March 10th, 2007

Jrock for sale

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All prices in USD, and shippping for out of USA will cost more unless otherwise noted.

I only accept paypal and MO for everyone's safety and will hold items up to four days (to allow money to get in paypal). MO's should be shipped out within three days of claiming the item. Please comment here if interested.

Jrock & Accessory Sale!

Everything is priced to sell fast!

+ CDs +

Datenshi- Shoujo no Tsumi $8
Rouage- Children $10
Shazna- Raspberry Time $9
Sulfuric Acid- [salfjuerik aesid] $13

+ Accessories +

Awesome items: Fruitsy/punk/asian necklaces, bracelets, & earrings at great prices!

**Please visit nurse_reita for pics & more details. Thank you!**

Chage & Aska CDs

Hello! ^^
I'm selling 3 CDs of CHAGE&ASKA:
- Tree (12 Tracks)
- Guys (12 Tracks)
- Red Hill (13 Tracks)

Each is $15 (or all 3 CDs together $40) , they are all in great condition! ^^

Payment: Paypal only, sorry ^^;

- Germany: $2
- Europe: $5
- International: $10
OMG Shoes!

Help Me Get A New DS Lite! (Stuff For Sale!)

Okay, I have to get a new DS lite (the morons at my college stole mine while i was in the ladies room) and so, to make a little extra cash for myself, I am selling some items I no longer need.

I prefer paypal (, but if you are desperate, CONCEALED CASH is also welcome. Please contact me for details. Now, that the formalities are over with, here is what I am selling. Prices include paypal fees and shipping is a flat 5 dollars to anyplace in the united states. Everything is in excellent condition, except where noted)

Music CDs
"Fever Fever" Puffy : $10 (liner notes are a little worn)
"Wind: Inuyasha Symphonic Theme Collection": $10
"Dance Dance Revolution Second Mix Soundtrack": $15 ( 2 disc set)
"Dance Dance Revolution: Party Collection":$15 ( 2 disc set)
"Addicted to You" Utada Hikaru single: $8 dollars
Mahou Sentai Magiranger Opening and Ending Single: $5 dollars
Tokousou Sentai Dekaranger Opening and Ending Single: $5 dollars
Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger Complete Song Collection: $20 dollars (2 disc set)
"Kiss Kiss Kiss" Nao Nagasawa single: $8 dollars

Region 2 DVDs
GouGou Sentai Boukenger Volume 1: $35 (only been watched once)

English Language Manga
Legal Drug by Clamp: Volumes 1-3 (the cover on 3 is a little worn): $6 a piece or $15 for the set
Card Captor Sakura: Master of the Clow by Clamp Volumes 2-6: $6 dollars a piece or $24 dollars for the set
Mink Volume 1: $6
A.I. Love You: Volumes 2, 4 & 6: $6 each or $15 for the set
The Prince of Tennis: Volumes 4 & 5: $5 dollars each or $8 for both

Idol Photobooks
Nao Nagasawa's "Steppin'" book (like NEW!): $25 dollars

Prince of Tennis Illustration Book: $20

Again, please contact me if you have any questions and comment if something interests you. Thank you for shopping with Trinity!

The Devil's Trill Sonata: III. Grave - Allegro assai - Grave - Allegro assai - Grave - Allegro assai - Cadenza - Andante - Largo - Vanessa-Mae - The Original Four Seasons and The Devil's Trill Sonata
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Hii. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place that would allow me to buy things from Yahoo!Japan Auctions without placing in a deposit; since I have an account with shoppingmalljapan, but I always pay by money order and my deposit is very empty right now. But I really want to buy some items off of Yahoo!Japan Auctions that don't have that much time left. So does any one know if there is such a place?

And if this kind of post isn't allowed feel free to delete. ;_;


Thanks for checking this out. <3 Everything has to go right away, so especially if you'd like to combine several things, feel free to make a reasonable offer!

Paypal from a non cc account only. Just reply here to claim something!

1. BJDs:
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2. Dolls and figures:
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3. Jewelry:
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4. Cards, manga, stickers, pins:
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Selling all my stuff on ebay!! *_*

Selling all my stuff over on ebay, please check it out!! I really need the cash right now *_*
Cure Volume 41 w/sadie on cover Feburary edition including Sadie poster (brand new)
Shoxx Volume 168 2007 w/AnCafe on cover (no poster included) - Brand new, only looked through once
Shoxx Volume 169 2007 w/Kagrra on cover includes double sided poster (Kagrra/Nightmare on reverse) totally brand new!!
Spring Volume 3 - w/Ayumi Hamasaki on cover (new, only flicked through once)
Double sided SID poster from Arena 37c - $10 USD *Free Shipping* 

JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Super Sale: This stuff HAS to go!

Ok, I have had a lot of this stuff long enough and it simply has to go. I need money a lot but I am willing to trade for things I want, I'm just sick of looking at all this stuff I have and not being able to get rid of it!!! So if you want anything, please comment, and we can make this happen ^_^

First off, for sale on Ebay, I have these lovely Sailor Moon plush beanies:
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If you are interested in those, please bid for them here!

The rest of the stuff I have for sale is currently not on ebay ^_^

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If you want anything at all, please comment!!! Thanks!!!!

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Bleach, Original, Gakuen Heaven, GSD, TeniPuri, etc. doujinshi for sale @ HERE.

Mostly yaoi, one hentai (Renji x Rukia).

& TeniPuri TCs (Seikagu, Hyotei, Higa) @ here.

Still looking for:
The Sex Pistols booklet that came as a furoku in 04/2006 Be x Boy.