February 9th, 2007

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Most items now Best Offer!

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That's right, you heard me. All my magazines, manga, VHS tapes, and DVDs are now Best Offer! Whatever price you can give me I'll take into consideration (although shipping CANNOT be included, I will still factor that because it's not free to send things unfortunately...)~ I need to sell off all these items, as they are sitting around and not doing a whole lot for me....give them a good home!

My sales Journal here:

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Time to get rid of some stuff. Mostly Johnny's Entertainment and Hello!Project, and some jrock. I accept concealed cash only. I prefer EURO, but it's okay if you want to send SEK, GBP, USD, CND or JPY. Shipping does not include in the prices. I will calculate the shipping depending on where you live and how heavy the item/s are. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


help me get rid of this!

hi everyone!

i've added some new things throughout my journal here and there, so please check it all out! i would like to have you take all of this stuff away from me! :3

here it is: sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail

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Added some used Jrock CD/DVDs for sale :D

$15 Asagi - Corvinus (single + PV)
$12 ayabie - FAINT/Topaz (single + live clip)
$20 ayabie - kuroitsukasasaguitoshinegai (single)
$18 ayabie - EquAL pRayer 2aLL (mini album + interview/PVmaking)
$8 kagrra, - urei (single)
$20 kagrra, - miyako (album)
$40 lolita 23q - kakumei kouya sai (live DVD)
$8 mucc - rojiura boku to kimi e (single)
$10 mucc - monokuro no keshiki (single)
$20 vidoll - romanesque gothic (mini album)
$25 vidoll - ningyou enzetsu (live DVD)

Also, some Japanese brand clothings still remaining...

For more details...
Project G (Gackt) from Final Fantasy

Huge J-Rock, Video Game Supersale!

I am low on cash and bills are coming up. So i've decided to seel some stuff that I no longer have use for. I have posted this multiple times, but i've FINALLY gotten around to getting pictures up! I do apologize for the darkness on some however. I've also added many VERY RARE video games and other items. Inside you'll find descriptions (and pics, yay!) and sales prices for the following. I've recently lowered the asking prices on a lot of them:

- Sony PSP w/Charger, Soft Case, Headphones, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth and PoPoLoCrois RPG's

- Castlevania: Chronicles PSX
- Castlevania: Symphony of the Night PSX
- Final Fantasy III SNES
- Ninja Gaiden Trilogy SNES
- Vanguard Bandits PSX
- Brave Fencer Musashi PSX
- Saiyuki PSX
- Paper Mario GC
- Growlanser: Generations PS2

- Nana Live-Action Movie Special (Limited) Edition Region 2 DVD Set
- Phantasmagoria "Survivor's Guilt" Limited Edition DVD
- Malice Mizer "merveilles l'espace" Concert DVD
- Gackt "Redemption" First Press Limited Edition CD/DVD Set
- Klaha "Nostal Lab" CD
- the Pumpkin Head "Murder Mansion" Limited Edition CD/DVD (VERY Rare)
- Psycho le Cemu "A Trip to the Arcadia" CD (Autographed by Aya and Seek!)
- KuRt Autographed Postcard (Signed by entire band)
- High and Mighty Color "Goover" CD (Tofu Release)

If you're interested in any of these items, reply here or e-mail me at RochesterRox19@yahoo.com I accept Paypal ONLY and items will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.


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Naruto & Bleach Goods for Sale!

NARUTO goods and BLEACH cards for sale!
More information under the cut.

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If you are interesed in buying these things please email me at rebelpaws@hotmail.com.

Please include the following:
Subject: Livejournal: Naruto Sale
Livejournal name & the item you are interested in.
Also, please include your zip code/country name in order to calculate shipping as the prices do not include shipping.
Form of payment accepted: Money Orders or Checks
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Scammer revisited

Does anyone remember this post? It was about the scammer </a></b></a>shuichi_n_mrbad who scammed various members of this community back In November by claiming to sell doujinshi & other stuff to get to Jrock connection but, sent envelopes with tracking numbers full of crap?  I'm just curious if anyone ever got anything other than a "so sorry but, they sent a tracking number so it's not their fault" email from paypal as I know several people filed claims but, I never heard about anything beyond that.

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Jrock & h.NAOTO for Sale!

+ Jrock CDs +

~D- The name of the ROSE $19
~D- Yumenarishi Kuuchuu Teien $13
~D'espairs Ray- BORN $16
~Doremidan- Gekijou Shoroku $19
~HIZAKI grace project- Dignity of crest $25
~Kagerou- Kurohata $17
~Kuroyume- 1994-1998 BEST OR WORST $20
~Panic Channel- Shinjinsen ~Yume ni Mukatte~ $16
~Phantasmagoria- Splendor of Sanctuary $16
~Rouage- Children $13
~Sulfuric Acid- [salfjuerik aesid] $15

+ Clothing +

~h.NAOTO- Channel H Flying Squirrel Parka Cutsew- $80 (includes shipping to the US or Canada)

***Please visit nurse_reita for pics & more details! Thank you!***

selling more stuff XDD

i have for sale a few L'Arc en Ciel cds ^^
*at least 12$ for a CD 15$ for Ray*
True, Ray (limited edition), Arc, Real

L'arc en ciel live in the US $15

i have the infamous Hot Topic Vash Coat size L. i've only worn it one at a convention. and has since been dry cleaned. 45$ or best offer

demonia boots size 10 womens/8 mens (worn once) $25 (hold)

black wig (only tried on) $15 (hold)

Gravitation box set & OVA together for 70$ (hold)
witch hunter robin vol. 1 8$ (hold)

Cross vol. 1 5$

VIDEO GAMES (all are for PS2):
Bloodrayne $10
Primal $5
Siren $ 15
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers $5
Clock Tower 3 $8
Fullmetal Alchemist -and the Broken Angel- (mint) $15
Devil May Cry 2 $10
or all of them for 50$

prices don't include shipping (depends on where you live) and are in USD
i accept paypal, money orders, check and cash ^^
email me at downxthexrabbitxhole @ yahoo.com

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Hello! I am selling Sailor Moon, Manga, and Fushigi Yugi merchandise on ebay! Please check out my listings!

1. Meet Sailor Moon book: RARE! OUT OF PRINT!

2. Meet Sailor Mars book: RARE! OUT OF PRINT!

3. Meet Sailor Venus book: RARE! OUT OF PRINT!

4. 15 manga lot!: Tokyo Mew Mew v.1-5, ala mode v.1, Dragon Knights v. 1-5, Zodiac P.I v. 1-4

5. HUGE Fushigi Yugi poster/vhs LOT: 9 posters, and complete VHS

Thank you for looking!

Japanese music & fashion magazines for sale

I've moved on to different interests, and I no longer even look at any of these, so I'm selling them... Most of these magazines are from late 2005 and early 2006. They're all in pretty good shape except for some cover scratching/spotting, which I will note. No posters are included.
Since these magazines are pretty heavy, shipping will be around $5-6 for the big ones, and $4 for the smaller ones. I always ship Priority unless requested otherwise. I do combine shipping if you buy multiple magazines. I also ship internationally, by airmail.

As far as payment, I can only take non-CC paypal or well-concealed cash (USD).

If you want more pictures, have any more questions, or are interested in buying, comment here, or my email is hajimaruyo @ gmail.com.

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Thanks for your interest!

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Inuyasha Movie #4 $10-DVD (sold)
Gunslinger Girl vol. 1 $10
Full Metel Alchemist vol.1 $10

Hellsing vol.1 & 3&4 $3 ea
The Tarot Cafe 1-3 $3 each(sold)
Aishiteruze Baby vol. 5 $3
Hana Kimi vol.2$3 (sold)
Anne Freaks vol.1$3 

I take paypal, concealed cash, check or money order 
Holds only last about a week unless the buyer has reason

Also I'm looking for TM Revolution, Ayumi Hamasaki, and L'arc~en~ciel stuff a must!!!!!!! 

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Adorable custom made tailored 100% top-grade cashmere winter jacket now available in 5 colors - dark brown plaid, light brown plaid, chocolate, charcoal and black!

Click on the picture to see our listing for only $120! That's 20% off our store price - but we only have 2 available so be quick! Shipping can be combined with anything else in our store!