January 29th, 2007


I have magazine cuttings and oricon style for sale.

Basically Magazine cutting of :-
Kindai - Arashi + Ohkura & Subaru - 2 usd
Tv Life - Matsumoto jun, Nino - 11 pages - 2 usd

Uncut Magazine :-
Oricon Style - cover is Shiina Ringo. 3 usd
Featuring:- Winds, Matsumoto Jun, News, Johnnys book in book, Glay & etc
Comes without Tackey & Tsubasa

To look at the pictures - click here
For terms, please check my journal - kotoriii



I am sure most of you are familiar with my previous post and I am back again :D

Now, I am selling a Dio single&DVD.

current state
Dio Single&DVD condition: JUST bought it, actually. Alas, I really didn't want it >___> I LOVE the song "garasu no umi," but, eh. There are NO scratches--only been opened like three times. Everything is in order.

Dio Single&DVD Cost: 18$ (two less than what other sites ask for)
Shipping: 5$ (if you don't want first class mail) - 7$ (if you do want first class mail)


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Yaoi, manga, doujinshis, non-yaoi english/raws ^^

Please feel free to make reasonable offers - I ship internationally with rates avalible on request. I accept cheques (UK only) concealed cash (UK only at own risk.) and paypal (buyer pays fee determined by ppcalc ^^) No time wasters and no off-topic comments please! I will only trade with people who can provide alot of good feedback (like I can.)

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FOR SALE: Cure mags, Manga

I need a little extra money so I'm selling my CURE Magazines, and am trying to sale two manga that didn't get bought last time. I take Paypal (preferred), personal check, or WELL CONCEALED CASH (at your own risk.) (If paying by check, items will be held until the check clears)

Shipping is $5. ONLY US BUYERS PLEASE.

Comment or e-mail me at kouryuu_the_river_rat@yahoo.com, with item wanted and payment method.
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new stuff


SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. I'm tired of people saying they want something and never replying to my comments!

Serge & Lenna/Rena CHRONO CROSS Keychains (these are in the mail, so in about a month I'll have them, I can reserve them for you)

TaixMatt Taito Digimon Doujinshi
Final Fantasy VIII All-char gag Doujinshi

DEATH NOTE Binsen/Stationary Lot of 5

Parasite Eve II Official Strategy Guide
Final Fantasy VIII Official Strategy Guide

Digimon Takuya/FRONTIER Handbag

Note that all of these are console ONLY, no cords/controllers ect:
Sega CD Console -used, cannot test, worked when last used-
SNES Console -used, cannot test, but worked when last used-
N64 Console -TESTED, WORKS!-

Witch Hunter Robin Artbox + vol 1, 2, + 4 and disc to vol 3
Haibane-Renmei w/artbox complete -no shitajiki- $45.00 shipped only!

Note that these are pending because a friend has them, but you can inquire:
Final Fantasy X-2 LIMITED Edition Strategy Guide -guide only, PAINE edition-
Final Fantasy X-2 Video Game -complete-

Details, Images, and lowered prices on past items (I'll take best offers, too!): angelchansales

I'm moving, this stuff needs to go. Just offer a price, I reply every day ^^

Trades are only for items here: Video Game/Guide Book WISH LIST

Payment Paypal, money order if I have to but prefer paypal

Thank you


Selling some more jrock/fashion magazines plus some posters as well *_*

KERA! June 2006 edition
KERA! April 2006 edition
Spring Volume 3 with Ayumi Hamasaki on Cover- (brand new)
Cure Vol.41 with Sadie on cover (absolutely brand new) (doesnt include poster)
Cure Vol.40 with Ayabie (brand new) (doesn't include poster)

Mucc shoxx poster
Double sided Nightmare poster (neo yearbook 2006)
Double sided Ancafe poster

Click here for more info!!

Requesting L'Arc~en~Ciel CD!

Hi! Does anyone have the L'Arc~en~Ciel album "Clicked Singles Best 13" they would like to sell or trade? :3 Of course, it must be an official CD, preferably not the Tofu Records licensed release. (I want the one that was released in Japan.) I don't want to pay any more than $16 including shipping. So, it doesn't have to be in mint condition, but it should play through normal and not have any major defects. Oh, and please check out my selling/trading journal nurse_reita! Thanks much!


Inuyasha Movie #4 $10-DVD (on hold for ladyblue99)
Gunslinger Girl vol. 1 $10
Full Metel Alchemist vol.1 $10

Hellsing vol.1 & 3&4 $3 ea
The Tarot Cafe 1-3 $3 each(sold)
Aishiteruze Baby vol. 5 $3
Hana Kimi vol.2$3
Anne Freaks vol.1$3 

I take paypal, concealed cash, check or money order 
Holds only last about a week unless the buyer has reason

Also I'm looking for TM Revolution, Ayumi Hamasaki, and L'arc~en~ciel stuff a must!!!!!!! 

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Cillian: Secret Identity


Manga: (pictures and prices under the cut)
Boys Over Flowers 1-15
Beck 1
Comic Party
Crimson Hero 3
Cross 1
Death Note 5
Descendants Of Darkness/Yami no Matsuei 11
Diablo 1
Doubt!! 1-3, 6
Gate 1
Land of the Blindfolded 1
Neck and Neck 1-2
Othello 1-4
Shutter Box 1
The Tarot Cafe 1
The Wallflower 1-4
Under The Glass Moon 1
Zodiac P.I. 2

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GARAGE SALE @ bubblegumgoods!!!

I have have updated with tons more stuff. So please take a look. There are:

*Glass Beaded Adjustable Rings
*Lucite Rings
*Beaded Bracelets
*Punk Cuff Bracelets
*Bangle Watches
*Hello Kitty Necklaces
*Cute Earrings
*Punk Long Fishnet Armwarmers
*Punk Wristbands
*Hello Kitty Hairclips
*Fruity Lip Balm
*Punk Buttons
*Hello Kitty Cell Straps
*Chinese Purses
*Chinese Wallets
*Chinese Coin Purses
*Vintage Jewelry
*Lisa Frank Sticker Books
*Rainbow Jewelry
*Pearl Jewelry
*Jelly Bracelets
*Rainbow Headband
*DiY Kits

-I accept paypal(all payment types), well concealed cash (AYOR), & money orders
*Paypal payments need to be made within 3 days.
*Well concealed cash & money orders need to reach me within 1 week.
-Once I recieve payment, I will ship out your item(s).
*If sending e-check through paypal, you'll have to wait until it clears before I can ship your item(s) out.
-NO holds
-NO deadbeats
-NO trades
-If you need more time, then let me know.

If your order is $5.00 or more, you'll receive a cute plastic Hello Kitty ring.


Jrock Posters :D

Looking to sell some posters...Really attempting to get rid of them, you know? XD so all prices are including shipping inside the USA. Paypal or Postal Money Order Please <3!!

Not Pictured but I'm pretty sure you can find pictures if you search jpop house or google
all are in EXCELLENT condition!!

$5 shipped (20 dollars shipped for all 5 posters!!!)
2005.10.21 VOL. 040 UNDERCODE POSTER
2006.5.21 VOL. 034 12012 POSTER
2006.7.21 VOL. 036 Kagerou
2006.11.21 VOL. 040 AYABIE

leave a comment here and I'll get back to you~! thanks
jimmy hat (do not take!!)

Cleaning Out Meh Closet :D

Looks like I have a whole mess of stuffs that need a new home and a little cash in my pocket (I beling a straving hair dresser and all.... XD)
Please pick through what I have. I take PAYPAL, Postal Money Order, or Concealed Cash -at your own risk- Please leave me a message if you find anything to be of your liking! All are priced with shipping with in USA.

CD and CD singles
Kannivalism/Ritori Single - 7 shipped
Minimoni/ Song Daihyakka 1 Kan (ミニモニ。ソング大百科1巻)- 8 Shipped
Pleur/La premiere porte - 8 shipped
Izam Presents the best of the Cultrue Club - 7 Shipped
YURA-sama • Gensui • Metal: Aladdin to Star Ocean no Hihou?? single with ex- PLC member and other VA Visual Artists - 8 shipped.

GAMEBOY SP (comes with Power Supply, Super Mario Brothers, and PACMAN games) 25 shipped
does have some light scuffing on the top. EVERYTHING ELSE is good condition

Ichi the Killer - 7 Shipped
Audition - 7 Shipped

INDIES (HARD TO FIND) DEMO TAPES of Aya's band (ex. member Missalina Rei) CANDY CRUSH SPEAKER
EACH DEMO - 8 shipped

Charmy Kitty Phone Holder - 8 Shipped

Charmy Kitty IPOD holder - 8 shipped (still has tags)

Charmy Kitty Pin - 5 shipped

Plush Charmy Hangy - 6 shipped

Marie Hat (with tags!) - 7 shipped

Marie Pen - 3 shipped

Thanks for looking~!
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Shipping is only $USD 2 everywhere.
I can only accept concealed cash.
Also if you buy more than 2 items shipping will be free =].
Whenever I recieve a payment I'll try to send it out the next day in the morning.
Of course I will tell you when I've sent it off.

i'm selling a Kagrra single, Haru Urara.
It is still in good condition. I haven't listen to it in a while.
So I'm just gonna sell it.
It is USD $13 plus USD $2 for shipping.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2 Sugar Rox shirt up for sale.
Each shirt is USD $8 or you can buy both up them for $16 for shipping
These shirts have only been worn once or twice.
I can't find my tape measure so I can't measure the length D=

Size-L(at the bottom of the shirt are two pockets)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pandapple plushie up for sale.
I removed the tags because they always irritate me xD.
But I'm selling it for USD $4 plus USD $2 for shipping.
I guess I can say that the size is the same as a ps2 game case lol.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sims 2 for PS2 up for sale.
I kinda got tired of this game.
Well if the game freezes or stops for a bit and starts working that's alrite.
It happened to me when I first played it.
All the stuff that came with it is still there.
Since it's like that the price is going to be cheaper than when I bought it.
It's only going to be USD $6 plus USD $2 for shipping.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

any questions contact me at sweet_lolita_xoxo@yahoo.com
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h.naoto dress & pink lolita bonnet

Body Line pink bonnet
*nice lace (Much nicer than the usual bodyline fare)
*ties under chin
*retails at 5229 yen
*only worn once for a couple hours
here are some pics (sorry about the lack of quality, my camera's flash makes it hard to get close pics)

closeup of lace (kinda)

$40 shipped in US OBO

h.NAOTO “h.ANARCHY” label black dress
-garment width: 18 in.
-length from hips to bottom of skirt: ~10 ½ in
-total length (not counting the extra material hanging from skirt): 32 in

I am a D-cup and the top is, as expected, pretty tight on me. I would recommend this for girls with busts smaller than 38" or so. However, my weight has fluctuated a lot from when I bought it to the last time I tried it on, from a size 10 at the smallest to 14 at the largest, and it still fits ok everywhere else; a friend of mine who is a size 5 wore it for a photoshoot and it looked baggy and cute on her, so it can fit a number of different sizes.
*bondage straps around waist that can be altered in length and location using the snaps and various D-rings on the skirt
*deconstructed-looking skirt with extra material on the bondage straps
*pleated mini skirt (low waist)
*printed on with text in another shade of black
*buttons on top are just decoration, the dress actually zips up and is very easy to wear
*red stitching
*looks adorable with a petticoat or can be worn for a more streamlined look without one
*I only wore it once, and a friend wore it once for a photoshoot. Excellent condition. I’m hoping it will go to someone who will wear it more than I did XD

Front (sorry these are hard to see)

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$105 shipped in US, or best offer

**I prefer paypal but can accept concealed cash and checks**

thanks :D
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