lots

Anime pins are new and never used. Series include Ranma, Slayers, Mamotte Shugogetten, Escalfowne, Nadesico, Card Captor, and Sailor Moon.

Egraphic postcards/frames (sometimes refered to as mini shitajiki or pencil board) added Utena (many singles and a complete regulars set available. 3 foil chase cards also available.)

Idol cards from various anime or game series. (the more you buy the cheaper per card!)

Chopsticks and other utensils from Cutey Honey Flash and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne.

Manga lots are 5 per lot and in Japanese. Most are Boys Love.

I take cash, postal money orders, and NON-CREDIT/DEBIT card Paypal. (if you must pay by credit card, you can pay the Paypal fees on top of your total.)

Visit my journal for pics and details! animeattic

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I'm selling anime and manga over here. Includes: Eerie Queerie, Gravitation, Yu-Gi-Oh, and more!

Looking for: Death Note notebook (preferably one cheaper than those floating around ebay), Prince of Tennis plushies (any of Tezuka and Eiji), Prince of Tennis anime boxset (preferably one cheaper than those floating around ebay), Ryuichi cosplaying as Kumagoru [Gravitation] plushie (again, cheaper than the ones on ebay), a Dir en grey lanyard, any KAT-TUN merchandise, any excellent quality issues of magazines from 2006/2007 such as Potato/Duet/etc that have several pages on KAT-TUN, and Cheeky Angel merchandise.


More you buy the better the discount ;)

All Manga are $4.50 USD

Model 1-7
Ayashi no ceres 1-8
Get Backers 1,2
Gravitation 1-3
alice 19th 1,2,4
Fruits Basket 2,3,4
Fushigi yugi 5-7
Angel Sanctuary volume 12

Canada and U.S buyers only Shipping is not included as cost will vary depending on where I ship to, however regardless I will combine shipping. I accept Paypal, money orders and CC AT OWN RISK~~
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(no subject)

Selling off all of my binsen, over 1000 of them in bulk. Check out my LJ to find out more.

Other than the binsen you can find:
-Lots of artbooks
-Cheap manga
-Some doujinshi (FFVII, FMA, Bleach)
-Soon some more stuff

Click here nkn1983 to go to my LJ.
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Manga for sale

manga, anime & cds for sale.
all manga is in english/or subtitled. all in good condition and most only read once.
all manga $4.50 (except yaoi)
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Shipping.. no shipping out of the usa with the exception of canada. media mail or prioity mail available. priority mail is 5 dollars for 5 books. media mail is 3 dollars for 5 books.. will make exceptions if you get under 5 books. if you get a large number of books (over 20) will make an exception as well as long as it is media mail..Media mail takes up to 1-2 weeks depending on how far away you live from sender, no media mail for canada.

payment: Paypal(If using cc please notify when requesting books CC payments go to a separate account) , money order, or conceiled cash *again! had alot of complaint because they couldnt buy if i only used paypal* SHIPPING GOES OUT monday-wensday-friday unless one of those days falls on a holiday.
please if you do not intend to buy dont make the offer. Its not fair to others. and happy shopping ^_^

Also If you buy $100 dollars worth of books/cds/dvds You'll get a free gift (bjd clothing, FMA messanger bag, Fruits basket messanger bag,plushies.. ect.. what ever we have available) ^^; cant you tell we are in desprite need of money?

Sailor Moon Illust Photos...

Price : 25 USD each set (Include Shipping cost)

A,B,C set is 20 pieces.
D set is 16 pieces + 3 post cards + two japanese anime photos(Dokimeki Memorial)

If you buy all sets, I will give some anime photos and a silor moon stiker.

Please e-mail me
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