February 14th, 2007

  • setsuna

Figures and plushies and *dolls*, oh my!

...and gashapon, and manga, and keychains, too!

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day! <3

Secondly, I'm having a massive sale of a great deal of my anime and manga collection. Most items are straight from Japan, all are items I chose carefully and all of them have been (lovingly, haha) well-cared for! Series include Sailormoon, Cutey Honey, the Big O... everything has to go, so please check it out! ^_^


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I am pretty desperately looking for a Tare Panda Winter Pin. I have looked everywhere online and I can't find one for sale, so maybe you nice people will help me :)

It looks like this:

If anyone has this and wants to sell it to me, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know, as I have been looking for this for years now.
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  • naorin

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i have a copy of SHOXX with PLC cover for sale @ USD $17.50

poster is included

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♪ shipping is NOT included
♪ item will be shipped from Australia
♪ if there's more than one person who's interested, i will use bidding system

thanks for looking(´∀`*)

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♣ Posters (the GazettE, Dir en grey, SID, Plastic Tree, RAG FAIR/Kazuki Kato)
♣ Magazines (Fool's Mate & Arena 37°C: Dir en grey)
♣ Flyers (D'espairsRay, D, BLOOD, vergil / 我額-gagaku-, Rhyme, Nightmare, METRONOME, qiche)

Please check pink_neon. Thanks!

Update on Peoples things and the Apartment fire.

It turns out that the fire did in fact reach my apartment. I am in the process of getting money into my paypal account to refund everyones money since all my things were destoried. I am staying at a motel right now until I can figure out what I am going to do and where im going to be living until the complex decides on weather or not they are going to help us with expenses cause as it is I am paying for my room and food and the clothing I had to go buy since my was lost in the fire.

I will update as soon as I get more funds into my account.. I have paid back the people who I owed the most to so far.. (I lost two Dollfies in the fire that I was selling as well as my Hound Amond and my Soom doll Djarum.) So they got any money I had since I had sold them and I needed to pay back the buyers over 400 each.

Please be paitent with me, I am working as hard and fast as I can to get you all your money back.

Thank you.

Sanrio surprise bag & more!

I have a 7-item Sanrio surprise bag up for auction, as well as a Hello Kitty Princess series plush backpack, FormulaExo Rainbow Spring necklace, a black & pink Angel Blue rainbow glitter bag, a set of manga and a casual loli skirt and bag. Most are still at 99p, and the surprise bag is still at £3.20, so you might get a bargain! Click below!

Manga, Sanrio lot, clothing, loliable stuff, bags, jewellery! ♥
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I have a few things for sale, please take a look!

Pics on request.

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I'm willing to negotiate prices, shipping will depend on where you live. (I'm in Canada)

Leave a comment here, or e-mail me at milica70@hotmail.com
  • airina9

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Every order is given a free gift.

This is not banana fish.


-If you are interested, please send e-mail to airin.mimegumi@gmail.com
-All items are shipped from Hong Kong.
-Price is stated in USD.
-I bear no responsibility for lost/stolen mail.
-I accept paypal and concealed cash in USD(at buyer's risk)


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Hi, I'm selling three tickets to Dir en grey's concert on 2/25 @ The Fillmore in San Francisco, California. All information is HERE.

I will sell the tickets seperately.

I'm really desperate, I'm sorry if you see this more than once :[

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Nintendo DS games, Dragonball Z poster and plushie, hide plushie, huge Nintendogs poster, huge GLAY poster, and Hyde laminated print and barbed wire bracelet HERE.

Less than one day to go!

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i am currently selling the following for $6 shipped each:

-DNAngel 1-7 ($50 shipped if you want the whole set, sorry for the raised price, these books are pretty heavy to ship >.<;;~!)
-Dazzle 1-3 ($16 shipped if you want all three)
-President Dad 1 & 2
-Chobits volume 1 ($5)
-i MAY be selling Fruits Basket 1-15. they will be more expensive if i do sell them though... i'll repost if i decide to ^^

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every book is english translated and is in very good condition! i accept paypal, money orders, checks, or concealed cash AT YOUR OWN RISK (if you're buying more than three, i'd really prefer paypal). if interested, please comment this post or email me at taremochi67@yahoo.com. if you want to trade, i have a wishlist in my journal!
red cas

Old stuff still and some new!

Ok I need money. So Im going to sell some of my manga, games, and wotever else I can to get me some extra money. All items are of course used but in good condition lol.

Back up for sell is the Negima! volumes. I was never paid for them. As well as some new items such as Sailor Moon figures, Saikano DVDs and a couple of plushies.

I accept paypal only, this includes CC & Debit payments through PP (there may be a fee).

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