February 1st, 2007

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Tiny jrock sale

- Dir en grey fanclub mags and posters
- FAKE? album
- Blankey Jet City dvd
- Psycho Le Cemu single

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All prices are in USD. I accept paypal, both non-CC and CC.Let me know which you're using. I also accept well hidden cash sent at your own risk.

All items are inclusive of airmail shipping. I ship by regular airmail which takes 7 to 11 days to reach you. Delivery confirmation and insurance is available at another $1.40

Item description
All my items are in great condition, without any scratches on the cds and casings whatsoever. They come from a smoke-free environment.

Fanclub mag #11, $15 shipped
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Fanclub mag #14, $15 shipped
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Shinya calendar sheet and Kaoru tour poster
Mint condition, $20 shipped for both
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Blankey Jet City dvd, $22 shipped
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FAKE? albums, $16 shipped for
L: Made with Air  SOLD
R:Tomorrow Today SOLD
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PLC single (dvd version), $8 shipped
Only Ai no Uta available
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Die = Fucking Rockstar

Tickets for sale for sold out 2/9 Dir en Grey in Toronto show

I still have the two tickets for sale for the 2/9 Guvernment show. If anyone is interested please let me know quickly so that I can guarantee their arrival to you in the mail with days to spare.

I'm currently selling them at $32 each (with $5 shipping to guarantee). I'd prefer to sell them together but am open to selling them seperately. Payment would have to be made by Paypal so that I can send them out immediately.

If anyone is interested e-mail me at RochesterRox19@yahoo.com

Devil Does Exist and Fruits Basket artbooks added!

Price cuts and new items! I need deposit money to switch electricity companies! Shipping listed is within the United States and Canada. Please ask about international rates before agreeing to buy anything.

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Also, for those of you who collect individual DVDs before box sets are released, I have some empty boxes. When people weren't interested in the DVDS they held, I sold them to my local Half Price books, who didn't take the boxes. If anyone wants any of these, and are willing to pay for shipping [about $3 per box unless there's more than one that you want], you can have the boxes for free. ^__^

I have boxes for:

Super Gals
Heat Guy J (Box 1)

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I need a little help from someone over in Japan-land~!


I come bearing a little request. Basically, I am looking for someone in Japan who would be willing to do a little doujinshi shopping for me! ^-^

There is ONE doujinshi in particular that I am looking for (Which is a Keroro Gunsou one, if you couldn't guess just from looking at my icon X3) If you're willing to help me out i'll fill you in on the title, artist, and even the artist's homepage. ^-^ (I should also forewarn that I believe the doujinshi itself has adult content, so be aware of that!)

HOWEVER! The ONLY form of payment that I can currently offer is an IPMO- An International Postal Money Order as payment. Now, I know this may be a tad bothersome, so I am willing to pay at least $10.00 extra for your services-- As well as pay for the price of the doujinshi, and the shipping. SO, Not only would you be helping me out, you'd also be making an extra $10.00 as well! (Perhaps even a little more, if you'd have to go through a lot of trouble to get the doujinshi!) So what do you have to lose? Would anybody out there be willing to help me out? ^-^

If so, please reply here, or send me an e-mail to: ZeroDimensionMuffin @ hotmail.com

If you could show me some sort of feedback, weather it be from e-bay or transactions with people here, it would be appreciated. I just want to be sure I'll be dealing with someone I can trust. ^-^

Thanks, And hope to hear from somebody!
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BUY BUY BUY !!! (^_^)

We have a lot of new stuffs at JAPANESE CANDY!
Hairclips/Hair Ties/Headbands
Cellphone/Skin/Nail Jewelry Stickers Seal
If you're interested please don't hesitate to email or comment us.
Don't worry we don't bite lol!
We accept Paypal and Very Well-Concealed Cash only.
If you don't have money yet to order from us you can still msg us or you can bookmark us lol.
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FOR SALE: (*Email me for pictures.)

DVDs (of course all DVD's are Official Region 1, NO bootlegs here!):

Full Moon Wo Sagashite DVD Episode 1 (free with any DVD purchase)

Case Closed DVD- One Truth Prevails ($10)
Code Lyoko vol. #1 DVD ($10)
Code Lyoko vol. #2 DVD ($10)
Chrno Crusade #5 DVD ($10)
Tenchi Muyo GXP (Galaxy Police Transporter), The Great Daluma DVD ($10)

Ai Yori Aoshi Boxset ($25)
Saikano Complete Set vol. 1-4, w/ extra special features disk ($25)
Koi Kaze Complete Set vol. 1-3 ($25)
Y's Legacy Complete Boxset ($25)

Fushigi Yuugi vol #5 ($5)
.Hack//Legend of the Twilight #1-3 ($15)
Shaolin Sisters #1-2 ($10)
Shaolin Sisters Reborn #3 ($5)

.Hack//Legend of the Twilight Rena Special Manga w/ figure, rare MIB ($20)

Other Items:
Fruits Basket Pins: Tohru, Yuki, Kyo, Shigure ($3 each)
Fruits Basket Kyo Cosplay Plushie ($8)
Cardcaptor Sakura Kero Plush ($8)

Please email me or leave me a note if interested in anything. Thanks!

(no subject)

US only.
Paypal only. If paying by e-check please let me know ahead.
No trades.

Guides (all new/mint unless noted)
DS - Mario and Luigi Partners in Time - some wear on the cover - $5 shipped
PS2 - Devil May Cry 3 - $8 shipped
PS2 - Radiata Stories - $8 shipped

DS - Point Blank DS - played once - $12 shipped
DS - Gunpey - sealed - $15 shipped
PS2 - Kengo: Master of Bushido - might be missing manual - $5 shipped
PC - Baku Baku Animal - jewel case/disc/insert - $5 shipped
PC - Star Wars Rebel Assault II - jewel case/discs/insert - $5 shipped
PC - Sim Farm - boxed, manual, 3.5 disk - $7 shipped (due to box)

Various PS2/PSP/CD demos/promo stuff - $6 shipped

ebay reminder

My ebay auctions are ending in about 1 day, so please check them out before it's too late.

- Utada Hikaru - Wait & See (single)
- Utada Hikaru - Passion (single)
- MALICE MIZER - Bara no Seidou (album)
- Gackt - OASIS (single)
- T.M. Revolution - Seventh Heaven (album)
- PUFFY - JET CD (album)
- POLYSICS - Hey! Bob! My Friend! (album)

I have no ebay feedback now and that makes me nervous ;__; LJ feedback is here for anybody interested.
vanilla ice

Manga for sale ~ Prices include shipping within the US

I have some English manga for sale. Most are new and unread, but have some wear from storage. (The ones I have read will have an * before the title) So expect some wear, and the more noticeable damage will be mentioned.

Please state which country you are from and how you will pay when you post~ and if with Paypal, what type. (I'll toss in random little bonuses such as trading cards, idol card, or stickers, etc, for all types but credit card/debit card Paypal)

Payments types accepted: All types of Paypal, Postal Money Order, very well-concealed cash, Amazon Gift Certificates

(includes Media Mail shipping within the US)
1 manga : $7.50
2 manga : $14.00
3 manga : $19.50
4 manga : $24.00
5 manga : $27.50
6 manga : $30.00
International: email for shipping quote
Condition Guide:
As stated above, all manga do have some wear from storage

Like New: Near Mint
Very Good: very minor flaw(s)
Good: noticeable flaw(s)
Okay: several or bigger flaws
Eww: I don't sell eww, though I have several and might give them away at a later date.

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Regarding the 'Near Mint/Like New" condition: Some of these are actually in the near mint condition, but I put 'very good' just to be on the safe side. Not to mention I'm super picky and if I look long enough, I *WILL* find something wrong with a manga *cough*


I slip the mangas into clear plastic bags, then wrap with foam, and then ship in cardboard mailer or box (depending on how many are purchased)
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Wants, looking to BUY

Hey all I'm looking to add to my Onegai Teacher and Hellsing collections...
I already have the manga and dvd sets for both series but I would be interested in vol 4 of the Japanese Hellsing manga.
Show me yer stuffs! ^_^

Niihon Onegai has Updated!

Niihon Onegai has updated with tons of new items!
Take a look at the selling journal by clicking the banner at the bottom!

Jrock Items

+ Miyavi - Ashita Genki ni Naare Single (First Press) NEW
+ Tommy Heavenly6 - Pray CD+DVD Single (Out of Print) NEW
+ AnCafe October CURE Issue w/Poster NEW
+ Kannavalism March CURE Issue w/Poster NEW
+ Ayabie August CURE Issue NEW
+ Noiz September CURE Issue
+ Purple Skye Autumn Issue - MUCC Interview
+ Sendai Kimotsu SHOXX Poster

Anime DVD's and Japanese DVD's

+ Azumanga Daioh DVD's 4 & 6 NEW
+ Death Waves JHORROR NEW
+ The Grudge 1 Limited Edition
+ Final Fantasy Advent Children DVD
+ Pokemon Episodes 3
+ JHORROR DVD Collections
+ Paranoia Agent 1


+ Ichigo Mashimarrow 1 NEW
+ The Embalmer 1 NEW
+ Someday's Dreamers 1 NEW
+ Legal Drug 2
+ Real Lies
+ Bizenghast 2
+ Monster 2
+ Yotsuba 1,2,3
+ The Ring 0
+ Blood Sucker
+ Cafe Kojinski
+ My Neighbor Totoro Art Book NEW

+++ Apparel, American Domestic CD's and DVD's plus so much more!
So stop on by Niihon Onegai! With 100% Positive feedback!

To Niihon Onegai!

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