March 8th, 2007

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JAPANESE Jenny doll in LOVELY Kimono for you and your children

NEW Takara 2004 Kimono! JENNY from JAPAN


Today theTakara Jenny and Licca dolls are the most popular dolls in Japan.
Jenny Dolls usually retail for around $40 or more, in America!  Ebayestimates this doll's price at being $48.99!!!  You can aquire thislovely doll at very good price, today!

Jenny! Marine has largelovely eyes just like your favorite anime character!  Add her to youranime collection.  She will look lovely near your manga and with yourdollfie.  She is very recognizable to every Japanese.  Impress yourfriends and bring back their fond memories of Jenny Doll.


SUPPURATE SYSTEM items for sale

I have several SUPPURATE SYSTEM items for sale.
Please comment if you're interested in purchasing anything.
Remember to include the number & item description/
And an email address where I can reach you. :)
I only accept paypal by bank transfer or paypal balance.

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Thanks for looking! :)
reading, books

Spring Cleaning Sale!

Check Below For:
Lolita and Japanese brand Clothing
Japanese Fashion Mooks
Mihara Mitsukaz  Alice Addict Artbook
Tohru Honda Cosplay
Anime Plushies
Some Manga and DVD's


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Skull & Fruits bracelets! Shoxx, Cure, jrock posters, anime

Heyas! Im selling away loads at my selling journal, heres what im selling at the moment!! vv  Free shipping for all posters and bracelets!! ^^

You can view all this with photos and prices here

** alot of assorted bracelets on sale!!!! from $1USD **have added new skull beaded bracelets!!**

Jrock Magz and Posters


Cure Volume 41 w/sadie on cover Feburary edition including Sadie poster (brand new)
Shoxx Volume 170 with Nightmare on cover including Poster! **JUST ARRIVED TODAY**
Shoxx Volume 168 2007 w/Ancafe on cover (does not include poster)
Shoxx Volume 169 2007 w/Kagrra on cover includes double sided poster (Kagrra/Nightmare on reverse)
Spring Volume 3 - w/Ayumi Hamasaki on cover 

SID poster from shoxx - *Free Shipping*

Anime DVD's
Gensomaden Saiyuki Reload Volume 1 - including Box to collect the set
King of Bandit Jing Volume 1 (brand new only watched once)
D.N ANGEL Volume 1 (Brand new, only watched once)
Perfect Blue - $10 USD
Bubblegum Crisis Episodes 1,2,3 (original 1st series) (NTSC EDITION) - $10 USD
X full length movie - $10 USD

Bags & Misc
Hello Kitty Drawstring Bag 
Blue Hello Kitty Shoulder bag
Memoirs of a Geisha Novel

Trading card sets
Pokemon Trading Card 'OVERGROWTH' set - BRAND NEW with Limited Edition Card
Pokemon Trading Card 'POWER RESERVE' set - BRAND NEW with Limited Edition Card
Pokemon Trading Card 'BRUSHFIRE' set - BRAND NEW with Limited Edition Card
Pokemon Trading Card 'WATER BLAST' set - BRAND NEW with Limited Edition Card
Pokemon Trading Card 'STARTER ' set - USED SET

Luke - ?

Anime, Manga, Game Stuff For Sale!

I'm planning on moving in few months, so I'm looking to cut down on the stuff I take with me. I'll consider any offers at moment!
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I'm able to accept money orders, checks, and Paypal, though money orders and checks take 10-15 days to clear. Shipping'll depend on your method preferred and your location, and I can check first. I have feedback on eBay under gohrm.
SenBasa - run run

25% Off Sale at Silver Sales!

Well, due to a recent and poorly-timed doujinshi binge, I really need to get rid of some stuff. ^^;

I've marked down prices even further in most sections, and I'm now offering a 25% discount off the total cost of any purchase (excluding items in the Freebies section). This discount does NOT apply if I'm already holding items for you.

I'm also offering random trading card grabbies!
I have a lot of cards that I'd like to see go to new homes, so...
- Any purchase under $10 will receive a random 5 trading card grabbie.
- Any purchase over $10 will receive a random 10 trading card grabbie.

**Check out the first post in the journal for more details.**

I have PS and PS2 games (including several RPGs), yaoi and regular manga, Animerica magazines, anime and game posters, and more! Item series include Wild Arms, Grandia, Flame of Recca, Inuyasha, Slayers, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Tekken, Alundra, Rayearth, Kingdom Hearts, Yami no Matsuei, and Final Fantasy.

Check it out at silver_sales!

Stuff for Sale.

Jrock, Anime, Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games. !!! Check it out ALL CHEAP!!!!!!

I need to get rid of all of it as soon as possible.
vanilla ice

Custom earrings, pendants, necklaces, cell straps, fastener mascots

Gonna make some soon for a friend and my mom, so taking custom orders for charms. (You supply a nice size/quality image)

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*These charms are transparent, so they do NOT show up well against dark fabric (for example a pendant on a dark shirt) but they show up nice on skin, and lighter color fabrics. And they'll look nice dangling from a phone, etc. ;)

These are LOWERED PRICES, in the future they will be higher.

Base Price: (choice of circle or rounded square charm shape - 1" and under in size)
Pendant (just the charm and a silver jumpring) $2.00
Earrings (silver tone ear wires, gold tone ear wires, gunmetal ear wires) $3.00
Black Cell Phone Strap $3.00 (black strap)
Color Cell Phone Strap $3.50 (red, white, pink, light blue, blue)
Fastener Mascot $3.00

EXTRAS: (add this amount)
Die Cut : $1.00
Sterling Silver Ear Wires: $1.00
6mm Bell: $.20 (red, matte red, green, yellow, frosty yellow, purple, hot pink, aqua, frosty aqua, lavender, mint)
10mm Bell: $.25 (red, yellow, green, aqua, purple)
* I may charge more if you want a larger charm.

US: $2.00
Canada: $2.50
Other International: $3.00

This includes a bubbler mailer and is FLAT RATE. Meaning you can buy as much as you want and the shipping stays the same. :D

I have LOTS of beads, etc, so if there's a more elaborate design, etc you're looking for, just ask, I might be able to do it. XD


Iceman Digital Playstage for Japan Playstation

Full Metal Alchemist the movie Conqueror of Shamballa
Condition:Excellent (only viewed once)
(SOLD!!!! XD)


Anne Freaks Vol. 1 and Aishiteruze Baby vol.5
$3 each

DN Angel vol.2&3
$3 each

MARS vol.1(a shojo) and Wild Rock (a yaoi)
Condition:MARS has a tiny bend on a corner otherwise ok and Wild Rock is in excellent condition)
$2 for MARS
$4 for Wild Rock

Free Shipping

I accept paypal, well conceled cash, check, or moneyorder

Trades are accepted, my wish list is as follows:
access/AXS stuff(J-pop)
Iceman stuff(j-pop)
TM Revolution stuff
Ayumi Hamasaki Cds
Pati-Pati magazines

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I'm currently selling Dir en grey's new Fanclub Only DVD DESPAIR IN THE WOMB on ebay!
If you're interested, click here.
The auction ends in 20 hours!

There is an english article description for those that don't understand German. It's at the end of the description, you have to scroll down a bit. :]

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Animation cels, dollfie clothes, Japanese high school gear, Nakayoshi back issues, Jpop photo books, and more! CLICK ON PICTURE! If auctions do not show, refresh page or check back soon!

Or check out my website at

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~There are only a few pairs left available and we don't plan to have them again once they're sold out since they were discontinued a few years ago.~

These sunglasses are of high demand to any rabid hide fan, great for cosplay, even for showing off that Hollywood JRockstar look.
Remember, these ARE shatterproof designer glasses with 400 UV Ray Protection.

Included is a transparent snap-shut sunglasses case to protect your glasses, and a cloth especially for cleaning and polishing the lenses.

We can assure you that this is the exact same brand that hide wore in his famous Rocket Dive PV (Promo Video) and in various photoshoots.

Be sure to check out our other listings for more rare hide items!

For Questions, Requests or Comments, please contact us at

Click here to enter the shop


Hello! ^_^


I’m selling VOLUMES 2, 3 and 5 of the Gravitation Remix doujinshi collection. These doujins are in MINT condition and are now a RARE find. The actual doujinshis in BOOK form are nearly impossible to get a hold of now. Also, the volumes have been combined into multiple editions now so finding the volume in a single doujin is incredible rare! These would be a treat for any Gravitation fan, whether for yourself or as a gift for a friend^^ Volume 2 features Tatsuha[S] x Ryuichi[U], volume 3 features Tatsuha[S]/Yuki[S] x Shuichi[U] and volume 5 features Tatsuha[S] x Yuki[U]! ^.^ Please note that these are VERY hardcore yaoi doujinshis and aren’t for the faint of heart X3


I adore these remix editions so they’re very hard to part with ;o; but I really need the money and I’m sure they will find their way to loving new homes^^ I will sell these to whoever puts down the best offer for each volume. I originally purchased these for quite a bit each so be sure to make your offer and potentially grab these for a bargain! If interested or you would like more information, please feel free to comment here or email me at k.germini @


I accept PayPal (preferred) and international *postal* money orders.


ALSO please do check out a whole bunch of other great anime and manga items that I must sell ASAP!


Thanks for your time!


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New * Ocha Ken * cell charm from Japan!

Hiya, you are looking at a new with package * Ocha Ken * cell phone / ipod / etc charm from Japan! ^^ This super-cute charm is officially licensed by SEGA toys and is based on a hit Japan TV series. He is a super cute dog with colorful beaded strap and a green leaf that dangles for decoration. $7.50 shipped or offer? Paypal only please. We also have a waffles cell charm if interested. Thanks! ^^

( * See store for details! * )

* More kawaii & anime goods *

* $1 clothing & more! *