February 18th, 2007


Dir en Grey -Kai- Brand New & Sealed

Hello! I am selling a Brand New copy of -Kai- by Dir en Grey. This is the official release, put out by Sony Japan. I heard it elsewhere and didn't really like it so I'm selling it. It's sealed in original plastic.

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I would like to get $30 for it + $1.50 to partially cover the shipping within the US. It will be shipped First Class mail and will be insured. Please contact me for international postage. I accept PayPal and money orders. Thank You!
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Added a couple things to my selling journal. Namely a little bit more manga, like Kodocha 1-8, Tokyo Mew Mew 1-2, and Meet Sailor Moon. Dropped a couple prices for a few things, too.

Please check it out if you'd like, thank you! :)

PS: To whomever told me about the D.Gray-man calendar: Thank you! I got it, and am thrilled! ^__^
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Don't suppose anyone has Serial Experiments Lain on DVD for sale? I'm after volume #2 and onwards. Maybe a whole box set would be OK too as long as it's not too expensive.

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Selling Games & English Manga.

XD I need more space in my room, and my manga collection took up about 60% of it already. So here it is, a mini-game&manga sale.

What I have now is:

..nothing. 8)

Not selling anymore as of 02/22/07. If you have contacted me before this date, it is still in session.
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i've added a lot more flyers since last time, and i've also restocked on some of them.
bands include lovecan, prototype, babylon, d, blood, phantasmagoria, the pumpkin head, pablo honey, dio, deflina ma'riage, and many more!!
all flyers are 1 usd unless otherwise stated and i ship worldwide
find all of it at my selling journal happikurabiye !!
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Ebay sale

Yaoi Doujinshi, Yaoi Manga & Lily Hoshino artbook in ebay

Doujinshi: Tenipuri, Bleach, Minami Haruka, Gintama
Yaoi manga: Various (Asami Tohjoh, Yamato Nase, Yukine Honami etc.) & I have dozens of more titles/series to sell, so please ask if you're looking specific one.

I ship worldwide and combine shipping.

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Hi all! I still have a LOT of manga on sale on my LJ including Ranma 1/2, Video Girl Ai and some japanese manga. I also still have a Hot Topic Dress up for sale (good for punk styles and/or starting lolitas) and a few DVDs. Make an offer for these items! I'm planning on listing them up on eBay sometime, but I'll see how it goes here.

My sales Journal here:

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~*Tackey & Tsubasa*~

Hatachi mini-album boxset [out-of-print] in new and sealed condition!!

I bought 2 copies of the box version of the album when it was first released, so I've decided to sell the extra because of university tuition and rent.

The one I'm selling is still completely new and sealed. The sticker seal at the bottom of the box is still intact/undamaged, and the plastic seal around the outside of the box is still in place.

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Please see this entry on my selling journal, ysale, for more information.

Bidding ends in less than a day!

I've also got 170+ volumes of manga, a couple dozen Japanese CDs, and 11 other CDs for Johnny's Entertainment groups (Arashi, KinKi Kids, SMAP, V6) up for sale on ysale. ^^

Thanks! =)


does anyone have any phantasmagoria or dari photosets, or polaroids?
i'm just in love with these bands rite now and i was just wondering if you have any tour goods you'll be willing to sell. And i'll be able to pay less than $16
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Please if you have these volumes for a reasonable price, comment. I've had Volume 1 for the longest, and ebay single volumes are vastly overpriced. ;____;

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