February 21st, 2007

Lolita Rose Sale

Everything in my journal must go! I'm moving this Summer and can't take too much with me to Orlando. I even lowered the price of some items!

My journal contains:
♠Lolita items
♣Jrock items
and much more!


Lolita Bible #5

Autographed Phantasmagoria set


-Fushigi Yugi
-Sailor Moon
-Cowboy Bebop
-Cardcaptor Sakura
-Final Fantasy
-and Rurouni Kenshin

-Faeries' Landing
-Blade of the Immortal
-and Battle Angel Alita


Please come and have a look ♥ Be sure to read the introduction post.

lolitarosesale lolitarosesale lolitarosesale lolitarosesale

Fushigi Yuugi UFO catcher dolls and keychains for sale.


Tamahome and Hotohori UFO catchers and four figure keychains consisting of Tamahome, Miaka, Hotohori and Suzaku no Miko.

I'm asking $20 per UFO catcher doll and $20 for the keychains as a SET. I'm moving and need to give these guys a new home. I have positive feedback on eBay.com under the name ty2ger.

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Please email me at groovybluecha@yahoo.com if you have any questions.


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I accept concealed cash only. I prefer EURO, but it's okay if you want to send SEK, GBP, USD, CND or JPY. Shipping does not include in the prices. I will calculate the shipping depending on where you live and how heavy the item/s are. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Oh and sorry for blurry pictures.

If you are interested comment with your e-mail address and I'll contact you with further info ASAP.

I do accept trades. I prefer to trade against Johnny's Entertainment or Hello!Project items.
vanilla ice

Ebay auctions ending and Handmade jewelry, Stila Lip Shine for direct sale!

Just a reminder that my Ebay auctions are ending in about 17 hours.

Lots of hard to find anime stuff like doujinshi pencil boards (Xenogears and Slayers) some Gundam Wing items (pins, lucky charm bag, coin purse, markers set, post cards), Marmalade Boy stuff (models, makeup/pencil bags), trading cards (mixed lot of 200+ and Sailor Moon mini PP complete reg set), Fushigi Yuugi super long scroll (2 feet longer than regular anime scrolls!), Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru wall scroll clock, Rayearth tote bag, Final Fantasy 8 pencil board and notebook set, CardCaptor 3 glasses set, Ayashi no Ceres OOP Furoku Gaiden, Catgirl Nuku Nuku 6 keychains set and more. XD

My Ebay Auctions

Also, I have some handmade jewelry: (Yaoi and Spring Time themed - 1 of each available)

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I also have 2 tubes of new in box Stila Lip Shine.

The colors are Honey Shine and Rosey Shine. They retail for $17.00 each before tax. Selling them for $12 ($13 each Canada, $14 each other International) each SHIPPED or both for $22 SHIPPED ($22 shipped within US, $23 shipped for both to Canada, $24 shipped for both to other International). You can see the colors and more info at the Stila Website.

EDIT: The Honey Shine isn't on the Stila site anymore, they must be out of stock, cause it was there 2 days ago. o.o Anyway you can see both colors here

$1 off sale!

I would really like to sell everything on my journal, so for one week only, everything $2 and over is $1 off each item!! (everything under $2 is regular price)
I have lots and lots of items for sale on my journal, and I am sure there is something there you would like!
Anime DVD
Manga graphic novels (English and Japanese)
Japanese music, and fashion magazines.
Jpop items
Japanese clothing
Video Games
Anime merchandise
and much more!
Please take a look!

Selling Loadsa Stuff Yo!

Hi! Please take a look at my selling journal. This is a rough list of some items I have now:

1) Posters (Nightmare, Gazette)
2) Flyers (Alice Nine, Gazette, PLC/Sugizo, Kagrra, D, Phantasmagoria, Vidoll, hide, bis, Miyavi, An Cafe)
3) Official Kagrra Postcard & Sticker Sheet
4) Malice Mizer VHS and Voyage CD
5) Gackt Photobook
6) Magazines (Fool's Mate,Vicious, HV)

1) Empire Line Lolita-ish Dress/JSK
2) Black Rose Headdress
3) Decora-ish Leg Warmers

1) BLEACH Poster
2) Manga (KareKano, W Juliet, Random Mix)
3) Sakura Wars VCD

... And many more! So please take a look~ Thanks!

Cute (thank you)

Exploding hot water heater sale!

I currently have the following available for purchase:

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Instant teen: Just add nuts manga vol.1 (elementary school kid eats pink nuts and grows up weird but cute) $3

Fools Gold manga (written American style left to right about why girls fall for jerks) $3

3 unknown title yaoi manga in Japanese one of which is very graphic $5 for the set SOLD!

Revolutionary girl Utena: Temptation R1 dvd (eps. 27-30) and comes with the Apocalypse saga dvd collection art box. (box has small tear in the upper right hand corner) $5

Dragon Ball Z DVD signed by the English voice actor for Tien. Was a gift but, I wasn't interested. $1

X/1999 2 sided pencil board of Kamui. in good condition still in it's plastic sleeve $3

2 hand sewn lolita headbands $3 each or $5 for both

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Doujinshi up for grabs + a few other things

More Doujins for sale.

Feel free to negotiate a price. Please only comment if you're serious about buying and will reply promptly to emails/comments.

Sample 1
Price: $10.00

Sample 1
Price: $10.00

RikkuxTentaclesxLuluxsome Yuna
Sample 1
Price: $15.00

PAYPAL only.

Please comment if interested.

Shipping for each one is $4.00, I will combine.

100% Feedback: angelchansales
Ebay 100% Feedback Username: katvara (I've got Valkyrie Profile Lenneth and SAW I + II DVDs for sale!)

Zexion Wig

Maybe some of you wig makers can help me out~

I'm looking for a qouta on a Zexion wig. I know he has a lot of colours in his hair but I'm just looking for it to be a light grey and styled like it, not to detailed in colour. So if you wig makers can help me witha qouta it'd be great ^_^ ! I live in Canada so could you include shipping?

If this isn't allow, it can be deleted ._.;
Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

\o\ Sale!! /o/

Hello everyone, I am currently selling a lot of my stuff because I have no room for it and I'm very close to being very broke :( Please take a look at the stuff I am selling! I will be placing them here for Direct Sale until next week when I'll put them on ebay:

  • GLAY 2006 Calendar *BRAND NEW* - I got this last year and its still in the tube, I never took it out. I just looked at it and put it back in. I'm asking 25 for it, includes shipping. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v404/L4dymercury/100_0062.jpg

  • Shounen Gangan September 2006 - One of the biggest monthly anthologies in Japan, this phonebook sized shounen manga collection has Fullmetal Alchemist, Higurashi, Kingdom Hearts II, and various other titles. I'm asking 7 dollars for it, includes shipping. No present for this month.
  • Shounen Gangan October 2006 - Same as the previous one, includes a pencil board for a present. I'm asking 7 dollars, includes shipping.
  • Psycho le Cemu Makeup Pouch - Its a green pouch from their 2005 US Tour, 5 dollars (shipping at 2)
  • Psycho le Cemu Tour Bag - Its a yellow tour bag from their 2005 Japan Tour, 2 dollars (shipping at 2)
  • Cowboy Bebop: The After 100% Newtype Artbook - Its huge and has some really nice artwork, especially a series of two page spreads called " One Day It'll All Make Sense..." There's some slight damage in the lower left hand corner due to being in a box for three years but other than that the book is in mint condition. 10 dollars, shipping included
  • Decedants of Darkness vol. 1 - Manga, 5 dollars (2 dollars shipping)
  • W Juliet vol. 1 - Manga, 5 dollars (2 dollars shipping)
  • Samurai Champloo vol. 1 - - Manga, 5 dollars (2 dollars shipping)
  • Shoujo Beat November 2005 - Manga, 5 dollars (2 dollars shipping)
  • Shounen Jump October 2005 - Manga, 5 dollars (2 dollars shipping)
  • Shounen Jump September 2005 - Manga, 5 dollars (2 dollars shipping)
  • Shounen Jump May 2006 - Manga, 5 dollars (2 dollars shipping)

I may sell my LaLa Monthly issues from July 2006 to current, depending on if I want to keep them or not. LaLa is a shoujo manga anthology which has Vampire Knight, Ouran High School Host Club, L'Cordo Premo Passo, and other titles.

If you're worried about my rep, I have a 100% positive raiting on ebay as a seller and a buyer.

EVERYTHING MUST GO. I have to get rid of this! So please consider, ne? ;)
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Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Usakochan's stuff! XD Updated today!

Hello! I just got hit with a surprise (not the
cool kind of surprise -_-;;)  big bill, so I went through my collection
to put up more goodies for sale to help me out with my pinch!

I accept Paypal, Money Orders, Personal Checks, and Well concealed Cash!
Please note that when paying with a personal check it will take a couple
of days to clear before I send it out.

I have over 300 positve feedback on ebay~!

When replying, please include the following:

Item(s) interested in, your zipcode and method of payment!

The prices listed here are for the U.S. BUT I will ship world wide! Extra shipping will be added.

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willen lion

Buy My Stuff~ Pretty Please?

I'm currently rather poor and have far too much stuff sitting around in my garage. And as such, I'm selling a substantial amount of it. Please take a look and buy things if you like them! All of my items are in good to excellent condition!


(prices vary because of how long I've had them - those at £2.50 have a little bit of wear and tear)

Angelic Layer volumes 1 and 2 - £2.50 each or both for £4
Ceres: Celestial Legened volume 3 (old style Viz) - £3
Chobits volumes 1 and 5 - £2.50 each or £4 for both
Eerie Queerie (or Ghost!) voulme 1 - £2.50
Full Metal Alchemist volume 2 - £3
Infinite Ryvius volume 1 - £2.50
Pita Ten volumes 1 to 8 (complete series) - £3 each or all 8 for £20
Samurai Champloo volumes 1 and 2 - £3 each or both for £5
Trigun Maximum volumes 1 to 4 - £3 each or all four for £10
Tsubasa volume 1 - £3
Tsubasa volume 2 in japanese (not the collectors one) - £2.50
Wish volumes 1 and 2 - £2.50 each or both for £4
Under The Glass Moon volumes 1 and 2 - £2.50 each or both for £4


(all DVDs are in good condition and play just fine. All are Region 2 unless otherwise noted)

Angelic Layer volume 1 - £7
Boogiepop Phantom volume 1 - £6
Final Fantasy Unlimited volumes 2 and 2 - £6 or £10 for both
FLCL volumes 1 to 3 (complete series) £7 each or all three for £18 (all are Region 1)
Gravitation volume 1 (Region 1) - £6
Hellsing volume 4 - £6
Infinite Ryvius voules 1 and 2 (Region 1) - £7 each or both for £12
Noir volumes 1 and 3 - £6 each or both for £10
Pretear volume 1 - £6
Read Or Die OVA - £6
Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie (Region 1) - £7
Rune Soldier volume 1 - £6
Saiyuki volume 1 (Region 1) - £6
Saiyuki Reload volume 1 (Region 1) - £6 or £10 with Saiyuki 1
Serial Experiments Lain volumes 1 and 2 - £6 each or both for £10

I can take pictures of any of the above items if required, but be aware it'll be with my camera phone as I don't have any batteries for my proper camera. And I am willing to negotiate a bit if you want to buy a lot of things, but I've put these at pretty much rock-bottom compared to how much they cost me.

( Please make any offers over here! All other information is here too! )

Banner contest

Hello, I need a banner for my shop "farfarawayland" so I decided to have a contest! :)

Banner requirement
1. Size: Anything below 200 pixel (width) X 80 pixel (height)
2. Must have the word "farfarawayland"
3. Animated banner is a PLUS :D
4. .jpg or .gif format
5. Unleash your creativity!

I hope they are good enough (:

&! Year of PIG grabbie
&! Consists of 8 designs x 2 sheets each = 16 reg memo + 10 sticker flakes + 1 mini deco tape

++ 1 set of Oriental Piggy regular memos =^(00)^=

I might give consolation prizes if there are many good entries ^__^

Lastly, the contest will end on 28th Feb (that is if there are lack of/enough response)

And you can post your entries in this post and similarly, I will make any updates here :)

Entries as of 23/2
1. Banner by lingling_sales
2. Banner by jaysuicide
3. Banner by kokii
4. Banner by crimsonbreeze
5. Banner by samkitty
6. Banner by reita_lover

p.s. Hope this is allowed XD


Hello people! i'm selling my copy of KERA JAN 2007 for USD6~ bought it on impulse (i've only flipped through it a couple of times) and it's still in great condition!

Item will be shipped from Singapore. Normal Airmail to USA is USD17 (the magazine is rather heavy), please ask for other countries~
Shipping methods available are EMS, Registered Airmail, Normal Airmail, Registered Surface and Normal Surface.
I accept non-cc paypal and cc-paypal. If you want to pay via concealed cash, i will not be responsible if it gets lost.

If interested please comment with your
Shipping method:
Payment method: (please state whether it's non-cc or cc for paypal, or i will assume it is cc and charge paypal fee)
Email address:

Thank you~


Ello ello ppls! Im selling away at my selling journal, heres what im selling at the moment!! vv  Free shipping for all posters and bracelets!! ^^

You can view all this with photos and prices here

** 31 Assorted beaded bracelets ranging from $2.00-$3.50 *Free Shipping*

Jrock Magz and Posters
Cure Volume 40 w/ayabie on cover January edition including ayabie poster (used, has tack marks from being on the wall)
Cure Volume 41 w/sadie on cover Feburary edition including Sadie poster (brand new)
Shoxx Volume 169 2007 w/Kagrra on cover includes double sided poster (Kagrra/Nightmare on reverse)
Spring Volume 3 - w/Ayumi Hamasaki on cover 

Double sided Ayabie poster (brand new) from Neo Vol.10 *Free Shipping*
Double sided SID poster from Arena 37c - *Free Shipping*
SID poster from shoxx - *Free Shipping*
Kazuki Kato poster with Rag Fair on reverse - *Free Shipping*

Bags & Misc
Hello Kitty Drawstring Bag 
Blue Hello Kitty Shoulder bag
Memoirs of a Geisha Novel

Anime DVD's
Gensomaden Saiyuki Reload Volume 1 - including Box to collect the set
King of Bandit Jing Volume 1 (brand new only watched once)
D.N ANGEL Volume 1 (Brand new, only watched once)


Paradise Kiss

(no subject)


Most of these books are in near mint condition. Some I haven't read yet.
They are $4 each. I want these gone so if you feel that price is too high, feel free to haggle.

- Sweet and Sensitive #1-2
- Tramps like Us #2
- Musashi #9 #1
- Dolls #1
- Dragon Knights #1-15,22
- I.C. Sunflower
- Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne #1-4
- Kill Me Kiss Me #3
- Madara #1
- Beauty is the Beast #1
- Broken Angels #1
- Crazy Love Story #1,3
- 50 Rules for Teenagers #1
- Saber Marionette J #5
- Pieces of a Spiral #3
- Tramps Like Us #2
- Sweet and Sensitive #1-2
- Ultra Cute #1,5
- Until the Full Moon #1-2
- Yugioh #2

Shipping within the US
1-2 manga - $2.00 Mediamail
3-5 manga - $3.00 Mediamail // $6 Priority

1-5 manga - $10.00 Global Priority


- Arina Tanemura - Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne ($20)
- CLAMP - Wish Memorial Illustration ($25)
- Kenichi Kutsugi - Yuki Terai Tokyo Labyrinth ($15)
- Ken Mizuki - Cotton Color ($10)
- Kusanagi Toshiki - Credo Faith Declaration ($25)
- Satoru Yuiga - Memoriatechnica ($32)
- Tooko Miyagi - World End ($20)
- Various Artists - Virtual Beauty 2020 ($20)
- Riyoko Ikeda - Rose of Versailles Illustration (1976 edition w/ poster) ($100)
- Yumiko Igarashi - Candy Candy Illustration II (1977 edition w/o poster) [pending]

Photos and scans are available upon request.
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(no subject)

Phoophie has new items! I just added some letter sets, sticker sacks, and note pads. The brands I got in are San-X, Q-Lia, and Kamio Japan. Phoophie accepts credit cards, Paypal, and money order. I ship anywhere in the world.

Please take a look. :)

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New * Cream Puff * cell charm - for sale now!

I recently bought this cell phone charm for my sister as a present, but she says she wants one more candy-like instead. >< Not this super-cute yummy one. ;-; (As for me, I bought a different one for myself, which I'm keeping. ^^;) So now is your chance!

This is a brand new kawaii Cream Puff cell phone (or bag / wallet / keychain / ipod) charm from Japan!! It cost a lot of money to have it shipped here and everything. I am only selling this one since it's the only other one I bought. So.. if you want it, it's first come first serve (must pay pretty quick, please). No reserve, no trades. & paypal only please. :)

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