January 23rd, 2007

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Manga for sale!

Hi! :D

I have some manga for sale but first, some rules:

1. SERIOUS buyers only!
2. Prices do not include shipping.
3. I only take USD well-concealed cash. If you really wanna do PayPal, let me know. I think there is a $0.50 fee, I will have to find out.
4. I am not responsible for lost/damaged/stolen items.
5. NO returns. I will take additional pictures for you if you want so that shouldn't be a problem.
6. NO trades unless you have Girl Got Game 6, 7, and/or 10.

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Click item names for pictures. Please note that all manga are in Japanese.

Amakawa Sumiko:
Cross Oneself 1-5 [complete] ~ $3.00 each | $12.00 set

Tokyo Babylon 1-7 [complete] ~ $3.50 each | $16.00 set
Shirahime Shou [one-shot] ~ $5.00

Higuri You:
Lost Angel [one-shot] ~ $5.00
ZEUS 1-2 [complete] ~ $5.00 each | $8.00 set

Kuujou Kiyo:
Trinity Blood 1 [incomplete] ~ $4.00

Minekura Kazuya:
Stigma [one-shot] ~ $12.00

Miyagi Tooko:
Over the Moon [one-shot] ~ $6.00

Ohkami Mineko:
Lumen Lunae 1-4 [incomplete] ~ $5.00 each | $15.00 set

Shurei Kouyu:
ALICHINO 1-3 [incomplete] ~ $4.00 each | $10.00 set

Watase Yuu:
Alice 19th 1-4 [incomplete] ~ $3.00 each | $10.00 set

Yuiga Satoru:
E'S 1-10 [incomplete] ~ $6.00 each | $32.00 set

Yuki Kaori:
{Count Cain} The Forgotten Juliet (Wasurerareta Jurietto) [one-shot] ~ $3.00
{Count Cain} Sound of a Boy Hatching (Shounen no Fuka Suru Oto) [one-shot] ~ $3.00
{Count Cain} Kafka [one-shot] ~ $3.00
{Count Cain} Mark of the Red Ram (Akai Hitsuji no Kokuin) 1-2 [complete] ~ $3.00 each | $5.00 set
{Count Cain} God Child 1-8 [complete] ~ $3.00 each | $18.00 set
Screw (Neji) [one-shot] ~ $4.00

***Please visit yui_sales for policies and more items!***

Magical Kanan Gashapon for sale

Ok I am selling this box of 8 randomly assorted gashapon from the anime series "Magical Kanan", featuring magical girls in uniforms similar to what you see in Card Captor Sakura. I ordered this from Hobby Link Japan thinking it was Magiranger Gashapon since they accidentally listed it in that section for some time.

Here's the description from HLJ:

"Super-sweet trading figures from "Magical Kanan"; the series includes Carmine, Septieme, Cerulean Blue, and Hiiragi Chihaya. Each figure comes with a custom base to keep her upright. Please note that these are trading figures and are individually sealed and randomly packed in boxes of 8 before shipment to HobbyLink Japan. As a result we are unable to honor requests for individual or specific figures, nor can we promise you which one(s) you will receive in a box. Please order only if you are willing to accept any of the possible types."

I paid about $35 for this, and I want to get this off my hands. Make an offer.

Comment or email at ericvberry at gmail [dot] com

Sumomo "yeah I'm sorry"

Looking for Sumomo Yumeka's works

Hello everyone. It's my first post here so I hope (truthly hope) this is perfectly allowed .

I am looking for DOUSAIBOU SEIBUTSU (SAME CELL ORBANISM) manga (the manga-ka is SUMOMO YUMEKA) USA editions, as I don't know how to read Japanese.
I live in Brasil so I hope you ship worldwide. Prices and conditions, please?

If the prices are good (by that I mean low. xD), I'd also be willing to buy her other work, CHOU NI NARU HI (THE DAY I BECAME A BUTTERFLY), although I'm not sure if DMP published it already.

Thank you very much in advance.
Novis Orbus Librarium

New Items! Update on shipping!

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There's a couple of items removed from the CD section as requested by my sister (who changed her mind about it) but I did add new CDs too! I still have lots more manga, tapes, and other items for sale! I now have some magazines up for sale as well :) Check it out! Also, as I have moved back into my dorm, it's going to take a bit longer for me to ship things as the postal office is inconvenient and also due to my 17-unit schedule :( but no worries, I'll work out something with you!

My sales Journal here:
Roxas KH2

Selling Journal with alot of new stuff

I finished up my selling journal a bit more so now it is more complete. I've added lots of Promotional Items, Doujinshis, Pencil Boards, Stationary, Artbooks, Mangas, CDs, and much more!

Here's my selling journal: liltichanshoppe

From a bunch of various series like Kyo Kara Maoh, Gundam Seed, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Code Geass, and much more =)

Naruto and Bleach Cards

NARUTO goods and BLEACH cards for sale!
More information under the cut.

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If you are interesed in buying these things please email me at rebelpaws@hotmail.com.

Please include the following:
Subject: Livejournal: Naruto Sale
Livejournal name & the item you are interested in.
Also, please include your zip code/country name in order to calculate shipping as the prices do not include shipping.
Form of payment accepted: Money Orders or Checks

Doll stuff + Manga + Jrock stuff!! PLEASE BUY ;A;

All prices are without shipping unless otherwise indicated. I will gladly combine shipping if you buy more than one item, if I am able to do so. Prices are open to negotiation, but please keep in mind all of these are already below the retail price!

Please help me out by buying some things! m(_ _)m

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Trade Info
I also need shoes for my upcoming SD doll, so if you have white and black creepers for SD and wanna trade, please let me know! This is the only thing I'm willing to accept a trade for, however.

Payment Info
Payments by paypal only please~ I don't charge paypal fee.
If you're really desperate and can't use paypal, I'll see if we can work something out. (^^/

Shipping Info
Inside the US: I use first class mail unless you specify otherwise -- this means I'll need your zip code. Don't worry, all comments are screened, so no one else will see it. If you order two manga, however, I will have to use priority shipping since they're over the weight limit for first class (there's cheaper options but they take longer and are not as safe, but if you request them, I will use them).
Outside the US: We'll have to discuss what you would like to use for shipping. (^^/

Feedback Info
Here's my Ebay Feedback. (^^

Thanks for looking!! Please to be buying my stuff! m(_ _)m

For Sale

i have some items for sale, prices include shipping anywhere. i accept paypal,money order, and concield cash. you may reply here or email me at pinkspider1102@hotmail.com (its also my msn messanger)if prices are too high please offer

if you want pics please ask me, i need to take them with my cellphone

all item are in excellant condition! most i havent even touched

Toxic Star Gloves - i bought these thru celga but they are too big for my small fingers so they are brand new, they are black with red stitching, with the toxic star logo on front (a red rabbit skull) - $30.oo

H.Naoto shirt - SZ S-M black with red cross on front, frills on the bottm and bottom of sleeves, very pretty worn lightly, 20.oo

Infection - jhorror
Through the glass - jhorror
Excel Saga complete DVD collection 1-26eps - 20.00

Kingdom Hearts 1 - $4.oo
Battle Royal 2-6 - $4.oo each

X japan art of life single, rare - $24.oo
Glay - heavy gauge album - 8.oo
Aucifer - the best album - 9.oo
Penicillin - flower circus album comes with 2 pins - 12.oo
dir en grey - the final single - 10.oo
speed - moment album - 9.oo
luna sea - mother - 10.oo -SOLD-
Nami Tamaki - greeting - 7.oo
Love for NANA cd - 7.oo

Ps1 and Ps2 games
Xenogears - 20.oo -SOLD-
YuYu Hakusho the dark tournament - 5.oo
Inuyasha secret of the cursed mask - 7.oo
i have more, just ask if your looking for a specific one!

Thank You! oh and i also do trades.

(no subject)

DN Angel full anime box set $15-DVDs(sold)
Inuyasha Movie #4 $10-DVD
Gunslinger Girl vol. 1 $10
Full Metel Alchemist vol.1 $10

Hellsing vol.1 & 3&4 $3 ea
The Tarot Cafe 1-3 $3 each(sold)
Aishiteruze Baby vol. 5 $3
Hana Kimi vol.2$3
Anne Freaks vol.1$3 

I take paypal, concealed cash, check or money order

Also I'm looking for TM Revolution, Ayumi Hamasaki, and L'arc~en~ciel stuff

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Ray Magazine

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♥ Really Similar to ViVi (In size and content)
♥ Brand New Condition
♥ Comes with the GIFT on the cover! (It it a bag with a mirror by C.C. Cross)

♥ ♥ $15 + Shipping
Price Negotiable :D
I accept payapl.

NEO Genesis feeler~

Hi all,
I am in Japan right now and my friend is looking to sell the new NEO Genesis vol.9.
Alice 9 is on the cover and An Cafe is on the back. The bands mentioned inside are gazette, plastic tree, LM.C, nightmare, sido, jyui from vidoll and doremidan.

If anyone is interested let me know what you are willing to offer and I will tell you shipping ^_^



O.K. enough with the Cure magazine search
I'm looking for kera magazines
any volumes will do
and i'll be willing to pay uner $8
for a volume.
please comment if you are going to sale
any kera magazines =]
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(no subject)

~Clothes-Emily the Strange, Invader Zim, Ruby Gloom. . .
~Manga - Ouran, InuYasha,
~Toys- Pokemon, Gundam, Pretty Cure
~Gothic Lolita Bible
Ayumi Hamasaki CD

And mooooore~ : D

~I love trades~

PLease check me out!

the best pokemon

Looking for manga

Hello there, I'm looking for the following manga (in English):

- xxxHolic 4,5
- Get backers 7-onwards
- Hybrid Child

Good condition, please ^^
I LOVE trades and I'm mainly interested in those (check my journal!). But if the price's affordable I could buy, too.


(no subject)

Hello! Niihon Onegai Has Updated!


To Niihon Onegai!

- Miyavi Hitogeri 2 PV Collection NEW
- Miyavi Last Live in Nippon Budoken NEW
- Miyavi Galyuu CD (First Press) NEW
- NOIZ SHOXX Volume (Includes Poster) NEW
- Purple Sky Fall 06 MUCC in OTAKON NEW
- Nightmare SHOXX Volume (Includes Poster)
- Sendai Kimotsu Poster
- MUCC 6.9 FINAL Badge (RARE)


- Strawberry Marshmallow 1 (Ichigo Mashimaro) NEW
- The Embalmer 1 NEW
- Someday's Dreamers 1 NEW
- Legal Drug 2 NEW
- Real Lies 1
- Bizenghast 2
- Monster 2
- Yotsuba&! 1,2,3
- The Ring 0 The Birthday 1
- Blood Suckers 1
- Cafe Koujinski
- My Neighbor Totor Hardcover Art Book NEW
- Demon Oron 1,2,3
- .hack 1 Novel
- .hack 1,2,3 Manga

+Apparel, Video Games & Guides, Plus tons of JHORROR & American Movies

Click the top or bottom banner to hop on over to NIIHON ONEGAI

To Niihon Onegai!

animate merchandise, furoku

Selling merchandise (notebooks, postcards, rubber stamps, pins, fasteners, book covers etc) from the following series: Angel Sanctuary, Godchild, Angelique, Card Captor Sakura, Dragon Knights, ES, Fruit Basket, Gin no Yuusha, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Kaikan Phrase, Rurouni Kenshin, Saiyuki, X, Yami no Matsuei, Yorozuya Toukaido Honpo Collapse )