February 4th, 2007

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jrock cds + dvds for sale.

Ok kiddies, I have a lot of jrock cds + dvds I'd like to clear out. I am so low in cash it's sick. I have a lot of unexpected events coming up requiring travel, so I need to get some more cash. /end pity story. hahah anyway, onto the goods. Many of the prices have been lowered more than I would have liked, but I need to sell these as soon as possible.


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Another site update! 37 new doujinshi titles added!

Fandoms include: Prince of Tennis, FullMetal Alchemist, Hikaru no Go, Naruto, Gundam Seed Destiny, and Death Note. While this update is only 37 titles, there are almost 500 doujinshi in stock! So you're sure to find something you like... I hope. >_>

Doujinshi prices start at $7.99 (except the stuff on clearance, that's lower) and most are in the $8.99-$9.99 range.

Please take a look as I ship worldwide (offering flat rate within US and to most other countries) and accept both Paypal, and money orders.

If there are any that you are interested in that only has the cover pic and no sample art pics, feel free to ask for more sample pics. (if there is no 'add to cart/buy now' button, that doujinshi is no longer in stock so I can't scan it, so make sure it has a 'add to cart/buy now' button first XD)

http://www.nekotachi.net/us/ <-------site main page

http://www.nekotachi.net/us/products_new.php <---if you just want to see thumbnails of the new stuff

X-posted here and (will be) there

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I still have some magazines for sale as well as the Moon Child DVD! Prices have been halved or slashed on a LOT of things including manga and VHS tapes. EVERYTHING MUST GO! I need to pay off some debts and also need some money. Feed a starving University student :D (plus, I realize that there IS a post office within walking distance...durh, go me XD)

My sales Journal here:

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Niihon Onegai has updated with tons of new items!
Take a look at the selling journal by clicking the banner at the bottom!

Jrock Items

+ Miyavi - Ashita Genki ni Naare Single (First Press) NEW
+ Tommy Heavenly6 - Pray CD+DVD Single (Out of Print) NEW
+ AnCafe October CURE Issue w/Poster NEW
+ Kannavalism March CURE Issue w/Poster NEW
+ Ayabie August CURE Issue NEW
+ Noiz September CURE Issue
+ Purple Skye Autumn Issue - MUCC Interview
+ Sendai Kimotsu SHOXX Poster

Anime DVD's and Japanese DVD's

+ Azumanga Daioh DVD's 4 & 6 NEW
+ Death Waves JHORROR NEW
+ The Grudge 1 Limited Edition
+ Final Fantasy Advent Children DVD
+ Pokemon Episodes 3
+ JHORROR DVD Collections
+ Paranoia Agent 1


+ Ichigo Mashimarrow 1 NEW
+ The Embalmer 1 NEW
+ Someday's Dreamers 1 NEW
+ Legal Drug 2
+ Real Lies
+ Bizenghast 2
+ Monster 2
+ Yotsuba 1,2,3
+ The Ring 0
+ Blood Sucker
+ Cafe Kojinski
+ My Neighbor Totoro Art Book NEW

+++ Apparel, American Domestic CD's and DVD's plus so much more!
So stop on by Niihon Onegai! With 100% Positive feedback!

To Niihon Onegai!

!!!! Click the Banner To Go to Niihon Onegai !!!!

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I just updated Phoophie with some great new products. Phoophie got in a ton of sticker sacks. 15 different designs to be exact. We also got in some letter sets, mini memos, erasers, and pencils. Phoophie accepts Credit Card, Paypal, Money Order and ships to just about anywhere in the world.

Please take a look. :)

Some of the items for sale:

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New games up for auction

Ebay Auctions <3

Star Ocean 3: Til the End of Time -original label- Complete
Go Here for Details

Final Fantasy X-2 -original label, complete- w/LE Strategy Guide: PAINE Cover (no artbook or cardboard cover/sleeve included)
Go Here for Details

I should be getting the images up in a few hours since I'm about to go to the store to get batteries for my poor camera. ^^;

I have 100% positive feedback on Ebay and LJ: angelchansales

Thanks for looking =)

selling: Jp, Eng manga, artbooks, manga/anime magazines

Selling Japanese, English, and Chinese manga, Japanese phonebook manga, anime magazines, dvds, games, and artbooks at my selling journal slow_robots! I accept Paypal, money orders, and concealed cash. I will also consider trades (see here). Visit slow_robots for pictures and details, plus many more items!
These are some of the items I have for sale:

Japanese manga, most brand new/unread, from $3
Bus Gamer, D.Gray-man, Get Backers, HxH, Hellsing, KamiKaze, Loveless, Matantei Loki Ragnarok, Spiral (1-10), Tactics special edition with colour storybook

English manga from $2
Black Cat, Bleach, Get Backers, Hellsing, INVU, KamiKaze, Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, Naruto, One Piece, Rebirth, RG Veda, Tactics, Trigun, Warcraft

Japanese Artbooks from $10 New books added
Fruits Basket, Devil May Cry + dvd, Soul Caliber II, Spiral, CLAMP Wish, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, and more

Magazines (Phonebook Manga, Anime) from $2 New items added, almost 60 currently
Animedia, Animage, BeBoy Gold, Hana to Yume, Newtype [JP], Newtype USA, Weekly JUMP, USA Shonen Jump

Anime DVDs
Get Backers (JP), Saiyuki

Games/Game Merchandise
Fullmetal Alchemist: Tobenai Tenshi Official Complete Guide (鋼の錬金術師 翔べない天使 : 公式コンプリートガイド), Japanese release

Thanks for looking :D

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SETS, will not break
Earthian 1-4 COMPLETE: $35 (originally $15 EACH)
-classic shonen ai by artist Yun Kouga (Loveless).

Cheeky Angel 1-4, $20
-a genderbender comedy about a boy who got turned into the hottest girl in school.

Angelic Layer 1-3, $14
-popular CLAMP story. One of the books has a slight bend, but everything else is perfect.

Fushigi Yugi 9-13 (end of the first arc) $26

single volumes manga
Angel (Erica Sakurazawa) $5
Chobits 1, used condition $4
Real Bout High School vol 1 $5
Video Girl Ai 1 $5
Video Girl Ai 4 $5
Sailor Moon Stars volume 2 $22

Trigun 2006 large wall calendar, NEVER used, contains a lot of nice pictures and can be used as posters. $6
Hana Kimi Zenin 2003 planner; contains 3 postcards, stickers, dividers, planner case... etc $50
Cardcaptor Sakura movie 1 $5
Escaflowne movie $5

LOOKING FOR, willing to buy or trade for (all english/american releases please):
Basara 16, 19, 21+
Nodame Cantabile 8+
Robot (artbook) 1+
Ranma 1/2 vol 26-end
Hana Kimi artbook
Japanese Comickers vol 2+
cheap(er) cosplay outfits for girls :) I don't mind used . (hehe, anyone have a vampire knight girls cosplay that they'd want to sell? ;) )
Deleter Comicworks
Copic paper
Harry Potter doujinshi
Antique Bakery doujinshi
Fumi Yoshinaga anything, really (except Antique Bakery manga, which I have all of)
english doujinshi
cute stickers/stationary

Flight 2+
Arrested Development season 2 DVD boxset
Bone, the ONE (hardcover preferable)
CD case holder that can hold 70cds+

I prefer paypal, but money orders and concealed cash are okay too. :) Thanks!
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Dir en grey Calenders for sale. ^0^!

I'm selling three complete Dir en grey calendars. ^0^
If my memory serves me correctly, they're from the years 2002, 2004, and 2005.

All are in good condition; the only damage is slight discoloration or damage to the backs at each corner of the pages from using tape to put them up on my walls; this is only on a few of the pages. The first two calendars are cut up (meaning the pages were cut off the metal crimp that they came attached to), while the 2005 calendar is still currently fully intact.
Each page is about 28.5 inches tall and about 20.5 inches wide.

I'm asking for $20 $15 for each page for the first two calendars, and only $40 total for the complete 2005 calendar. If you want individual pages from the 2005 calendar, the price changes to $10 a page.
Shipping is $5, and if you buy more than one page, they can be put in the same tube, and thus the shipping remains the same. ^0^
Also, if you want to buy all six pages from either the 2002 or 2004 calendar, I'll include the cover page and also give you a nice discount (instead of it being a full $90, I'll only charge you $75, plus no shipping).
Please ask questions if any of this is confusing or unclear. ^0^

Pictures are below; If you want clearer pictures of the exact calendar page you want, please let me know and I can snap a few with my camera.

How to buy:
It's first come, first serve. ^0^ I don't do paypal! Money must be sent to me as a check, money order, or consealed cash (at your own risk).
If you see something you want, please leave a comment stating what you want (the year, and then the page(s)!) and your email address. I'll contact you with my personal information so you can send me the money, and then I'll send you your stuff.

Alright, pictures!

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Private Auction #1

Dir en grey
Keen Under The Sun Tour '04
28 Page Hardcover Photobook

Brand new condition, in plastic. Written in English, it contains over 20 full-page, full-color photos of the band from this time.

This is a private auction via screened reply which will end the night of Sunday, February 11, so check back to [ this post ] until then to view the highest bid. The winner must submit some form of payment within four days after auction's end (I accept paypal and cash).

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Private Auction #1

Dir en grey
Keen Under The Sun Tour '04
28 Page Hardcover Photobook

Brand new condition, in plastic. Written in English, it contains over 20 full-page, full-color photos of the band from this time.

This is a private auction via screened reply which will end the night of Sunday, February 11, so check back to [ this post ] until then to view the highest bid. The winner must submit some form of payment within four days after auction's end (I accept paypal and cash).

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Selling Miku Cover Cure

I'm selling the December 06' issue of Cure featuring Miku from An Cafe on the cover. The poster is missing, but the magazine itself is in perfect condition. No missing pages or bent corners. The magazine features a 20 page h.naoto special of An cafe, and articles from 12012, ayabie, Sadie, Dollis Marry and many more. I'm asking for $8 for the magazine plus $3 shipping.

Payment through concealed cash only and will not ship outside of US.

Leave a comment or email me at fantasy_luv102@yahoo.com if you're interested.
I will also accept trades or discount for anything of Lolita23q, 176BIZ, or Gazette.

My feedback is here


i'm searching for some himitsu kessha kodomo a and kazoku items
does anyone have any thing by them??
if so, would you be willing to sell em??
plesas and thank you ^-^
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dir en grey on feb. 12th (in detroit)

hi guys!

i was going to go to the dir en grey concert on february 12th in detroit, but can't because I'm flying back from Oklahoma that day. The thing is that I was going to drive my friend up from Columbus. If someone would be willing to drive her up, I will give you my ticket for free. Let me know, preferably by IM (nijigashinda) or email (stock$51 at osu$edu). Thanks!

need to sell super fast ._.

need to sell some things ^^
sadly i need to get rid of stuff since i am lacking room >_>

i have for sale a few L'Arc en Ciel cds ^^
*at least 12$ for a CD*
+heavenly sold
+DUNE sold
+Tierra sold
+heart sold
i also have Ark, Ray, Real (japanese press) and Smile and Awake (Us version) if your interested ._.

i have the infamous Hot Topic Vash Coat size L. i've only worn it one at a convention. and has since been dry cleaned. 45$ or best offer

demonia boots size 10 womens/8 mens (worn once) $25 (hold)

Gravitation box set & OVA together for 70$ (or make an offer)
witch hunter robin vol. 1 8$
loveless vol. 1 on hold

Cross vol. 1 5$

prices don't include shipping (depends on where you live) and are in USD
i accept paypal, money orders, check and cash ^^
email me at downxthexrabbitxhole @ yahoo.com

+An Cafe and Nightmare CD's

CD's: I just added An Cafe's Shikisai Moment and a First Press edition of Nightmare's [Anima] to my selling jounal claret_sale (Theres also a few leftovers as well- T.M Revolution, Psycho le Cemu, Klaha, and Dir en Grey)

+Plus, I lowered the prices on all my anime DVD's. Each are now $6.00 each and under! :D
(Cowboy Bebop, Witch Hunter Robin, Ghost in the Shell, Wolf's Rain, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Ranma 1/2, Chobits, Love Hina, Escaflowne)

Manga is still only $4.00 a piece! ^^

claret_sale claret_sale claret_sale
Thanks for looking!

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Hi everyone!
I just had to buy luggage for my trip,so now I have A: no money and B: no room for the luggage.
Please hep me get some stuff out of my uber tiny living space!
I've got some super cute, brand new converse for sale, a cosplay bear hat, gackt blue discography, and a lot of other cool stuff. Please help me out!
Look here!
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Shoujo manga for sale

the titles listed below are translated into English;

Peach Girl "Change of Heart" 1-3
Peach Girl 4, 6-8
Fruits Basket 5-6
HanaKimi 10-11
Paradise Kiss 2-3

In original Japanese I have:
FLCL vol 2
Dragon Knights vol 15
E'S 3,4,5 and 6
Old Newtype magazine, still in plastic w/ CD-ROM. I think I got it in 2001, or 2002.

Each manga i'm selling is $5 each. I can ship by Media Mail which is very cheap, like $1-2, or in a Priority Mail envelope for $4.05.