March 6th, 2007

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I come bearing LOTS of doujinshi I need to get rid of. o=w=o
& I accept trades. ♥

I have several Naruto Doujin Anthologies, Doujinshi & Japanese manga as well as Digimon Gundam series doujinshi.

Please, take a look here.

Thank you!

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I'm selling all my junk because I'm moving to japan. (And am getting tickets to both the Tokyo and one Yokohama show for madbeavers 8\ ) --- if you think something is unfair i'll consider any offers whatever.


Rock Opera Hamlet w/ photobook- 20
No. 53 - 18
Earth- 15
Vibe infinity (double set): 20
Limelight- 18
Missing Link - 20
Into the valley of the dolls - 15

Byakuro no mai- 10
Melody (with score book) - 15

Photo books:
Missing link - 45
Historical Presentation of Penicillin- 45

Chisato solo:

Organic Groover- 15

Ultra Box Set- (Single, VHS, CD) - 30

Buck Tick:
Devil and Freud - 25
13th floor with diana - 35

Malice Mizer:
Merveilles - 10

Death Note Death Box(In Mint Condition!)

I'm selling my Death Note Death Box set for anyone who's interested in Death Note. The set includes, the carry case, the L, Raito and Misa diorama(unopened) and skull(unopened), the artbook, and special illustrations. Make me a good offer and it's all yours! So if interested feel free to leave a comment or email me at if you want more info and I'll contact you! I accept paypal and money orders. Thanks for looking!

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I normally don't post entries without purpose, but I'm trying to catch up on putting around my feedback for people I've bought from that I've received the items from. The following users below I have left feedback for recent transactions, either in their selling journal or here on garagesalejapan. If I have yet to leave feedback for a transaction with you, I have either forgotten your username, or have yet to receive my item. Please let me know if I need to leave you feedback!

mrsmuraki ~*~ inutsuzuki ~*~ shiroibara ~*~ xgacktx
crazyheartsp ~*~ yiching

While I'm at it...

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Looking for a hide plush doll, if anyone has one they are willing to give up.. already have goodbye plush, so anything other than that. I cant use e-bay or order on websites really, so I am looking here. I am looking for a hide plush if you are willing to trade me one for these I have

Gackt Diabolos CD
L'arc en ciel 13 Clicked Best CD
HYDE horizon single w/Lucy in the sky with Diamonds

Please e-mail me at


I'm moving, so I'm selling a lot of stuff that I dug out. These are mainly Jrock and Jpop stuff like Amaterasu, Arc, Gazette and Ayumi Hamasaki and Angela Aki So please take a look if you're interested! Also, I take Paypal now so everything is easier in terms of payment.


☆- Paypal please.

☆- Prices are maybe negotiable if it's reasonable.

☆- PLEASE ONLY COMMENT IF YOU ARE SURE TO BUY. However, questions are welcome, too.

★- Photos are $3 each unless sold in a set; buy 5 and get free shipping. CDs will have their own prices stated.

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Random CDs

Angela Aki- Kokoro No Senshi Single+DVD; $15 shipped. [x][x]

Arc ~Otona Naritakunai Kodomotachi~ CDS

$25 shipped each.

魅成年乃主張 [1][2]

あめだま [1][2]

Random Photoset

Dir En Grey member [x]
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Wanted? - L olita231

I've been looking around everything I find is already sold which makes me extremmly sad.

So, is anyone selling any Lolita23q* stuff? CDs, DVD, photocards, anything really.

*Called Shoujo Lolita 23ku as well, and about twenty other variations of this name.

WTB: Customized ILYIT Blythe Doll

Greetings everybody.
Whew, my heart is beating at a mile a minute, I'm so excited! I'm now ready to buy my first Blythe doll. I'm looking for an "I Love You It's True" with the eyeshadow painted over/removed and her face matted down, including box and original clothes/accessories. I'm located in Canada and would prefer to buy one located in North America, but I'm not going to be overly picky. Feedback and a picture would be necessary, since these dollies are expensive and I wanna be careful. If you are selling one or the other, please post here or Email me. My email is mark_andrews88(at) with an "@" and "." where the brackets are.
Thanks very much, please help me to bring my first Blythe home!
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I've updated my sales journal with more items. Please check it out!

Links for furoku items, manga, and CDs lead to actual sales journal entries. Link for DVDs is a lj-cut for this entry.

EDIT: ~*Seiyuu/Drama/Character CDs
Aikotoba ~Password~ drama CD- Kazumi Ooya
Boys in Heaven Amnesia drama CD - Kazumi Ooya
CLAMP School Detectives - Love Letters mini-album [first press? w/fold-out poster/pics]
Hunter x Hunter - Leorio Character CD [w/Leorio card]
Kodomotachi wa Yoru no Juunin drama CD - Kouga Yun [first press? comes w/fold-out booklet of images and plastic slipcover]
Saiyuki - Image Album volume 3
Tokyo Babylon - Image Soundtrack [first press w/postcards]

Sakamoto Maaya - Yunagi Loop album [limited edition]
sales entry here

Junjou Romantica
Kyou Kara Maou
Love Hina
Momogumi Plus Senki
Rurouni Kenshin
sales entry here

170+ volumes [manga, anthologies, English, Japanese, Chinese
BL/yaoi, shoujo, adventure/shounen

Do As Infinity
Fukuyama Masaharu
Katase Nana
Utada Hikaru
sales entry here

.hack//Sign [limited edition]
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will add doujinshi and seiyuu/drama/character CDs soon~ ♥

Mirage of Blaze OVA DVD
Human Crossing DVDs [volumes 3-4]
Tackey & Tsubasa--limited edition/first press CDs, Harucon DVD, Tsubacon DVD
Yubinbasya doujinshi/goods
cheap Nintendo DS, PS2, PS games

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I'm selling a few items at bittersweetcafe, such as
♥Japanese Comic Magazines (few Shounen JUMP issues, ZERO-SUM issues, WARD issues)
♥Japanese Celebrities and Japanese Fashion Magazines
♥some BL/Yaoi Japanese manga
♥some BL/Yaoi English manga
♥doujinshi/fan book
right now.

I'm going to add up more things after I get my hands on them... but for now, the things I'm selling are used once by me. However, they've been bought from the store and not a used store. C:

For more information, or if you have any questions/concerns, comment or e-mail me at

15% off DOUJINSHI sale over in 28 hours and Ebay auctions!

Just a reminder that my 15% off sale ends in about 28 hours.

I ship worldwide (I have both single doujinshi and flat rate shipping - INSURANCE is included in S/H charges), and I accept Paypal, POSTAL money orders, and well-concealed cash.

Also, I just listed some doujinshi for auction on Ebay:

Prince of Tennis, Saiyuki, Naruto, Final Fantasy, Hikaru no GO, and Detective Conan.*yaoi

I can combine my site and ebay auctions so that you save on shipping. Please email me first though as they have to be paid for in ONE Paypal payment. (if paying by Paypal)




i'm looking for d'espairs ray items!!
(along with 176biz)

and photosets, posters, cds, etc will be fine ^-^
i'll just have to see some proof ya know.

well if anyone is willing to sell any d'espairs ray(or 176biz)please comment!!
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