March 26th, 2007

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Stockings and other stuff for sale.

 purple stockings
<note these are bright/light neon pink stockings

 cat on elephant (fish in mind) socks

let me know if you're interested in anything ^^; I have more stuff in my journal too.
panic attack!

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Manga and Jrock for Sale

L'arc en ciel 13 clicked Best CD-10.00
HYDE Horizon Single 6.00


Gravitation Vol. 1,2,3
The Wallflower Vol. 1
10.00 for all 4

Graphic Novel Hardcover, The Pushman, and other stories-15.00

Other Books

The art of Sleepy Hollow
The art and making of the nightmare before christmas
both for 20.00

Digital Manga and Other Techniques, book teaches you how to color your anime art work on photoshop and other programs. 15.00

I accept conceiled Cash, Checks, and Money Orders. If you are interested in anything e-mail me at


Super Big Moving Sale!

I've just moved across the country, and these items MUST GO!
CDs, DVDs, Tour Goods, Clothing, RARE STUFF!!


ALL CDs/DVDs include original items (obi, booklets, promtional items) unless stated otherwise.
Additional photos available on request.

Please try to make a minimum purchase of $10 due to my time constraints and other variables. Sorry!

Prices are negotiable, a suggested price is listed but I will take a reasonable offer, as selling these items are necessary! My payment options include Paypal (credit card OK), money order and well concealed cash. I can not put anything on hold, and money needs to be sent within the week that we discuss purchase.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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spring broke

US ONLY!, sorry.
PAYPAL ONLY! or money orders (if your purchase is over $10)
NO TRADES i'm incredibly broke right now, sorry.

If you want delivery confirmation added onto your order, add 75 cents to the price and let me know. :D

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Selling J-pop &Manga

Iceman Digital Playstage (For Japan playstation only)
Condition:Fairly New

Daisuke Asakura Sirens Melody Singel
Condition:fairly new

Hyde- Faith

The Dreaming Vol.1&2                                           Mars vol.1 
$6.00 for both                                                           $3.00
Condition:Vol.1 has small bend on cover             Condition: Great

Our Kingdom(Yaoi)
Condtion:Fairly new

I accept paypal(any),or well consealed: moneyorders, checks, and cash

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prices lowered!


Payment accepted in money order, check or concealed cash. I DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL, sorry~~

I use flat rate envelopes so I can't combine shipping on magazines but you will save if you buy magazines with CDs. :)

Thank you for looking~ ^^
If interested please leave your email with what you'd like to buy. Thanks.

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please help me get rid of these items!!
i am desperate for money and i'm broke ToT
and i gotta pay back some people >_<

D'espairs Ray postcard $1
Billy - ~Wednesday~ Kaibutsu wa Shinu Koto Ni Shita(like new)2 tracks) $16
Kagrra, - Haru Urara(good condition)3 tracks) $12
Cure Jan 2007(like new) $10
Merry flyer(holes, but unnoticable) $1
BLOOD flyer(two holes at bottom, unnoticiable) $1

Instant Immersion Japanese(good condition(barely used) $17
Lovelss Vol.4(like new) $5
Sims 2 game for PS2(freezes, it was like that when i bought it) $8

payment :
concealed cash please(USD)
(first time buyers, please wrap cash in colored paper)

Zone 1 : North America, Central America, South America, Canada $1
Zone 2 : Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand $2
Zone 3 : Malaysia, Brunei $4

Free shipping for only 3 or more purchases

and i will only hold items for ONLY 4 days
so if you don't get back to me on the 4th day then the item is back on sale
i will NOT send out your items on SATURDAY or SUNDAY

Hot Rhod

[req] Heart magazine pick up

To people living in Japan: There is a magazine that I want that is only available in stores for pick up. I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for someone to pick it up and ship it to me. I will only pay by paypal

This is what the magazine looks like:

For a list of places to pick it up from, please go here.

For more information, you can go to the main site.

If anyone is interested in helping me out, please e-mail me or leave a comment here. If you have any previous sales history, please also include that.

Thank you ♥
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Anyone want a new DS Lite or a Wii?

Here's the deal. I have access to the Nintendo store of America and I'll be going there where they always have Wii and DS Lites in stock. I'd make no profit from this, but I thought I could help someone out. I feel bad that these are still so hard to get because up here, it's pretty plentiful if you know the right people (I'm a student aiming to work in the video game industry).

I will take orders for 3 DS Lites. I'd like to limit these to Japanese buyers only. I've heard how ridiculous it is to get a DS Lite there and I feel for you. If there isn't enough interest from Japanese buyers, than I'll take anyone who wants one. The available colors are white, teal, black and pink and the cost at the Nintendo store is $130. It might be a little bit less, but I don't know what the discount is there. Whatever the leftover profit is will contribute to your shipping. Anything after shipment that's leftover will be Paypaled back to you or mailed back to you (in American cash only though) depending on your preference. If you want any accessories such as a case, please let me know, they range from $5-$10 but I don't want to be responsible for picking a case you don't like! They have a variety.

Also, I'll buy one Wii for whoever wants one. Brand new, I know these go for $230 at the Nintendo store. I could also buy a game if you like, I know the new Zelda game goes for $31 there, but please don't ask for too many extras. If there's too many people interested in the Wii, I'll do a drawing and whoever is drawn will pay me.

PAYMENT WILL HAVE TO BE PROMPT. I know this is sudden but I can't get access to the store anytime I like and if the money isn't here by the time I go, I just can't afford it. So this will have to be from Paypal only. Please don't ask if I can wait til next week, this is a pay-within-3-days kind of thing.

I'd like to take more orders than 3 DS and a Wii but if I buy too much, Nintendo may get suspicious and think I'm reselling these somewhere for profit.

When you request a console, please state what you want, what color and game (if any) and where you live. I'll take claims until Thursday night-time Pacific time zone. Please make claims in here only so that I know who claimed first etc, don't email me what you want. We'll do emails later. I hope this is something that interest enough people. =)