April 10th, 2007

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I'm back again guys... ^_^


I am moving to San fransisco in a few months and I can only take so much stuff with me, so everything else has to go... ;_; I also really need money, so that is the other reason I am selling stuff.
If you would like a picture of something, I would be glad to get it for you, but right now I'm too lazy to take pictures of all of this stuff...lol Also I take concealed cash, checks or money orders. Any questions you may have, please ask me.
Even though I am moving, I will be willing to trade for:

My wishlist:

TENIMYU (POT musicals)
practically anything Xenosaga related (except the game and guide..lol)
IrvinexSelphie doujinshi
SeiferxFujin doujinshi
Tales of the abyss and symphonia stuff
HirumaxSena (E21)
egg, fruits, mens egg, or any other tokyo fashion magazines
cosplayer magazines (such as cosmode)
Psycho le cemu stuff
Kishidan stuff
and the devil does exist manga

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for sale

cleaned up my shelves, reorganized some things, and pulled some items i can bear to part with... ^_~

and i'll start out by apologizing for poor quality of the photos. if anyone needs a better pic before committing to purchasing, just let me know and i'll see what i can do. ^_~ all prices include shipping (US and Canada, request price for other locations). follow the links to pics, descriptions, and prices.

Ragnarok vol 1 - 10
Snow Drop complete
Kill Me, Kiss Me, complete
.hack//Legend of the Twilight, complete manga, dvd vol 1 plus box
Shaman King, manga volume 1
misc yaoi series

thank you for looking! will be posting to anime4sale and garagesalejapan

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New items added! ^^ Click the cut for more items, and check my journal for feedback!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Set of DN Angel Volumes 2 - 7

These DVDs are the official US ADV release with english language, and japanese language with english subtitles, and were purchased only two weeks ago, each one only watched once. Reversable covers, clear cases, discs and cases in brand new condition.

$49 { Including Priority Mail shipping. That's only $7 each + s & h. } for all of them within the US.

Remember to read the information at the bottom before making a purchase!

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by Estragora


Hi all!

I am looking for bento boxes for my daughter who starts school in the fall. She would love a Naruto or sailor moon one, but any will really do, lol
Dada: God Save the Queer
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Reposting sales list -- NEW ITEMS.

Prices are in USD and do not include shipping, and I will send internationally (I live in the USA). Everything is in like new or very good condition unless otherwise noted. Orders of two or more items will get a random flyer or few. First come, first served, and I will not do refunds after the items are ready to be shipped. Payment through Paypal works the best for me, though I will accept concealed cash at your own risk.

Please tell me the method of payment in your comment along with what item(s) you're interested in, and what country you're in (if international) or zip code if within the US. My email is raien.takarai[@]gmail.com if you need to reach me privately.

Under the cut are a variety of Jrock (and a few Jpop) CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, magazines, and photobooks.

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I have added over 60 new items to my selling journal as well reduced prices on older items.
I now have over 180 items up for sale!
I have a little bit of everything, and I am sure there is something for everyone out there!
Also, I have put a trade list, and a free gift is available for orders over $25.

I have, english, japanese, and phonebook manga , anime videos, and dvd's, anime merchandise (such as figures,plushes, posters, toys, and more), Jpop, and Jrock CD's, posters, cell phone straps, and more (all official Japanese items), Jfashion mags, Clothing, and accessories FROM Japan, Japanese movies, visual kei flyers, video games, stationary, sanrio, and much more!
Iam sure there is something you would like, so please come and take a look!
Buy as much as you like!
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25% off anime, manga, anime cels sale! Ends Wednesday!

I having a 25% off marked price sale at my anime dvd, manga, anime cel, and anime soundtrack site!


Sale ends Wednesday April 11th at 11:59pm.

We have hundreds of great items at low prices.

Almost all manga is 4.00 PRE-25%
All anime sountracks are 6.00 PRE-25%

We have a great range of series such as love hina, evangelion, samurai champloo, burst angel, inuyasha, and many more.

We have cels and sketches from beloved series such as Sailormoon, Trigun, Evangelion, Tenci Muyo, El Hazard and many others.

So come and visit today
Kuku Ed

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A few new items up for grabs!
All items are in great condition. The cards were never played with, and are all new. All these items are like new. I accept all ways of payment, and trade is open. Please email me at slayermaster2004@yahoo.com if you'd like to buy an item. If you'd like, just PM me with information. I will tell you my wish-list if you request it. No prices include shipping, so please tell me your zip code once you've emailed or commented. If you'd like any more pictures, please ask. If you'd like to haggle, I am open for it as well.


FullMetal Alchemist Cards:


Asking: $3 dollars for set of seven. Have another set, that is just the same. Both sets for $6 dollars.
Description: All cards are mostly common, but there are some uncommon mixed in. They were never used, and are like new.

Set of Six Holo YuGiOh cards:


Asking: $6
Description: All are these are rare holo cards. And in like new condition. Includes: Relinquished, Red eyes Black Dragon, Solemn Judgment, Salamandra, Right leg of the Forbidden one, and right arm of the forbidden one.

Naruto playing cards:

Sample of some of the cards inside: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c363/kenshinslayer55/Stuff%20to%20sell/StufftoSell016.jpg

What the back of them look like:

Asking: $5
Description: These haven't been played with ever, and are all like new. Only took them out of case a few times. Comes with case.


Yahiko figure from Kenshin:


Asking: $5 dollars.
Description: This is a nice small figure of Yahiko, with great detail and stand. Nice figure for a Kenshin collector.

Gundam Figure:

Asking: $3
Description: I've had this figure for a long time, and it is still in good condition. I do not know the name of the character, seeing as I lost interest in Gundam a long while back.

2 InuYasha mini-figures:

Asking: $6 for the both of them.
Description: I am not into InuYasha anymore, so put these two mini-figures up. One is Bankotsu, and the other one is InuYasha. It is rare to see these around now.
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an cafe, gazette, aural vampire, dj sisen, mikito (baal), gackt, orange range, se7en, neon genesis evangelion, ETC.

dead pop stars, moi dix mois, billy, d, 73 shiki, crows, babylon, prototype, amüza, kurei soshi, ETC.

-beautiful boxer
-last quarter/kagen no tsuki

-vinyl syndicate vol. 9 (dohatsuen cover)
-mix speaker's inc. small booklet
-dirty pair manga

-l'arc~en~ciel keychains

!! paypal prefered since i really need the money now. ^^
please read the info first. thanks.
pic#27972862 sanrio

pullip advise please

ok so i want to get  a pullip but dont know much about them so just wondering if any of you lovely peeps could give me some info on them,like where i would buy them from the clothes the wigs etc and if anyone is selling any?
im in the uk
thanks heaps

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looking for yaoi manga in english and in good condition as well as
Revolutionary Utena manga vol. 4 and on if there are more than 4 volumes. I have 1, 2, and 3.
also must be in good condition. thank you (:

if interested in possible trading please let me know i do have some manga that i would be interested in getting rid of.