February 3rd, 2007

hime -- tenshi

for sale!

manalolita is back from hiatus

☆彡 visual kei flyers are still going cheap @ USD$ 1 ea.
☆彡 japanese pop/rock/visual kei CDs
incl: UnderCode Prod's omnibus, L'Arc, SPEED, The Alfee, Utada Hikaru, Moi dix Mois
☆彡 L'Arc~en~Ciel's 7 DVD
☆彡 how to draw manga series, fear street
☆彡 japanese text manga
incl: NANA, boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru, bokura ga ita, ouran koukou hostbu, doku hime
☆彡 etc...

come and check these items out @ manalolita

[Ebay] Sailor moon Books, Manga lots, Fushigi yugi

Hello! I am selling Sailor Moon, Manga, and Fushigi Yugi merchandise on ebay! Please check out my listings!

1. Meet Sailor Moon book: RARE! OUT OF PRINT!

2. Meet Sailor Mars book: RARE! OUT OF PRINT!

3. Meet Sailor Venus book: RARE! OUT OF PRINT!

4. 15 manga lot!: Tokyo Mew Mew v.1-5, ala mode v.1, Dragon Knights v. 1-5, Zodiac P.I v. 1-4

5. HUGE Fushigi Yugi poster/vhs LOT: 9 posters, and complete VHS

Thank you for looking!

LOOKING FOR: Any Alice Nine merchandise! May it be CDs, posters, magazines, let me see what you have to offer!
panic attack!

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Dir en Grey
Dir en Grey - DEADLY CLARIS 002 tourbook
Dir en Grey - Fanclub [haiiro no ginka] vol 8
Dir en Grey - Fanclub [haiiro no ginka] vol 9
Dir en Grey - Fanclub [haiiro no ginka] vol 11
Dir en Grey - Fanclub [haiiro no ginka] vol 12
Dir en Grey - Fanclub [haiiro no ginka] vol 13
Dir en Grey - Fanclub [haiiro no ginka] vol 15
Dir en Grey - Fanclub [haiiro no ginka] vol 16
Dir en Grey - Fanclub [haiiro no ginka] vol 17
Dir en Grey - Clear File - [KR] Cube
Dir en Grey - Clear File - Macabre
Dir en Grey - Clear File - Taiyo no Ao
Dir en Grey - Clear File - SIX UGLY
Dir en Grey - Clear File - yokan
Dir en Grey - Paper pad - Saku
Dir en Grey - Paper pad - The Final/Post-it Notes


Kagrra, - Sakura maichiru ano oka de [First Press]
Kagrra, - Kotodama [First Press]
Kagrra, - Yotogibanashi [First Press]
Kagrra, - Haru urara [First Press]
Kagrra, - Ouka ranman [First Press]
Kagrra, - Urei [First Press]
Kagrra, - Sakura [Second Press, 2002 ver]
Kagrra, - ~ Irodori ~ [First Press]
Kagrra, - Nue [First Press]
Kagrra, - [gozen] [First Press]
Kagrra, - Miyako - Inishie no Tobira ga ima [Limited Edition]
Kagrra, - Tour Photoset

More stuff here :D
Cillian: Secret Identity

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Manga: (pictures and prices under the cut)
Boys Over Flowers 1-15
Beck 1
Comic Party
Crimson Hero 3
Cross 1
Death Note 5
Descendants Of Darkness/Yami no Matsuei 11
Diablo 1
Doubt!! 1-3, 6
Gate 1
Land of the Blindfolded 1
Neck and Neck 1-2
Othello 1-4
Shutter Box 1
The Tarot Cafe 1
The Wallflower 1-4
Under The Glass Moon 1
Zodiac P.I. 2

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[Yumeka] We cut the green away.

[Selling] Doujinshi, Cover Slips, Manga.

[Selling] Doujinshi, Cover Slips, Manga.

Contact: dv.eoit[at]gmail.com – Replace [at] with @.
Payment: Personal checks, money orders, concealed cash (at your own risk) in CAD preferably.
Ordering: Leave a comment with your e-mail address or e-mail me directly.
Shipping: Anywhere; shipping costs are calculated separately. [1] All shipping costs will vary between country, location, weight & size, and type of shipping. [2] All prices are in Canadian dollars.
Condition: All items come from a smoke-free home and are in perfect condition unless otherwise stated.
Questions? Do you want a sample page? Comment or contact me.

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can you hear me now?

A fan in need!!

Hi, this is my first post here, and I'm making a request. Hopefully some of you collectors have this and are willing to sell, or could at least forward me to someone who has what I'm looking for ^_^

The first thing is this:


The Super Mario Bros. Dotgraphics Stage 2 diorama figures. I pre-ordered these off of Gkworld but through some stupid glitch, they had it listed as a pre-order...when it was already released and sold out. -_- I've looked all over and haven't found a store that has the whole set. Is anyone out there willing to sell their set? Or if not...is anyone selling *one* of them? I'm particularly interested in the Bowser and Mario one on the Bridge. I'm VERY interested in that one.

The other thing I'm looking for are cards from the Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game in Japan. I'm looking for foils of Cloud, and Sephiroth from KH1 and KH2. I can't find the singles for them on ebay so I'm hoping someone is willing to put them up for sell. I'm also interested in foils of the other Final Fantasy characters as well.

If anyone is interested in selling these things to a devoted fan, please comment and we can work out some business. Thank you so much!
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Hoping to clear out a few things before preparing for the next one...

Algonquins skirt
BA-TSU skirt
Betty's Blue skirt
BPN/PN shorts
BPN/PN shirt dress
FOTUS cutsew
h.NAOTO Blood cardigan
Hysteric Glammour parker

Lolita 23q CD
Vidoll CD
Vidoll DVD
hevn 025 (alice nine)
hevn hakkutsu ban (lolita 23q)

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