January 26th, 2007

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Wishlist! ♥

I'm interested in buying/trading for the following items:

Doujinshi/doujin items
anything by Yubinbasya, including keychains, letter sheets, calendars, etc. Seriously. I've been going crazy from trying to complete my collection. Checking LJ sale communities, eBay, and JPQueen has become part of my daily routine. =P

Please don't try to rip me off by asking ridiculous prices. I'm not desperate enough to pay $30 USD for something that originally cost 1000 yen.

New Super Mario [NDS]--cartridge only!
Mario 64 [NDS]--cartridge only!
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories [GBA]--cartridge only!

I accidentally threw out the cartridges for those three games while cleaning my room, so I'd like to buy them again.

Fullmetal Alchemist Premium Collection DVD
Tackey & Tsubasa CDs (only limited/first press)
Imai Tsubasa's Tsubacon DVD

I'd much rather trade for these items than buy them because my credit cards are pretty much maxed out from unexpected school tuition fees. Please check out my sales journal, ysale. It has 150+ items (CDs, manga, cute Asian items) up for sale right now, and I plan on updating it with several dozen more sometime this weekend.

However, if you can't find anything that you want on ysale, I'd be happy to just buy stuff on my wishlist from you. =)

selling: dir en grey items + visible secret 1 & 2

i'm selling dir en grey's final 2003 5 ugly kingdom DVD, tour 00 >> 01 macabre, their VULGAR album[sold], due to the fact that i'm not that keen on them anymore :/, and the collector's edition of visible secret 1 & 2

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anyway, the listings are on ebay:
final 2003 5 ugly kingdom
tour 00 >> 01 macabre
visible secret 1 & 2

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Strawberry Kisses !! Is Back

Strawberry Kisses is back and I need to start selling again =\

Currently I have a lot of brand new stationery (memo pads, letter sets, sticker sacks...) as well as random other things (anime & manga included). But mostly I have stationery items. I recently moved and I haven't gone through all my boxes yet.

But please check out my sales journal here: strawberrystore

selling: Jp, Eng manga, artbooks, manga/anime magazines

Selling Japanese, English, and Chinese manga, Japanese phonebook manga, anime magazines, dvds, games, and artbooks at my selling journal slow_robots! I accept Paypal, money orders, and concealed cash. I will also consider trades (see here). Visit slow_robots for pictures and details, plus many more items!
These are some of the items I have for sale:

Japanese manga, most brand new/unread, from $3
Bus Gamer, D.Gray-man, Get Backers, HxH, Hellsing, KamiKaze, Loveless, Matantei Loki Ragnarok, Spiral (1-10), Tactics special edition with storybook, White Dragon (full set)

English manga from $2
Black Cat, Bleach, Get Backers, Hellsing, INVU, KamiKaze, Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, Naruto, One Piece, Rebirth, RG Veda, Tactics, Trigun, Warcraft

Japanese Artbooks from $10
Soul Caliber II, Spiral, CLAMP Wish, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, and more

Magazines (Phonebook Manga, Anime) from $2
Asuka, BeBoy Gold, Comic Blade, Hana to Yume, Newtype, Newtype USA, Weekly JUMP, USA Shonen Jump, Young King Ours, Zero Sum, Zero Sum WARD

Anime DVDs
Get Backers (JP), Saiyuki

Games/Game Merchandise
Fullmetal Alchemist: Tobenai Tenshi Official Complete Guide (鋼の錬金術師 翔べない天使 : 公式コンプリートガイド), Japanese release

I will be adding a load of new, unread Japanese Animeda / Animage / Newtype soon. Thanks for looking :D

need to sell some things ^^

sadly i need to get rid of stuff since i am lacking room >_>

i have for sale a few L'Arc en Ciel cds ^^
*at least 12$ for a CD*
+heavenly sold
+DUNE sold
+Tierra sold
+heart sold
i also have Ark, Ray, Real (japanese press) and Smile and Awake (Us version) if your interested ._.

i have the infamous Hot Topic Vash Coat size L. i've only worn it one at a convention. and has since been dry cleaned. 50$ or best offer

demonia boots size 10 womens/8 mens (worn once) $25

black wig (only tried on) $15

pink wig SOLD

Gravitation box set & OVA together for 80$ (or make an offer)
witch hunter robin vol. 1 8$
loveless vol. 1 on hold

Cross vol. 1 5$
wolf's rain vol. 1 SOLD

prices don't include shipping (depends on where you live) and are in USD
i accept paypal, money orders, check and cash ^^
email me at downxthexrabbitxhole @ yahoo.com

(no subject)

+ Jrock CDs +
~Aikaryu- Indigo Blue Story $8
~D- The name of the ROSE $19
~D- Yumenarishi Kuuchuu Teien $13
~D'espairs Ray- BORN $16
~Doremidan- Gekijou Shoroku $19
~Gimikku- Second Opinion $8
~Kagerou- Kurohata $17
~Kuroyume- 1994-1998 BEST OR WORST $20
~Onmyouza- Inyo Shugyoku [Limited Edition] $23
~Phantasmagoria- Splendor of Sanctuary $16
~Rouage- Children $14
~Sulfuric Acid- [salfjuerik aesid] $15

+ Accessories +
~HELL CAT PUNKS Purple Leopard Print Hip Bag- $32 (includes shipping to anywhere in North America)
~Metamorphose Nurse Pin- $9 (includes shipping to anywhere in North America)

+ PS2 Games +
~Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Special Edition- Brand-new, sealed. $17
~Fatal Frame III: The Tormented- $28
~Silent Hill 3 (w/ CD soundtrack)- $21

+ PS1 Games +
~Parasite Eve II- $16

+ Other +
~20020220- Music from Final Fantasy Orchestra Concert- 2-disc set! $16

***Please visit nurse_reita for pics & more details! Thank you!***

Tsubasa Collector's Editions! Still available!

edit: Off hold; these are still available. :)

I'm in a very bad financial position right now, so I really have to get rid of these. :( I'm sad to see them go.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 1-5, Collector's Editions

$20 a piece including shipping.

These books retail for at least $20 minus shipping; they're pretty heavy so this is quite a deal.
If anyone is interested in the whole set I'll let them go, including shipping, for $100 even.

All are in pristine condition, and come with the extra postcard as well.

Please comment here with interest, or email me at char_hakkai(at)hotmail.com.

Thank you!
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&hearts Looking for KERA Magazines~

Hi, everyone! I'm looking to buy the following KERA magazines~
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*** I also have KERA August 2006, Volume #97 for sale! It is in brand new condition, still in the plastic wrapping that it came to me in. I can trade, or sell it for $10 shipped [within USA and includes delivery confirmation; international shipping will be a bit more, so please let me know where you live~] ~ Currently on HOLD!

Thanks for looking! :]
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