January 20th, 2007



I have decided that my Sword collection has gotten WAY to big.. (damn you Sephiroths Sword! lol) So im Selling two of my very first ones.

first one is Squalls Ultimate Gunblade. (I did have two of them, one with the limited edition Silver handel and the other with the normal Gold.. I have SOLD the Gold handel one but still have the silver handel one!)

Ultimate Gunblade with Lionheart's Logo on the blade and keychain hilt!!
Overall Length: 40"!!
Blade Length: 30"
Blade Type: Stainless Steel 440K

My Gunblade is not a Bootleg version, the way you can tell is the gun color of the gunblade. If its gold you know its a bad imitation and not worth the money to ship.. But the Very limited are the Silver Gunblade handles..

(Images will be at the bottom under a cut)

The Second sword is Paines..

Full sword with silver plated handel..
440 s.s blade mirrior polished
total length 40"
blade length 31"
blade weidth 5 3/16
thickness 1/8"

I am also adding Display stands for both swords, that way everyone can see them out in full glory.. ^_^

Price is Make an Offer, cause I have to ship thease with tracking and all that. I live in the u.s.a. If you want to know shipping leave your zipcode when you post!

cyworld - これって片思い?

shoujo manga on ebay

I'm going to be moving in a few months and am desperate to get rid of some of my old manga. Care to help me out? This includes:

Mint na Bokura complete set 1-6
Magic Knight Rayearth complete 1-6
Gakuen Alice 7.5 fanbook
Angel Sanctuary artbook
Fushigi Yuugi artbook (autographed)

...with tons more (mostly shoujo) to be added after February rolls around. All in original Japanese. Also, I'm pretty new to Ebay and wouldn't mind some feedback. Thank you! ♥
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Complete Anime Box sets for Sale

Hi, I am selling a number of complete series anime Region 1 boxsets. Shipping will be 3.00 for media mail for the first box set and 6.00 for any number of box sets bought. If you have any questions or want pictures, please let me know. I also have individual volumes of anime and manga at my website: http://www.animecelsforsale.com

The box sets:
Avenger Complete Collection (Full series in collector tin with 4 mini-cels) $20.00
Chrono Crusade Complete Collection (Full series thinpack collection) $50.00
Cyber Formula GPX Complete Collection (Complete 37 episode series on 8 discs)$32.00
Devil Lady Complete Collection (full series, 6 DVD collection, small hole in UPC) $24.00
Don't Leave Me Alone Daisy Collection (dvds only, 2 dvd complete series) $12.00
Geo-Armor: Kishin Corps collection (All 7 episodes) $11.00
Happy Lesson: Teacher's Pet collection (Full series thinpack collection) $20.00
Kaze no Yojimbo Complete Collection $28.00
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Complete Thinpack Collection $28.00
Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful vol. 1-3 (no series box) $20.00
Marmalade Boy Collection Volume 1 (episodes 1-19) $28.00
Nuku Nuku TV series volumes 1-4 $30.00
Original Dirty Pair: OVA Thinpack collection $12.00
Ranma 1/2: Season 1 (4 dvd Complete 18 episode season 1) $50.00
Shrine of the Morning Mist Perfect Collection (all 26 episodes) $20.00
Stratos 4 Complete Collection $20.00
Super GALS! - The Iron-Clad Thinpack Collection $28.00

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All manga $1.16 plus $1.59 for shipping, so $1.75/book. May make deals on sets, the point is, I want this gone!!!

EDIT: Apparently I can't add. $1.16+$1.59=$2.75/book. Sorry for any inconvenience. amazonstorm commented before my edit, so they get the original $1.75/book price.

Ceres Celestial Legend 8
CLAMP Campus Detectives 1-3 (COMPLETE SET) SOLD
CLAMP Paranormal Investigators 1 SOLD
Comic Party 1
Excel Saga1-3
Gravitation 5
Loveless 1 SOLD
Ranma Half 1-2 SOLD
Rave Master
Read or Die 1
RG Veda 1
Suki 1
Yu-Gi-Oh! 1-4
YuYu Hakusho 1-3
Zyword 1

Oki Mamiya, Yubinbasya FFVII items etc.

I visited Oki Mamiya's booth during Comiket 71 last December and bought a bunch of her stuff only to find out that I have hard copies of some of her images already. Seeing as she's going to be the guest of honor at Yaoi Con this year, I'm selling the postcards that I bought from her booth. Ask her (and Kawahara Tsubasa, author of Tokyo Night Out, Platonic Dance & Jadou) to sign them if you'll be attending Yaoi Con this year =D Also, I'm parting with FFVII doujinshi items, including some by the Yubinbasya circle & Itsuki Kaname doujinshi.

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On February 2nd, I'll be getting rid of all my stock and closing pink_berry_shop for a while. So, please make me offers or trade with me for items here! :D I accept Paypal (all kinds, provided you add a tiny fee), and I ship internationally.

♥ - DIY skirts, bloomers/drawers, strawberry print babydoll top
♥ - FRUiTSY store-bought clothes
♥ - Marie belt, rainbow bubblegum bead necklace, furoku accessories, retro heart hair combs
♥ - Fabric pieces
♥ - Sanrio/Manga/Momiji plushie


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lol internet

Lots for sale

For Sale:
Gundam Wing Posters
D.N.Angel Posters
Saiyuki Posters
Angelic Layer Posters
Shaman King, Trigun, Slayers TRY, FFIX, Prince of Tennis, and X Poster.
KPop Double sided posters *price cut* $4.00$2.00 each
X-Japan Poster *price cut* $12.00 $9.00

Anime Pins, Plushies and Handmade accessories for sale

@ natsuoshoppe

Prices negotiable

Gackt for sale!

I have 5 Gackt cds that want to get rid of as they're taking up my rather limited CD shelf space:

(clockwise from top-left)
OASIS (single), MOON, DIABOLOS, The Seventh Night, Crescent

Oasis and Diabolos were played just once while 7th Night and Crescent were played a few more times but treated lovingly. Moon is also in good condition but the outer plastic slip has a few scratches and a bit of putty from the price tag left on it. Everything except Moon were new when purchased and are all official Japanese relases.

I'm taking reasonable offers for any of the cds (or the lot) - all forms of payment accepted but paypal is preferred, CC at buyer's risk. Please read my payment and shipping policy before making a purchase. Serious buyers only, please.

(no subject)

come check out my sales journal : chibi_sales
You have to look under pictures though this is what I'm selling:Manga
Hellsing vol.1 & 3&4 $3 ea
The Tarot Cafe 1-3 $3 each(sold)
Aishiteruze Baby vol. 5 $3(don't have pic yet)
Hana Kimi vol.2$3
Anne Freaks vol.1$3(don't have pic yet)
Shojo Beat Jan.2006 issue$1(sold)

DN Angel full anime box set $15-DVDs(sold)
Inuyasha Movie #4 $10-DVD
Gunslinger Girl vol. 1 $10
Full Metel Alchemist vol.1 $10
I take paypal, concealed cash, check or money order

Also I'm looking for TM Revolution, Ayumi Hamasaki, and L'arc~en~ciel stuff

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Huge Update at Lilith Sales!~

I just updated quite a bit!

New clothes - Emily the Strange, Invader Zim, Ruby Gloom. . .
New Manga - Ouran, Kenshin, X, Ultra Maniac...
Figures - Pretty Cure, Pokemon, Gundam SEED...
Books - Gothic Lolita Bible 18
CD's - Ayumi Hamasaki "My Story" Album

Please stop by and visit!
All prices include shipping and haggling is always an option!! =D

Just click my name =DDD