February 22nd, 2007

PIERROT Rare Items Auction ♪♪ + Shoxx 1/07

I'm auctioning the following PIERROT items on eBay:

★ PIERROT "DESPAIR OF ROSE" Hardcover Tourbook
★ KIRITO 2002 Fanclub Calendar Poster (Topless Kirito ^^)
★ AIJI 1999 Fanclub Calendar Poster (Topless Aiji ^^)
★ "THE GENOME CONTROL" Official Fanclub VHS Version

☆ All on eBay here ☆

I'll be auctioning and doing direct sales of many more Pierrot items in the coming days & weeks~^^

Also listed in my auctions is a new copy of Shoxx 1/2007 with MUCC cover + included poster~

thank you~

Japanese & Korean Style (^_^)




THANK YOU! (^_^)
tota - luke: excellent

^_^ Stuf for Sale ^_^

Haven't made a big sales post in a while so here we go!

All items are priced as marked but if you feel the price is unfair feel free to haggle. I am currently NOT trading anything right now so please don't ask since I have stated this.

Payment: I accept payapl (4% fee applies), postal money order, and concealed cash (at your own risk)

Shipping: Shipping is free within the US, but additional shipping fees will apply if you are outside the US.

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Stuff For Sale At My Selling Journal

I'm running out of space in my house and that calls for a sale! I'll be selling a lot of my stuff that I bought in Japan!
I'm new to this community so I have no feedback here, but feel free to check out my eBay feedback as a seller and buyer here!

I will be posting more things in the coming days. But, so far I have Japanese CDs, videos and magazines.

Come check it out!!


(no subject)

Hi! I am back from the long haul cross country, move with all of our stuff. I am open for sales again! If there was anyone that did not complete a transaction before I had to pack up and leave CA, please e-mail me (on Yahoo account) or contact me through this! Being in Florida now I am able to continue where I left off.

I updated the sold items and now have a few more additional items added in. Any questions please let me know! The cut has my extra Manga listing but I updated my website with Furoku, zen-in, shitajiki, more much more!

Main site here --> http://www.serendipity-collections.com/

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Help me find these persons!

I had someone order these manga & after initial contact I lost contact because of packing and the move to Florida. If you know of or are the person(s) who origionally ordered these manga, Please contact me through my yahoo addy or in the journal...

US manga Vol
Negima manga set: vol 1-6
City Hunter vol 1 & 2
La Esperanca vol 1, 2
Enchanter vol 1
Our Everlasting vol 1 & 2 (Yaoi)
Beyond my Touch(Yaoi)

Japanese manga:
Legal Drug vol3
Hot Gimmick vol 9, 10, 11
Gestalt vol 8
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Evan + Arnie

FS/FT: English Manga Lots

For Sale Media Mail shipping is included to the U.S. I accept PayPal for payment. I have good feedback on eBay under Mister_Moony.

Fushigi Yuuji 1-11 in excellent condition. Most of the volumes are the larger editions. $65

X/1999 by CLAMP 1-18 in excellent condition. Most not even read. $120

Petshop of Horrors 1-10 (full series). $60

Descendants of Darkness 1-10 $60

Saiyuki 1-9 (volume 3 has water damage, but is readable) + Saukyui: Reload 1-2 $60

One Piece 1-7 $35

Tokyo Boys & Girls 1-2 $11

Golden Cain $6
Finder Series I: Target and the Finder $6
Kizuna 1-3 $16
Selfish Love 1-2 $11
Level C 1-4 $22
Our Kingdom 1-2 $14

What I will trade for:

Please Save my Earth 15, 17+
Tramps Like Us 10+
Boys over Flowers 13+
Red River 15+
The Devil Does Exist 7+
Cipher 4+
Death Note 9+
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Manga Sellers~It's raining, waterproof your books!

Here I am, being a busybody again. XD

Anyway, just wanted to remind all the manga sellers here that it is the rainy season, so be sure to ****waterproof the mangas/packages in some way.

I just received 2 packages where one package the corner was soaked (looked like someone had dipped that corner into a cup of water .-.) and another package where half the top was soaked.

Luckily both sellers had waterproofed the books. XD

But just thought I'd remind all you sellers, it's always better safe than sorry! And a happy buyer is 100 times better than a p*ssed off one. ;)

Good luck on your sales!

****Not sure how to waterproof the books? It's as simple as putting them into clean plastic bags, folding the bag over, and then taping it shut. :D Or you can use Saran wrap and wrap them. (make sure you use enough saran wrap, there are times you should and times you should not skimp. XD)

Also, it's best NOT to ship books in a jiffy mailer. (you know, the ones that are ALL paper? When you rip them open, looks like a lint planet exploded?) Those are heavier than bubbler mailers and at least with bubble mailers, the bubbles are plastic and offers some (some is better than none ^.~) water protection.

(no subject)

Hi! I am still selling off a lot of stuff, so I made this journal into a selling journal! :) I'm selling a lot of stuff, including anime goods, jpop goods, cds, import video games, plushies, and a lot more! So please visit my journal here if you are interested, and thanks for reading :)

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(no subject)

We're still doing our eveyrthing must go sale of all these anime merchandise here.

Looking for Manga? We've got the following series available.
- Death Note
- Battle Royale
- Hot Gimmick
- Eagle
- Banana Fish
- and many more!!!

Looking for merchandise (plushies, coin banks, headbands, toy figures, etc.)? We've got an assorted bunch of items from the following series.
- Lupin III
- Bleach
- Ghost in the Shell
- Final Fantasy
- Naruto
- One Piece
- Oh My Goddess
- X/1999
- And many more!!!

Also includes free shipping on everything in the site. So come on down and check it out.

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(no subject)

Trying to earn some money,
so I created this selling journal.
So take a look please =]

In there you can find:
-Jrock Items
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Ring 02 Hiding

Saiyuki, Weiss, Gackt, and more

I'm selling quite a few items out of my personal collection. If you're a Weiss Kreuz, Saiyuki, Gackt, or Final Fantasy X, then this post is for you! There are some other items here too, so don't skip over it. :)For shipping, I charge $1.00 for each pencil board, $2.00 for each magazine/book, and $4 for the lunch boxes since they cannot be sent media mail. All items that can be sent via media mail WILL BE, so you don't pay as much. Please e-mail me with questions at lilacwire at gmail.com. These cuts are fake and will take you to my journal.

Saiyuki Items

Weiss Kreuz Items

Other items including Gackt, Utena, and Final Fantasy X
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Manga Hunting again!

mm kay my updated wish list for now is here :)

I'm looking for these hopefully for about $5 shipped (but feel free to contact me even if it's a little over that each) :) I prefer to pay by paypal (since you don't wait and I don't wait) but I can mail a money order if need be. Contact me plllllease if you're willing to sell any of these for those prices. Thanks!

oh and I'm looking for these in english :)

Angel Sanctuary 4-5
Bleach 17
Ceres 9-14
Dazzle 4
Death Note 6
Godchild 4
Ouran High School Host Club 2-7
RG Veda 7
Tsubasa 9

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Nana Wee

Selling Journal!

Lovely Things Selling Journal


Now selling:

  • Cosplay Goodies
  • Manga & Magazines
  • Fruitsy Clothing & Accessories
  • EGL Clothing & Accessories
  • Anime DVDs
  • Video Games
  • Boooooks
  • And much much more!
Please come and visit <3!
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Paradise Kiss

(no subject)


Most of these books are in near mint condition. Some I haven't read yet.
They are $4 each.

- 50 Rules for Teenagers #1
- Arcana #5
- Beauty is the Beast #1
- Broken Angel #1
- Broken Angels #1
- Crazy Love Story #1,3
- Dolls #1
- Dragon Knights #1-15,22
- Fruits Basket #3,11
- Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne #1-4
- Kill Me Kiss Me #3
- Madara #1
- Musashi #9 #1
- Pieces of a Spiral #3
- Queen #1
- Saber Marionette J #5
- Soul to Seoul #1-2
- Swan #7
- Sweet and Sensitive #1-2
- The Devil Does Exist #6-7
- Tramps like Us #2
- Ultra Cute #1,5

Shipping within the US
1-2 manga - $2.00 Mediamail
3-5 manga - $3.00 Mediamail // $6 Priority

1-5 manga - $10.00 Global Priority


- Arina Tanemura - Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne ($20)
- CLAMP - Wish Memorial Illustration ($25)
- Kenichi Kutsugi - Yuki Terai Tokyo Labyrinth ($15)
- Ken Mizuki - Cotton Color ($10)
- Kusanagi Toshiki - Credo Faith Declaration ($25)
- Satoru Yuiga - Memoriatechnica ($32)
- Tooko Miyagi - World End ($20)
- Various Artists - Virtual Beauty 2020 ($20)
- Riyoko Ikeda - Rose of Versailles Illustration (1976 edition w/ poster) ($100)
- Yumiko Igarashi - Candy Candy Illustration II (1977 edition w/o poster) [pending]

Photos and scans are available upon request.
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(no subject)

Last sale before moving to new house: HERE (ebay)

I ship worldwide. Accept: Paypal, IPMO & Personal Cheques (UK only).

Original (Okane Ga Nai, Taishi Zaou, Koide Mieko, Sakura Ashika)
Mirage of Blaze
Gundam Seed Destiny 
DxD (Jdrama)
and more...

Prices for the doujinshis start from £0.50!

Yaoi & shoujo manga: Yamato Nase, Yukine Honami, Kotobuki Tarako, Asami Tohjoh, Kouga Yun, etc.

Lily Hoshino Artbook

I'm Looking for:
Hyotei & Rikkaidai Bromides

(no subject)


  I don't usually beg I actually think it be-littles me but I have to try this. I moved out on my own four months ago.  Its been hard, I live in a place where the economy sucks and I had to get a job that pays minimum wage and it barley covers my bills. And of course today my car broke down.  I have no money to spend on it whats so ever.  All that I'm asking is that you please look at the items I have for sale, I need at least a hundred dollars to get my car up and running.  I can't take much more of this being poor thing.  Its not even that I don't get to enjoy life much anymore, its just the fact that I'm worried all the time that something like this might happen.  I can promise if you buy from me, you'll get the fastest service you've ever seen on live journal and the most polite.

Please just take a look at what I have for sale

Thank you

PS: My Selling journal is:


thank you once again.

NEED TO SELL!! VASH COAT and some other fun stuff ^^

i have the infamous Hot Topic Vash Coat size L. i've only worn it one at a convention. and has since been dry cleaned. 50$ shipped or best offer

demonia boots size 10 womens/8 mens (worn once) $25 (hold)

L'arc en ciel live in the US $12 shipped

5$ each plus shipping
Descendants of darkness vol. 1 and 2
Cross vol. 1
Model vol. 1, 2, 3

prices are in USD
i accept paypal, money orders, check and cash ^^
email me at downxthexrabbitxhole @ yahoo.com