March 30th, 2007

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Huge cosplay sale, $50 or less

I dropped the prices on pretty much everything.

Costumes include: Nami from One Piece, Kaoru from Kenshin, Tomoe from Samurai X, Melfina from Outlaw Star, Kikyo from Inuyahsa and a few odds and ends.

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Sizes for costumes:
shoe size: women's 8
bust: 32"
waist: 24"
hips: 35"
obi measurements: 28"

Ask about specfic garment's measurements if interested, some garments can fit a bit larger measurements.
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hey guys,
I am looking for more dollies to customize to give my girls some friends. If you have anything from my list or anything similar you think I might be interested in show me!
I am looking to buy these items:

27cm dollfies (obitsu, volks, heads, eyes, wigs, bodies, ect)
60cm female dollfie body
Volks customizable figures (the anime styled ones)
a full sized blythe or pullip doll (ANY style, even if it is just a head I will work with that!)

I will take a look at extra parts you have, finished dolls /all tho I would rather them not be, as I will be customizing them/, or anything else you might have! Show me what you have.
thanks a lot!
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Hey! Half a day left!! Check em out!! Plz!

Please take a look at these! I am trying to buy a car so I am selling nearly ALL of my manga collection! It is a very sad thing to do...but you do what you got to do.

DN Angel Manga vol 1-11
PHD: Phantasy Degree 1-4
Legal Drug by Clamp 1-3
Eerie Queerie Complete 1-4
Demon Ororon Vol 1-4 Complete
Ouran High School Host Club Vol 1-5
Imadoki!! Complete set 1-5
.hack//Legend of the Twilight 1-3 complete
Yotsuba&! Vol 1-3!
Kill Me Kiss Me Vol 1-5 complete
Psychic Academy Vol 1-11 COMPLETE
Hikaru No Go! Vol 1-8!!

To view all auctions

Also have these various manga that I am willing to take offers on!!
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Please feel free to ask any questions about any of the auctions or manga in the picture!

Thank you so much!!


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Hello! I still have stuff up for sale! ^^ Please help me selling it!

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Hello! I still have stuff up for sale! ^^ Please help me selling it!


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Nintendo DS games / Pokemon for sale

US only!
Paypal or money order only!
No trades!

Nintendo DS games: all are brand new and sealed!

DS - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team and Rescuer's Guide - $24 shipped (if you want the other pokemon guide below with it too it can be $26 shipped)
DS - Feel the Magic XX/XY - $10 shipped
DS - Mega Man Battle Network 5 Double Team - $16 shipped

Guide - Pokemon How to Collect 'Em All (Ruby/Emerald/Sapphire/FireRed/LeafGreen/Collesseum) Strategy Guide - $4 shipped
others have been sold!

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Jpop Cds & Cure magazine

I've got some cds for sale.

Ayumi Hamasaki - H single $8 shipped
Ayumi Hamasaki - evolution single $8 shipped
Ayumi Hamasaki - Surreal single $8 shipped
Ayumi Hamasaki - Fly High single $10 shipped

Utada Hikaru - traveling single $8 shipped
Utada Hikaru - Sakura Drops $8 shipped
Utada Hikaru - Addicted to You single $8 shipped

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Heaven's Drive single $8 shipped
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Shinsoku ~lose control~ single $8 shipped
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Love Flies single $8 shipped
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Pieces single $8 shipped

Olivia - Dress Me Up single $15 shipped HOLD
Tommy february6 - Love is Forever $8 shipped

Cure November 2006 (still in plastic) $13 shipped

- I take paypal, money orders, or concealed cash (at your own risk!). However I can only hold items for two weeks.
- Shipping prices are included in the quoted prices for US and Canada. I no longer ship internationally, sorry.
- Feel free to haggle over prices or ask any questions about the items.
- First come first serve.
- Comment with what you want, your method of payment, and your email
- I have 100% feedback at garagesalejapan and on ebay.
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BULK SALE- ANY 25 MANGA FOR $100, 15 FOR $50, 7 FOR $25.

With the 15 for $50 offer, you're getting 15 volumes for $3.33 each! With the 7 for 25, they're $3.50 each!
HOWEVER for the bulk orders, shipping is not free. Bulk orders go to about 8 or 9 pounds, and at that weight, Media Mail starts to be the same price as Priority would be for just a few volumes.


Please keep this in mind, as prices are just suggestions and I'm willing to negotiate down, especially if you're buying multiple things!
~ Shipping is free for media mail in the US for any order under 7 manga, priority starts from $4.05 and I will pay for half of any priority shipping. I may not be able to ship immediately, as I am at college and cannot have all of my manga with me. However, all shipping would be done within a week of payment. I am located in Massachusetts, USA.
~ All of this merchandise is used. Some, but not all merchandise is GIFT QUALITY. If you would like to purchase something of mine as a gift for someone else, please let me know so that I can be absolutely certain that there are no bent pages, worn edges, etc.

Master list of merchandise:
Anime: Bakuretsu Tenshi, Saiyuki, GetBackers
Manga: Beck, GetBackers, Gravitation, Kizuna Bonds of Love, Najica Blitz Tactics, Naruto, Negima!, Passion, Prince of Tennis, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Saikano, Saiyuki, Shinobu Kokoro, Sweat & Honey, The School of Water Business, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, XXXHolic, Yoki Koto Kiku, a lot of Sanami Matoh manga
Doujinshi: CRESCENT MOON [Sailor Moon], White Replay [Getbackers Ban/Ginji BL] **PICTURES ADDED**, 3 Saiyuki Doujinshi [SanzoxGoku, SanzoxGoku/GojyoxHakkai, HakkaixSanzo; pictures will be taken if interest is shown]

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All prices are VERY NEGOTIABLE. Comment on this post [they're screened], AIM me at SoothingReason, or email me at count.d[at]gmail[dot]com if you're interested in any of these. And please, if you know anyone else who might be interested, let them know about this.

Paypal or paying by a postal money order or even a personal check is okay. Shipping may not be immediate- some things are at school; others are at my house. I lack a car, so I have to get someone to drive me home to get the items for shipping. However, once I have the items I can ship near-immediately.
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I'm Looking to Buy these things...

I was wondering if anyone had these mangas to sell: + Gravitation Mangas (3-12 and EX) + Kodocha Mangas + Fruits Basket Mangas + Little Butterfly Mangas I was looking for these mangas each $5 or less, if you have them tell me Contact me if you have any of these in stock please and thank you!
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3/30/07 - Most everything has been slightly reduced in price. Please check out my items!

Items up include:
-A bunch of English & Japanese Text manga
-Jrock/Jpop & Anime Cds
-Dir en grey 2002 calendar pages
-5 figure PlC set
-Hello!Project Cds and other goods
-Matsuura Aya - Ayaya ni Naritai book
-Jrock Flyers
-hide plush
-Sailormoon toys and Artbooks
-Takanashi Mitsuba's Akuma de Sourou Artbook
-Pokemon toys/keychains
-Misc. Anime toys and keychains & postcards
-Anime DVDs
-Stationary Items
-DiGi Charat Items
-Manga Mania How to Draw Book
-TOKYOPOP magazines


ebay: Gackt, Klaha, Malice, Schwarz Stein, Moi dix Mois

Hi guys

Selling more stuff here:

Dir en grey left to right: Gauze DVD, Kimon DVD, Code of Vulgar[ism] 2 disc DVD, Haiiro no Ginka fanclub 21,22,23, Average Psycho and Average Fury DVDs.

Gackt left to right: Mizerable (with tattoo), Mars, Rebirth, Moon, Crescent, Sixth Day (with cell cleaner), Seventh Night (with guitar keychain), Love Letter, Diablos and Jougan no Tsuki tour pamphlet.

From left to right: Malice Mizer tour pamphlet, Moi dix Mois tour pamphlet, Moi dix Mois Dix Infernal DVD, Klaha Setsubo with sticker and post card, Blam Honey Other side of electric brain.

Schwarz Stein from left to right: New Vogue Children (brand new with 3rd stage message CD), Perfect Garden, Last Hallucination (brand new with 3rd stage message CD), Current (with 3rd stage message CD) and keychain...

That's all guys.

Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale

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Listed a Gundam Wing and three Fullmetal Alchemist doujinshi on my selling post here.

Also selling doujinshi and merchandise form tons of other series, so check it out! I am also taking offers on everything.