March 1st, 2007


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Edit (3/11): I've reduced prices on all unsold items without holds! Thanks for looking, and be sure to check out my other sales here!

Hi! ♥ I'm clearing out a bunch of my old things that aren't seeing much use any more... I'm still in the process of sorting through my things and taking more pictures, so I'll be adding new things periodically and linking back to this post. PayPal is preferred for payment, but I might be able to bend a bit in a pinch. ^^ If there's anything you'd like, please comment or e-mail me at kalmiaXXI (at) Thanks! :D

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make it all go away~

I'm trying to get rid of everything I don't want on ebay.  Very low starting price with no reserve on everything.  I'll be listing more everyday.  Please take a look.

Paypal, concealed cash, and Money Order accepted.  I'll take trades also, please take look at my want list:

thank you!
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15% off spring cleaning! Still almost 450 doujinshi in stock!

For one whole week, Nekotachi is having a 15% off sale!

It's been a while since I've had a 15% off sale (the last time was the first week of July 2006) so be sure to take a look and advantage of the savings!


I carry mostly yaoi/shounen ai, though there are a few normal/gag lurking around. ;)

Please be sure to read the "News" section on the first page carefully as it has more information about the sales and payment options.

I do ship flat rate to most countries! That means that for most International countries, you can get 5 doujinshi shipped INSURED for $11! ($6 for US, and $9 for Canada) Check the FAQ page for the list of countries that I can ship to.

HYDE + alice nine. Single

Hi~! I'm selling following CDs...

alice nine. - FANTASY [B-Type] $6
HYDE - Countdown $8

Both are in great condition, but alice nine. has some little scratches.

They'll be shipped from Germany, ask for shipping costs. ^_~
Payment: Paypal only

If there're any questions, feel free to ask. ^^

Looking to Sell or Trade

Looking to sell or trade anything listed. Please comment if you're interested in anything.

Anime DVDs:
Animation Runner Kuromi
Assemble Insert
Cowboy Bebop vol.1-4
Disgaea vol.1: The Netherworld Prince
Doki Doki School Hours vol.1 + Collector's Box
Midori Days - Vol. 1: A Helping Hand + Artbox
Munto 2: Beyond the Walls of Time (DVD only)
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Complete Collection (6-DVD thinpack, hard to get from me)
Soul Hunter vol.1-6 (Complete Series, hard to get from me)
Super Gals!: Gals Gotta Have Heart (SEALED)
Voogie's Angel

CLAMP School Detectives vol.1-3 (Complete Series, Limited Editions with color posters)
Hot Gimmick vol.1-12 (Complete Series, VERY hard to get from me)
Hyper Rune vol.2
Mink vol.1
More Starlight to Your Heart vol.1,2
President Dad vol.3
Saint Tail vol.6

Other Anime stuff:
DBZ: The Saga Continues - Minoshiya action figure (still in box)
Pencil Boards - Trigun, R.O.D, Tenjho Tenge, Card Captor Sakura
beetlejuice, lydia

request! help!

i'm not sure if this is allowed, but i thought this would be the best place to ask :)
i'm going to japan soon, and while there i want to go see BUG at Shibuya O-West on the 7th of april.
so i was wondering, does anyone know how to buy tickets? are there any services like celga that can get me tickets by the 28th of march? x.x

or even better, does anyone have any tickets for it they'd be willing to sell me? OwO
Glee: Adam judging

Selling Manga/Wallscrolls/Other Anime Things

Angelic Layer vl 1-5 complete
Card Captor Sakura Special Collector's Edition vl 1-3
Card Captor Sakura: Master of the Clow vl 1-6 complete
Chobits vl 1-8 complete
Hot Gimmick vl 1-12 complete
Kare Kano vl 2-4
Magic Knight Rayearth vl 1-6 complete
Naruto vl 1-5
Shaman King vl 1-4
Wish vl 1-2

Bleach poster
Card Captor Sakura wallscroll
Full Metal Alchemist wallscroll
Shaman King wallscroll

Bleach Hitsugaya figure
Bleach Byakuya&Rukia litho
Bleach Urahara mini plushie
Naruto Yondaime&Kakashi shitajiki

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Manga prices negotiable; I'm just in desperate need to get rid of stuff... ^_^

I can only take concealed cash for now. If interested in anything, drop me a line at

Deadpool - Sexy

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I have one «Inuyasha the Movie» wallscroll, for $15

Sorry for the poor image quality. The only camera I have is a cheap webcam. The wallscroll is in perfect condition though.

And I have NGC Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 for $30.
It's import, so you will need a freeloader to play it.

It, too, is in excellent condition, and comes with everything it had when I first bought it(case, instructions, jacket, disc-of course)

Both prices cover the cost of packaging and shipping.
I cannot ship outside the U.S.

Comment or email me at if interested.
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A while ago someone bought a TMR dvd and calendar off of me. I sent them out, but I just got the T.M.R cal back. I don't know if it was the wrong address or what. But please whoever bought this from me, let me know. I need your addi so I can send it out again! Thanks and hope you got the dvd at least.

Paradise Kiss

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Most of these books are in near mint condition. Some I haven't read yet.
They are $4 each.

- 50 Rules for Teenagers #1
- Arcana #5
- Beauty is the Beast #1
- Broken Angel #1
- Broken Angels #1
- Crazy Love Story #1,3 ($8 shipped for both)
- Dragon Knights #1-15,22
- Fruits Basket #3,11
- Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne #1-4, 6 (vol.6 is $5)
- Kill Me Kiss Me #3
- Madara #1
- Musashi #9 #1
- Pieces of a Spiral #3
- Queen #1
- Saber Marionette J #5
- Soul to Seoul #1-2
- Swan #7
- Sweet and Sensitive #1-2
- The Devil Does Exist #6-8 (vol.8 is $5)
- Ultra Cute #1,5

Shipping within the US
1-2 manga - $2.00 Mediamail
3-5 manga - $3.00 Mediamail // $6 Priority

1-5 manga - $10.00 Global Priority


- Arina Tanemura - Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne ($20)
- CLAMP - Wish Memorial Illustration ($25)
- Kenichi Kutsugi - Yuki Terai Tokyo Labyrinth ($15)
- Ken Mizuki - Cotton Color ($10)
- Kusanagi Toshiki - Credo Faith Declaration ($25)
- Satoru Yuiga - Memoriatechnica ($32)
- Tooko Miyagi - World End ($20)
- Various Artists - Virtual Beauty 2020 ($20)
- Riyoko Ikeda - Rose of Versailles Illustration (1976 edition w/ poster) ($100)
- Yumiko Igarashi - Candy Candy Illustration II (1977 edition w/o poster) [pending]

Photos and scans are available upon request.
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